Hi guys and welcome to the heavy tanks in Battlefield 1. The A7V Heavy tank was introduced by Germany in 1918. They were used from March to October and they were the only tanks produced by Germany in World War I to be used in combat. The crew consisted of up to 17 soldiers and one officer: A commander, usually a lieutenant, a driver, mechanic, 12 infantrymen, six of them were machine gunners and the other six were loaders, and two artillerymen and they were acting as the the main gunner and the main loader. Imagine that we could put 17 guys in one of these in Battlefield 1, you take out one tank and you just killed 17 people, that would be freaking awesome. In Battlefield 1 you will have access to multiple versions of the heavy tank.

You will start off with the heavy assault tank and you can then choose to unlock the heavy breakthrough tank and the heavy flamethrower tank. Today we will take a closer look at the heavy breakthrough tank. This version comes with heavy firepower and it’s suited for long range fighting. It can also heal and resupply your buddies. You can fit up to 4 guys into this tank, you as the driver, will occupy position 1 and you will have access to a 57mm case canon and a 57mm AT canon. One of your buddies will sit in position 2 and he will have access to twin HMG’s at the back of the tank. Buddy number 3 and 4 will sit on the left and right side and they can both cover you flank with HE-auto cannons.

On top of that you can drop supplies to heal or resupply the poor guys who didn’t get a seat in your tank and you will be able to use emergency repair so that you can continue your never ending kill streak. It will take 10 seconds before you can drop some more supplies and it will take 30 seconds before you can use the emergency repair again. This usefull feature will instantly add 30 health to your tank so uses it wisely but don’t wait too long to use it neither. It all depends on the situation but generally it works out best if you use it as soon as you take approximately 25 damage. When you are in a tank fight and you have some cover that you can use to increase the duration of your engagement then I would recommend you to use it as soon as you take 20 damage. If you can use it twice in 1 tank fight then you will be able to fight with a health boost of at least 50 points. This is a very easy and straightforward way to win a lot of fights because you can absorb a lot more damage compared to the other guy.

If the other guy was slightly slower in using his emergency repair then he will never get the chance to use it the second time. Your tank is big, this makes it a very easy target for everybody else on the Battlefield. Other tanks are not likely to miss their shots and the assault guys aren’t going to miss with their anti tank grenades or their AT rockets.

When you are driving the light tank then you can count on a few missed shots but not with this one, that’s why it’s so important to use your emergency repair wisely. The other problem is that the your tank turns incredibly slow, the light tank can easily outmaneuver you so whatever you do, never let them come close, keep your distance so that they can’t take advantage of your biggest weakness. Respect your gunners and let them have their moment of glory from time to time.

Don’t try to kill everything and everyone all the time. It’s very easy to turn towards an enemy and to shoot him yourself but save a few guys for your gunners because they are the ones who are covering your flanks and the area behind you. If you don’t allow them to make kills then they won’t stay in your tank for very long and then nobody is covering your flanks anymore. Some gunners are so good that they will jump out of your tank at the right time to help you to kill a tank or to take out infantry if nobody has the angle to shoot them. Some guys even spawn with the repair tool and they will jump out, risking their own lives just to save you and your tank. Try to avoid using the main roads on maps like st quentin scar because that’s where I would put my mines, the chances of getting blown up by a guy who is now running around on the other side of the map will be a lot smaller so don’t give him that pleasure. When you see fire on one side of you tank this means that there is eum fire.

In other words it means that there is a problem, usually one of your guns was disabled and you can also see that when you look at the little diagram at the bottom of your screen, if nobody told you already red means bad so try to repair your tank when you have the change and the fire will go away. People can still spawn on you and sit in the damaged part but they just can’t use it. Oh yeah, one more thing, watch out for the bomber because this thing can kill you in only one bombing run, first I wasn’t really sure how he killed me, but then I found this frame and these little FUCKERS (use a beep after FU) will kill you instantly.

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