I expect to see some intense trench warfare in Battlefield 1’s final DLC – Apocalypse – but I also expect to see some new vehicles in combat. There are a few remaining vehicles that could be added to the game, either as Behemoths, or your run of the mill armored vehicles. Here is my short list, along with the reasons they’d fit well in Battlefield 1. If your favorite vehicle isn’t in my top 10 – I chose those that I think would offer new experiences to players. First, we’ll start with more standard vehicles. For armored cars, I think the Italian Lancia Ansaldo 1Z is a great option if DICE is looking to add more variety to available armored cars. The design features a unique “double turret design,” with one on top of the other. It wasn’t the most practical design in reality, but for Battlefield 1, it would offer some unique gameplay. Both the driver and a gunner would have a 360 degree traverse, making it effective against infantry in all directions. There are also a number of firing ports on the side for passengers.

The rails on the front of the vehicle were designed to cut barbed wire. The armored car could reach speeds upwards of 60 kilometers per hour, or just under 40 miles per hour. I strongly suspect we’ll see new Italian maps in the upcoming Apocalypse DLC – and the Lancia Ansaldo 1Z and the later model 1ZM with a single turret, saw action during the Battle of Caporetto. American troops also trained with these vehicles. We haven’t seen the addition of a new light tank in any of the Battlefield 1 DLC to date, and there are a couple that could fill that role nicely. The British Tank Medium Mark A, nicknamed the “whippet,” could offer some variety to the class. Generally armed with four machine guns in all directions, the turretless Whippet was also one of the fastest tanks of World War I, boasting a blistering top speed of 14 kilometers per hour, or just over 8 miles per hour.

A whippet actually fought a mammoth German A7V in 1918 during the world’s second tank battle. Unfortunately, the whippet was destroyed in combat. If DICE wanted to add a variant with more than just machine guns, Red Russian forces equipped a captured Whippet with a 37mm main gun during the civil war. Another prototype with an uprated engine and suspension could reach speeds of 48 kilometers per hour, or 30 miles per hour, so developers have a couple ways to make the vehicle stand out from the Renault FT. Another option for a new light tank could be the German Leichter Kampfwagen II.

This prototype design is similar to the aforementioned Whippet, and plans called for a 37mm gun and machine gun located in a fixed superstructure. It had a top speed of about 15 kilometers per hour, or 9 miles per hour. It was incomplete by the end of the war. It actually wouldn’t surprise me if DICE reached a bit further into the post-war period to bring an LK II-derived design into Battlefield 1. The Stridsvagn M21 featured a 360 degree turret armed with a machine gun. Later variants also featured external lighting – which DICE has used on other vehicles like the Saint Chamond and Putilov Garford as a spotting mechanic. Most importantly – the Stridsvagn was used by Sweden, and DICE would have easy access to examples for modeling purposes. If developers wanted to push the prototype envelope even further, DICE could add the Sturmpanzerwagen Oberschlesien prototype. This tank design reportedly featured a 37 or 57mm gun located in a central turret and two machine guns mounted at the front and back.

Though lightly armored, this tank would fit quite well into the tank meta of Battlefield 1, with a unique three-seat set-up and a top speed of 16 kilometers per hour, or about 10 miles per hour. The tank was still being built at the end of World War I. If DICE want to stick to tanks commonly deployed in World War I, the Schneider CA is a prime candidate. The tank featured a 75mm gun located on the right side of the tank, and machine guns on either side. The placement of the main armament is unique to the other tanks in Battlefield 1, and would make the tank a unique challenge. The Schneider CA’s top speed was only about 8 kilometers per hour, or 5 miles per hour. Interestingly, the tank made up part of the first Italian tank regiment – until it was replaced with the FIAT 2000.

Coincidentally, the FIAT 2000 is one of my choices for a new Behemoth in Battlefield 1. The massive vehicle features six machine guns, and a 65mm cannon in a top-mounted turret. A true behemoth, the FIAT 2000 tipped the scales at 40 tons. Not surprisingly, its top speed was limited to 7 kilometers per hour, or miles per hour. Construction of the tank was completed just after the close of World War I, but it did see action in Libya.

Another top choice for a new Battlefield 1 behemoth is the German Grosskampfwagen, or K-Wagen. Weighing 120 tons, the K-Wagen was to feature four 77mm fortress guns and seven machine guns. Designed as a true landship, the K-Wagen might actually be too overpowered to put in Battlefield 1, even as a behemoth. Surprisingly, Germany came close to completing the terrifying tank, with two of them nearly assembled at the armistice. DICE hasn’t added a new behemoth since the Char 2C tank, included with Battlefield 1’s first DLC, They Shall Not Pass. So perhaps we’ll see one of these monsters in Apocalypse.

For airplanes, I don’t see DICE adding another massive bomber like the Ilya Murometz in the DLC, but there is space for some unique smaller aircraft. Specifically, developers could add the Voisin Type 5 biplane. It’d be the first “pusher” aircraft in Battlefield 1, with the engine located behind the pilot and gunner. Capable of carrying smaller munitions, the bomber also featured a front gunner position, which could be equipped with a machine gun, or a 37mm cannon for ground attack. The design has some inherent weaknesses, such as the lack of any rear defenses, but the flexibility of a traversable 37mm gun makes it intriguing from a gameplay perspective. DICE could also explore some of the first metal aircraft designs with Apocalypse. The Junkers CL1 was a late-war ground-attack airplane with mostly metal construction. It featured two forward-firing machine guns, a complement of ground munitions, and a rear gunner position. The CL1 would also be Battlefield 1’s first monoplane, offering improved visibility to pilots. Again, none of these vehicles are confirmed for Apocalypse – this is mere speculation. That being said, which of these would you like to see added to Battlefield 1? Are there some vehicles I didn’t mention that you’d like to see? Tell me in the comments.

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