Hi guys, MrRolfWaffles here. Today we’re going to take a look at the classes of Battlefield 1. We’ll look at the basics, the weapons that each of them have access to and some of the equipment as well. There are 4 main classes in BF1. Assault, support, medic, and scout. Let’s start with the assault class. Assault is best suited to close-range, highly explosive engagements with the enemy. Because 3/4 of your damn kit is designed to let you blow stuff up. Enemy tank wrecking your team? Blow it up. Struggling to get inside a building that an enemy is camping in? You guessed it. Blow it up. Small mountain between you and the objective? You know what? Blow that up as well.

All jokes aside the assault class loadout is generally made up of some kind of close-quarters shotgun or assault rifle accompanied by an assortment of explosive gadgets like anti-tank mines, anti-tank grenades or even a gun that pretty much works as a small cannon. If the focus of the assault class is on explosions, the focus of a support is ammunition. The weapons supports can choose from tend to work fairly well at medium range and the good thing is your gadgets give you the means to keep the ammo of both your weapons and those of your team fully stocked. So you can place down little ammo bags for quick refills. Or you can plonk down an ammo crate which acts as a more permanent refill station for your team and makes sure that no matter what you’ll be able to keep sending suppressive fire towards enemy lines.

The medic class is nearly always my personal favourite no matter what game I’m playing. And that hasn’t changed in BF1. Your weapon loadout as a medic will typically consist of some kind of semi-automatic rifle best suited again for medium range engagements. I want to quickly point out that the guns available to the medic can absolutely hold their own against other guns in the games. So unlike some games, medics in BF1 are just as deadly as the other classes. But it’s in the gadgets where the class really shines. Certainly in my opinion because not only can you carry around a stash of many health packs to keep your team healed up, but you also have access to a revival syringe So you can bring your teammates back from the dead! Hell yes, sign me up! I have no idea why, but I’ve always loved this sort of role in games and BF1 really allows medics to act as the backbones of their team.

Highly recommend. Last but not least there’s the scout class. If you’re looking to pitch a tent way way way back from the chaos of the trenches, sniper rifle in hand, then this is the class for you. Your main weapon is obviously a sniper rifle. And a lot of your gadgets are sniper-related to let you experiment with different positions and play styles. One of the most important aspects of playing scout is helping your team out with vision. You’ll be one of the few people on your team who can actually see the majority of the battlefield in front of you, so make sure you’re constantly spotting any enemies you see even if you can’t hit them with your gun and it’s worth keeping your eye on enemy vehicle movements for your team as well.

Those are the 4 main classes of BF1. There’s also a pilot and tanker class that you’ll use if you spawn directly into one of those corresponding vehicles. And there’s also a few elite classes in certain maps that spawn based on timers and give you access to extra strong guns. My personal favourite of those elite classes has got to be the Flametrooper Elite because, well I mean, it’s a flametrooper! Do I need to say any more? No, I didn’t think so. So that’s it from me. Hopefully this has been useful for all of you. If it has been, then come check out my YouTube channel MrRoflWaffles and we can hang out.

OK? See you soon..

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