Today I’m bringing you guys my very first episode of Battlefield 1 tips & tricks. I have couple of videos planned and I really wanna get ’em all out to you guys and then I wanna be able to just make awesome Battlefield 1 videos for you guys at least once in a week or two weeks with zombies contents you know what I’m saying, so that’s the plan let me know how this sounds to you but today we’re gonna be taking about how to improve your kd ratio aka kill death ratio in Battlefield 1, now kd ratio does not matter in Battlefield games, it’s all about playing the objective & winning it, but what if you die a lot and can’t support your team for doing the objective, definitely more kills you get, more enjoyable it will be for you and possibly more games you’re going to win. So let’s call this how to win more games and how to get more kills & stay alive for longer in other words die less in Battlefield 1. I got couple of tips that will surely give you a jumpstart in Battlefield 1, so if you do enjoy the video papa bless that like button and subscribe for daily videos, we do zombies & battlefield and will surely expand with more in the future with great games.

Now the first tip is going to be about your recoil pattern, in Battlefield 1, you can now choose your recoil patterns and this is huge to be more accurate, cause more accurate you are the easier you’ll get kills thus completing the objective will be easy right. You can have left, centered and right recoil patterns, so definitely try all of ’em out and go with the one you like, I personally am used to right and centered. Next thing is fine tuning your fov in your video options, now the thing to note here is that the higher your fov is, the farthest you’re going to see your enemies and the lower your fov is, the closer you’re going to see your enemies.

So find a sweet spot, of course you don’t wanna play at lowest fov beacsue that will make the game feel like a ps2 game with ps4 graphics if you know I’m saying, I have mine setup on 77. Now these things are for you to setup, including your senstivity, but moving on with our in game tips, you always wanna spot your enemies, this makes it super easy for you to kill them especially if they are hiding, you’ll know exactly from which way they’re going to come from, and always take cover and roll with guns you like.

So if you are in close quater situation, use the assault kit, or shotguns, high firing rate guns, for medium distances, lmgs work fantastictly, sniper rifles for long ranges. So use a kit for the situation you’re in and use a gun in that kit that you like. And avoid going for headshots unless you are a sniper, ultimately you wanna shoot high as possible, you don’t wanna shoot legs, you wanna go for torso, keep in mind the higher you shoot the more damage you’re going to deliever and faster you’re going to kill your enemies. Also by adding knife in front of your gun will allow you to do bayonnet charge aka you’ll have the ability to fly, you know what I’m saying, you’ll be able to run supper fast and kill any enemy in front of you. Now this technique is really awesome, let’s say there’s sniper or tank on your ass, simply bayonet charge in the opsite direction and find a cover, it is super helpful.

Also join a squad, and use medic kit as often and throw medic packs around your cover, this will keep you and your team mates healed while you are focusing on your objective or you’re in a gun fight. If you don’t use medic, and you are trying out other kits, being in squad that has some or at least one medic guy can help you out. He can heal you or can revive you if you go down, if you are a medic you can revive your team mates as well. Ultimately be around your squad or your normal team mates and you’re going to have chances of getting revived cause there’s always someone using medic and that will revive you and keep you on the Battlefield.

You can also chill back and use mortars and provide cover for your team and pick up easy kills and help your team mates do the objective easily so your team can win the battle. If you found this video helpful, give it a like and subcribe for more and definitely let me & everyone else know your great tip if you have for staying alive in the comments section down below..

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