Ladies and gentleman what the heck is going on my name is Usman and today I’m bringing you guys a quick rank up guide in Battlefield 1. This is gonna be no bs, a straight up guide on how to rank up fast in Battlefield 1. I find theres only 3 efficient ways to rank up in this game which in my opinion is great because you don’t have to focus too too much on to many stuff that can level you up. And these three ways to rank up are gonna become super natural once you know them and you’ll be able to play a normal game and rank up super super fast.

I got a lot hours in the beta and some in the full game, and I’ve been having a blast after strategizing & it is super damn fun. But make sure to bless that like button & papa bless that subscribe button we do daily videos & livestream up in here, zombies, battlefield & video games in general. This is episode number 2 of Battlefield 1 tips & tricks and today we’re talking how to rank up fast in Battlefield 1, now the first step is to play the right game mode. There are three game modes I recommend you to play if you wanna rank up fast and those are operations, conquest & domination.

Now conquest and operations are very large scale battles that will last about half an hour to an hour, on the other side Domination is smaller scale of conquest that will last around 10 – 15 mins. Now in operations & conquest you’ll have tons of opertunites to get kills, destroying tanks & stuff but most importantly capturing objectives. But in Domination, only two things you’d be able to do, and you’ll be able to do them a lot, you’ll be getting a lot more kills, and you’ll be able to capture flags rapidly.

Now the key here is that you wanna play the objective to get points and kills to get even more points and wins to get f tons of points. Now even if you lose or win you wanna stay till the end of the game to get extra score points and if you win you’ll get a multiplier meaning you’ll get more score points which you wouldn’t get if you loose. And in Domination capturing a flag will give you 200 points, and in conquest 500 points. In conquest it’ll take you a lot more time to get to the objective and you’ll get a lot less kills for the amount of time you’re going to play. And in Domination even if you get less points per capturing you’ll be able to cap a lot more and get a lot of kills and the matches will end fast and you’ll get additional score and if you win well a multiplier will give tons more.

Operations, conquest & domiantion are 3 best game modes to rank up fast and all of them are a ton of fun, so definitely decide what you want to play. If you need help for getting kills while doing the objective definitely check out episode number 1 after this. So that is number 1, number 2, always play in a squad and get in squad that has more members, you’ll stay close to the action and objective cause you’ll be able to spawn on them and they’ll be able to spawn on you and that will give you lil more points towards ranking up and over time this adds up quite a lot. You always wanna refill, heal and revive your squad memembers that will give you extra points and also your normal blue teammates. Spotting anyything will give you additional xp. So all these little things are gonna add up, so definitely do all these while playing any of the gamemode that I mentionned earlier. Next tip is the medals and these gives you f tons of points, you get 5000 per completing one medal, and to complete one medal you have to do 5 different things and each of them will give you 1 thousand xp which is really really good.

Once you track the medal you wanna do, you’ll have 3 days to complete before it disappears and you have plenty of time. And every week we’ll have new medals. And these are they ways to rank up if you think now all of them coorelate perfectly and you don’t really have to think that much, simply play the game while keeping these things in mind and I can guarrentee you’ll have a ton of fun, if this helped you out make sure to smash that like button and subscribe for more and check out some more Battlefield 1 videos on the channel.

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