Most of you know I was a bit disappointed with the gun selection in Battlefield 1’s latest DLC, Apocalypse. The expansion added a few weapons, including some of questionable utility, like the RSC SMG and the M1917 Enfield rifle. For many, they just didn’t meet expectations. It turns out, DICE may have been playing the long game. Dataminers have uncovered six brand new weapons hidden away in the files on Battlefield 1’s CTE. A big shout-out to RadGamerDan for letting me use his 3D renders – you can check out his channel with the link in the description.

With that said, let’s dive right into it. There are two prototype models of the famed Thompson submachine gun in the files. The first is the Thompson Annihilator, featuring a stick magazine and an air-cooled barrel. This gun features a front sight, but lacks one at the rear. The Annihilator prototype is an important evolution of the “Tommy Gun,” along with the Thompson 1919 pattern gun, which is also featured in the game files. The Thompson 1919 ditched the Annihilator’s barrel shroud, with John Thompson instead opting for the production model’s signature cooling fins. Both feature a foregrip and were designed as “trench brooms” – intended to hose out ammunition into a trench during assaults. And early Thompson models absolutely shredded through ammunition, firing at a rate of up to 1500 rounds per minute. That figure might temper your excitement to see the gun in Battlefield 1, but devs might opt for a more manageable fire rate.

The Thompson never saw service in World War I, with combat ending just days before the first models arrived in the trenches. It’s highly likely the new weapon will find itself in the arsenal of the Assault Class. Another weapon discovered in the files is the Fedorov DJEK-cha-row-va. This variant of the Federov Avtomat was water-cooled. It was apparently produced in 1922, likely to combat the overheating problems that plagued earlier versions of the gun. Photographs of the weapon do show a bipod, though it doesn’t appear on the render found in the Battlefield 1 files. The barrel may look silly, but it fits with soviet military tactics of the time, which saw the gun as a crew-served weapon. The magazine size appears the same, and the weapon will likely find a home with the Medic Class.

For support players, DICE looks to add the Burton Light Machine Rifle. This is a weapon I’m particularly excited about, because it’s so unique. The weapon fires an intermediate cartridge, and was intended to down observation balloons with incendiary ammunition. It features two 20 round top-loaded magazines. Interestingly, once the first magazine is empty, the operator would then disengage the empty magazine and engage the second magazine. That’s a reload animation unlike anything we’ve seen in Battlefield 1. The Burton LMR was select-fire, and might be the first support weapon in Battlefield 1 to feature a bayonet. Historically, it had a bayonet lug, and that does appear on the 3D render in Battlefield 1. It also has a unique sight picture, with sights located between the magazines. Next is the Mosin Nagant M38 rifle. Although Battlefield 1 already includes the full-length M91, the M38 is a derivative carbine issued in 1938. Like the M91, the M38 Carbine features a five-round magazine, loaded via stripper clips. Its inclusion in Battlefield 1 raises a few questions however – since it saw service in the Winter War with Finland and World War II.

It’s likely to be part of the Scout arsenal. Last is the Colt Single Action Army Revolver. This pistol saw service with the U.S. Army until 1892, but could still be found on battlefields for decades as a private purchase. The Peacemaker featured a six-shot cylinder and was known for its stopping power, earning the nickname “The Gun that Won the West.” Currently, there’s no guarantee or timetable for the weapons to arrive in Battlefield 1, but it’s likely to be before June, when regular updates will cease for the game.

They’re also likely to be free, since Battlefield 1’s Premium Pass content ended with Apocalypse. Which of these weapons are you most eager to get your hands on in Battlefield 1? Tell me in the comments. You might also want to check out the scoped M1917 Carbine and several other new weapon variants that were recently spotted on the CTE – I’ll leave a link to that video on the screen. If you enjoyed this video, like, share, and subscribe – if you haven’t hit that bell, bludgeon it to death. Visit @FlakfireGaming on Twitter for historical facts, dank memes, and giveaways..

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