Do you hate sniping? Does this happen a lot to you? Did you fire a thousand bullets and the other guy is still getting away with it like nothing happened? Then you came to the right place! Enough is enough! Let’s make sure that what you see here does not happen to you anymore! I will show you what you have to do to go from doing this…. To something more like this…. At the end of this video you will be killing everything and everyone that even comes close to you! Your weapon of choice today is the SMLE MKIII Sharphooter, on of the best sniper rifles in Battlefield 1.

I will explain the statistics and I will share all the tips and tricks that nobody wants to share. And for some of the Call of Duty guys over here, I don’t quickscope, I’m a sniper. Let’s start with the basics, every sniper should know his weapon so let’s will get that out of the way first. On the main screen you will see me, FOG of GAMING, in the corner over here you will see Buddy, he is my dummy, and he is going to take a beating today. I don’t have to tell you that he is going to die a lot.

Buddy also has a friend, but he’s not here yet, you will have a chance to meet him later. Just make sure that you keep an eye on Buddy’s health bar so that you can see the damage that he takes. Now I could show you this fancy little template and I can then end the video here and we all get to go home early, but when I saw this thing for the first time it meant absolutely nothing to me and unless your name is Leonardo Da Vinci, it will mean absolutely nothing to you.

I could understand the easy parts like rate of fire and ammunition and all that but eum those graphs, and a full damage bar, I had no clue. A full damage bar does that mean that it does 100% damage? All the time? All I knew was that it looked promising. A sniper’s best friend is his weapon, you have to know what it can do and also what it can’t do. First of all you need to know what to aim for. If you shoot buddy in the arm or in the leg then you will do 60 damage to our friend. If you shoot him in the lower chest, basically this area, then you will do 72 damage, a shot in the upper chest will cause 80 damage, and a headshot… well goodbye Buddy. Remember these values because this is what the damage drop is based on. These shots were taken from a distance of 20 meters. Now as you can see, the damage drop graph will go up, and this is why you will do more damage from 30 meters.

65 to legs and arms, 79 to the lower chest and 88 to the upper chest. And a headshot, well goodbye Buddy, but you knew that already didn’t you? As you can see we are starting to get pretty close to 100 when we shoot Buddy in the upper chest so let’s see what it takes to get a one shot kill. 40 meters maybe? 73 to the legs, 87 lower chest and… 98 to the upper chest! We are getting very close. If you want to kill Buddy with only one shot to the upper chest then you will have to shoot Buddy from a range of exactly 42 meters.

This is where the graph reaches its maximum. So this point here is 42 meters. As you can see this will continue up to a certain point, and this point is exactly 75 meters. You will still do 75 damage to legs and arms, 90 to the lower chest and 100 to the upper chest, oh yeah in case you were wondering, a headshot is still goodbye Buddy. After 75 meters you can see that the damage drop drops again, It will eventually settle back to the basic values of 60, 72, 80 and goodbye Buddy.

Imagine that you’re in position to make a double kill, meaning that you are some super awesome amazing sniper, in other words you are the luckiest guy on the planet, and you take a shot like this, will it be enough to kill 2 guys? Now let’s meet Buddy’s friend. He is going to help Buddy to become an ever bigger victim to humiliation. Let’s line the two up and let’s start walking. From 45 meters? One shot, 2 kills. This was easy so let’s make it a little bit more interesting. 240 meters, one shot, 2 headshots. Is this possible? What do you think? Now, let’s find out. So you will have to compensate for the usual stuff, distance, wind, elevation, server latency, tickrate, lag, a guy running his pc on a potato and all the dust on your mousemat that you haven’t cleaned for more than 2 years. And you take the shot, and Goodbye Buddy and his friend! Well done! So this works. Now should I show you footage of my amazing super awesome double kill in Battlefield 1? Nah of course not man, I have only been playing this game for a few days, I don’t have a double kill yet, what did you think? Some day guys, some day.

In general your bullet will do the same amount of damage to multiple opponents. But there are some anomalies as well, for some strange reason from 20 meters I only get 140 damage points while it should be 160, I think it is because one guy is slightly closer than the other but I haven’t been able to confirm this yet. I’m not going to tell you how much ammunition that you have, I’m sure that you are able to figure that out yourself. Now that you know the basics, you can use the distance to your advantage. Remember the distance that gives you a one shot kill, and try to visualize it so that you know what is going to happen before you take the shot. You can always check out part one of my tips and tricks video where I show you how you can always see the distance on your screen.

There are a lot of thing that you have to keep in mind if you want to become an uber amazing super sniper. The first tip that I can give you is to know when to reload. Don’t just randomly hit that reload button. Know what you are doing. I can’t teach you when you should reload on the Battlefield, it all depends on the situation but please do it from cover and don’t get caught with your pants down. What I can tell you is that Battlefield 1 has a special reload animation for this gun, normally you will reload one bullet at a time, but this can take a while. When you need to reload 5 bullets, it will reload those bullets at the same time. This will be a lot faster than reloading 5 single bullets one by one. Battlefield 1 makes the distinction between a single bullet reload time and what they call a strip reload time. So keep this in mind. If you have to take a shot at your enemy from a distance where you can’t get a one shot kill then the fastest way to kill him, besides a headshot of course, is to quickly finish him off with your handgun.

This is a commonly used tactic in Battlefield 4 and it is extremely useful in Battlefield 1. If an enemy sniper is trying to kill you, I mean trying because he didn’t watch this video otherwise you would have been dead already, then never, never lie down unless you can hide behind cover. These are by far the easiest kill that I have ever made. You shoot at a guy and he rolls over and dies even before you took your second shot. You can clearly see how easy this is. You are just making it way too easy for everybody else. You might as well hit the redeploy button while you’re at it. I’m not going to give you all of my tips in this video but if you want to unlock different sniper rifles then keep on working on unlocking your kit and in the meantime look at this nice shot from my buddy, right in the face in mid air.

Once you are able to unlock different rifles then come back and check out my channel for the appropriate video and for some more tips. Or even better, why don’t you subscribe so that you won’t miss a thing. This was FOG of GAMING and I will see you on the Battlefield. Please know that Buddy or any other animals did not get hurt during these recordings, he is still alive and well and some day you will meet him again.

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