Battlefield 1’s Apocalypse DLC is supposed to feature brutal tools and unique weapons. For me, some of the most interesting weapons are the game’s melee options. There are a few compelling hand to hand weapons DICE could add with apocalypse, so lets take a look at 6 of them. First up is the Robbins Dudley push-dagger, or “punch knife.” This easy to use bladed weapon with its unique looks was a favorite among British troops. The design placed the blade between the middle and index finger, with a metal guard to protect most of the fingers and ensure a solid grip. DICE doesn’t really have a melee weapon in Battlefield 1 that works in the same way. The punching animations are some of my favorite in-game, and we haven’t had any new weapons of this type in quite a while. Next up is the gauntlet knife.

This device works in much the same manner as the push-dagger, but is armored and definitely qualifies as an improvised World War I weapon. Little is known about the gauntlet, but it would make a compelling addition to Battlefield 1. My only concern is how it would work in-game, as it completely encapsulates the hand, making weapon use impossible. Still, it looks cool and fits what we’ve come to expect for Apocalypse. Similarly, I’d really like to see more blunt weapons added with the new DLC, and I think proper Brass Knuckles would suit the expansion well. The weapon protects the fingers and focuses the force of the blow. Brass knuckles were a simple but nasty tool employed by soldiers in the trenches. If you’re doubtful of their effectiveness, brass knuckles are banned in over 20 countries, and are illegal in several U.S. States. DICE could also bring more mace weapons to Battlefield 1 – specifically the ball and chain type. The weapon looks positively medieval, but did find its way to the trenches. This new mace design seems likely, since developers have actually featured it in concept art for Battlefield 1.

It might be a bit harder to manage from a physics perspective for developers, but it would certainly be different from the other mace weapons in Battlefield 1. For other melee weapons, Battlefield 1 has only one two-handed melee weapon – the massive Trench Mace for the Trench Raider Elite. DICE could add a common sight in the trenches as a potential melee weapon with a pair of barbed wire cutters. [Cutters already appear on character models in game, so why not also implement them as a melee weapon?] do they? Heavy and blunt, the tool would have made a practical and fearsome weapon if needed by soldiers, similar to shovels. I can see it with a slow speed, but extended melee range in-game. Naturally, it would of course have the ability to cut barbed wire in Battlefield 1. Lastly, another two-handed weapon that I’d love to see in-game is the fearsome trench pike. Sometimes manufactured for the trenches and at other times improvised, most trench pikes measured about four feet in length with a sharp blade on the end. This might seem like a crude weapon, but in the mud of the trenches, it was less unwieldy than a rifle and 100 percent reliable.

If it’s added, I’d really like to see the trench pike bring something new to Battlefield 1, rather than just a simple melee animation. If the player could use the pike with a bayonet charge mechanic, that would be really cool. This would give players the option to remove the bayonet from their weapons, preserving a faster ADS time. Such a mechanic would have to be balanced in some way, so perhaps it could take longer to spin-up a charge with the pike, or it could take longer to switch to back to your weapon after the charge. You might not be a fan of the bayonet charge mechanic in Battlefield 1, but I’d like to point out no gun in the support class can mount a bayonet, so it’d be nice to offer support players the ability, though not without tradeoffs. The trench pike in Battlefield 1 also might be more likely than you think. The weapon actually appears in concept art for the game, which certainly looks like it could be featured in Apocalypse. What are your thoughts on these potential melee weapons for Battlefield 1? What would you like to see added with the game’s final DLC? Tell me in the comments.

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