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Battlefield 5: *M2 CARBINE* Review (Weapon Guide) // BF5 Multiplayer Gameplay (PS4)


[, Music, ] how’s it going guys kris here with another one of those battlefield, 5 weapon guides, and in this one we’re gon na be having a good look at the m2 carbine. A rapid firing gun for the assault class that became available in chapter 6 into the jungle, so the m2 carbine is pretty much. What you’d expect it to be an upgraded model of the extremely popular and one carbine used for out the Second World War. But, unlike the original, the m2 was capable of select fire, allowing it to shoot in either semi or fully automatic modes. Although the m1 carbine was originally intended to be select fire, this feature was dropped mainly to speed up production and get into service ASAP, though, the decision to bring this idea back to the forefront didn’t actually come until later on in the war, when the Germans started, Making fully automatic rifles of their very own as the m2 carbines sort of acted like the Americans response to try and keep up with the enemy the Select via stg44 assault rifle was finding its way into the hands of more and more German troops.

As the war progressed in 1944, but it wasn’t until a similar sort of time when the m2 carbine finally came into the scene and started being produced and conversion kits were also being issued out for soldiers to convert their own and one carbines to the select-fire. M2. Configuration a little bit later still the m2 fully supported the use of 30-round detachable box magazines and if it basically been very similar to the m1 carbine, it was also chambered to fired the same cartridge. This meant that a lot of the main advantages of the m1 were carried across to the m2, as it was still a very portable, effective gun that was easy to wield, and although it could now fire in full auto, it was still considered to be quite stable. Despite being fairly lightweight with the m2 carbine being manufactured so late on in world war ii, it didn’t really make much of an impact on his outcome. Goods. Both the wars in Europe and the Pacific were pretty much over before the gun really got a chance to see more traction, though it did end up.

Seeing more combat use later on. In the lights of the Korean War, even see a limited service in Vietnam and several other conflicts around the world. So what kind of damage is the m2 carbine gon na do in battlefield 5? Well, as far as power per bullet goes, it’s actually one of the weakest guns in the class. The m2 is gon na, be a maximum damage of just 17, which is gon na drop down pretty much instantly decline in much quicker beyond 10 meters. As you typically expect, damage is gon na keep on dropping down, as you shot strap over the air. Eventually, dishing out the minimum damage of just 12 at the range of 75 meters and beyond. This generally equates over to a six to nine bullet kill in most cases, unless you hit your enemy in the head, reducing the number of bullets needed to kill by one or unless that targets already been softened up first, but this doesn’t exactly sound very impressive compared To a lot of the other assault, rifle type weapons, most of which being able to dish out higher damage, values and ultimately kill in less shots.

Taking nine bullets to kill beyond 50 meters is quite a lot and at the end of the day, I guess this damage graph reflects the fact that the gun is essentially firing carbine rounds, which aren’t quite as powerful as the lights of an assault rifle cartridge. So it’s no surprise really that the m2 s aren’t really gon na, be all that deadly on their own. But if you’ve got a lot of those bullets hitting an enemy in a very short amount of time, it’s not gon na. Take all that long before said, enemy hits the floor and bites the dust and thankfully, for the m2 carbine. This is where it starts to come a bit closer to the other fallout of assault weapons regarding his kill times with the m2, basically being a bit of a bullet hose firing at the rapid speed of 830 rpm, it outclasses the others for fire rate still making It a very dangerous option in a lot of gunfights you’ll, usually have to allow more shots to secure your kills, but it can still take players down quite quickly, moving close to mid ranges, given it some strong, aggressive qualities.

Anyway, let’s run over those recall stats. Next, the MTU carbines got a pretty interesting set of figures because, despite being a rapid shooting weapon, its vertical recoil isn’t really all that high. In fact, it’s got an even lower value than the ribby rolls. Kick it upwards at 0.348 degrees, not too bad, though, of course, even though that ridiger recoil is on the lower side, one of the smallest in the class don’t be fooled into thinking that the guns gon na be a laser beam, as that fast fire rate is Still gon na complicate things, causing the recoil to stack up a bit quicker than normal. It’S probably gon na seem relatively stable when firing in shorter bursts, which I’d usually recommend doin.

