World War II survival sim Bomber Crew is now available for PC – I’m still working on my review, but so far the game is a blast. That being said, it can be a bit trying at times, so to keep you from filling up your memorial wall, here are 10 quick tips to keep your crew alive on bombing runs over Fortress Europe. 1. Raise your landing gear. It sounds like a simple tip, but it’s one of the most common mistakes rookies make while playing the game, aside from forgetting to grab more ammo. Not only does leaving the gear down drain your fuel supply faster – it can also be shot away, which will naturally make it, shall we say, difficult to land. 2. Don’t open your bomb doors until its necessary. These also drain fuel while open, and protect the bomb load. You don’t want to be onboard a bomber when your deadly cargo detonates. 3. Pay close attention to crew dialogue.

Your bomber crew is well aware of the state of the plane and dangers in their path. The pilot may warn you of flak at a certain altitude so you can avoid it, and the radio operation will tell you when enemy aircraft have been spotted. 4. Go for the recon photo opportunities. Unless you’re in serious danger of being shot out of the sky, these optional objectives are usually quick money that you can spend on crew and plane upgrades. 5. Use crew abilities. As crewmembers level up, you’ll unlock new abilities for them. For example, the gunner’s “focus” skill makes them more effective against enemy fighters.

The radio operator’s “auto tag” skill will mark every aircraft on the radar so your gunners can engage them. The skills have a cooldown period, so use them when they’ll have the biggest impact. 6. Outfit your crew accordingly. As you progress in Bomber Crew, you’ll unlock new access to new gear. These impact your crew stats. Some outfits trade movement speed for protection, or keep your crew warm at higher altitudes. For the crew of Dabbin’ on Hitler, I have stationary crew like gunners and the pilot armored to the nines. I treat my mechanic and radio operator as runners to fix problems or fetch ammo for gunners, so they’re outfitted for speed. This does make them more vulnerable, so their section of the crew compartment is more heavily armored. 7. Vary your fuel mixture. As the mechanic levels up, the crewmember unlocks the ability to boost the engines for speed or run them lean to conserve fuel.

Some objectives are time sensitive, so the extra bit of speed can be useful. Similarly, conserving fuel lets your loiter in an area longer to complete objectives. 8. Selection missions accordingly. Before taking on a tough mission, complete one that has a bonus perk. These include things like reduced enemy armor for two the next two missions. This increases your likelihood of completing the riskier missions. 9. Select meaningful secondary skills. As your bomber crew levels up, can cross train them in a secondary skill. Vary your choices. First aid is one of the most valuable secondary skills in the game – the crewmember can heal other crew at their stations. I have this selected for my radio operator, who can hop around the cabin quickly and doesn’t have to be at her station all the time.

My two rear gunners are crosstrained as mechanics to quickly repair the nearby electrical and hydraulic systems. 10. Don’t be afraid to abort. If things go sideways during your mission, don’t be too proud to abort. It’s a lot easier to try the mission again later with a better-equipped aircraft than it is to go down in flames and start over with a new crew. Bomber crew is all about coordination and perfect timing. Hopefully these tips will get to you to and back from your target in one piece. If you picked up Bomber Crew what are your impressions? What helpful tips do you have for other players? Tell me in the comments! If you enjoyed this video, leave a like, share on social media, and subscribe!

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