If you taking on someone outside of close range, but if you’re holding down that trigger and trying to land shots on a guy wandering around miles away, your line of fire is still likely to drift off target with that rate of fire being so high making it A tad harder to control, but, generally speaking, it could be a hell of a lot worse, so having a lower than average vertical. Kick still gives the m2 carbine a decent amount of controllability within those offensive ranges, but something that might cause a few problems along. The way is the fact that the guns got some stupidly. Irregular horizontal values with the left woods kick beam, one of the lowest in the class at a value of just 0.025, but with the right woods, kick on the other hand, being pretty much the complete opposite, having the value of 0.175 one of the highest values in The class this recoil patterns typically gon na force, your line of fire to drift upwards and to the right when you shoot and because the difference between the left and right would recall, figures are so bloody extreme and because the m2 carbine finds it such a quick Rate these factors are all gon na dampen the weapons precision often making it recoil seem a little bit tricky to manage, though I guess, if it’s causing you too many issues, life could be made a little bit easier by using the ported barrel, spec, possibly allowing it To perform a bit more accurately beyond close quarters, now the m2 carbines got those 30-round detachable box magazines, basically the same ones as the m1a1, with the extended mags spec applied. So this gives the gun a maximum capacity of 30 bomb rounds at a time have net extra bullet in the chamber.

This is generally a decent amount of shots to have at any given time. Cuz you’re gon na have more than quite a few of the others. With the m2 holding ten more rounds of the M 1907 KS F, another rapid-fire, an assault weapon, because the m2 carbine does spray its bullets out so quickly. Now, because it’s recoil pattern cannot enforce quite a few shots to stray off targets. Those 31 rounds definitely aren’t gon na last forever. So, although the gun can hold a fair amount of ammo, it’s still not going to be the most dependable thing in the world. The fact that the m2 s bullets are also gon na be quite weak means that you’ll have to spend more of them on individual targets to bring them down somewhat, limiting how many players you’ll be able to take on with a fully loaded magazine. You might not be too bad in CQC being able to reliably kill a few enemies fine enough, but the combination of having a rapid fire rate, poor damage of a distance and somewhat awkward recall pattern will undoubtedly make those magazines a bit less efficient, especially if you’re Engaging in and in the outside of the engines, comfort zone, thankfully the reloads aren’t too bad.

So if you do get caught with your pants down, surrounded by enemy players, it’s only gon na take two point, two seconds to perform a tactical reload and about three seconds to perform an empty one, neither of which are particularly bad times. The fatter, the m2 carbines. Also good access to a quick, reload specialisation cuts these times down even further now because the guns typically better suited within closer ranges having a decent mag size and snappy reload speeds definitely helps to complement, as you see where it’s generally going to be most effective. So let’s talk a bit about those specializations at the very top of the tree. We’Ve got access to slings and swivels on the left and quick aim on the right side, preferably because the m2 carbine tends to shine closer to the action I like to use. Ling’S and swivels goes I’m often gon na be running around with in hostile territory, so that quicker deploy time is gon na, come in pretty handy to start you in a bit sooner after sprinting, always a good thing.

If you play an aggressively and advancing on enemy positions, not to mention that this also gives together much better with my next choices, further down the tree, these choices happen to be the enhanced grips and polished action. Specs both improving hipfire accuracy plus boost in is effectiveness in CQC. Even more choosing these specializations will often allow you to bypass aiming-down-sights altogether in shorter sight lines and because the guns got such a rapid fire rate and fairly decent max sizes. Spray on targets with bullets using hipfire could often be a much more practical thing to do. If the nearby the other options you have in the middle section include the ported barrel and custom stock, specs lower in horizontal recoil and lower in ADF spread when moving so basically improving accuracy whilst aiming down sights overall.

These are also gon na be pretty useful, especially for taking on enemies further away, but because the m2 is such a deadly close to mid-range weapon, hip fire accuracy, bonuses tend to be a bit more beneficial for me personally, though, if you do tend to aim down Sights in most gunfights, no matter what range your opponent’s at the choices on the right side will probably be the better ones for you. Last of all, we’ve got the quick reloads back at the bottom left and the light in stocks back on the bottom right light. In stock lets, you move around a bit quicker in aid, yes and the quick reload specters exactly what it says on the tin, because the m2 carbines reloads are already fairly nippy as they are. You might want to use the light in stock instead letting you strafe around a bit quicker whilst aiming with that said, I still like to use quick reload anyway, because it makes reloading even less of a problem and you are gon na run out of bullets. Quite a lot most of the time so making the gun even more dependable within those offensive ranges. It’S still always going to be a good thing sayo anyway. In conclusion, the m2 carbine is a weapon you’ll probably enjoy using.

If you like to spew lots of bullets out very quickly, because although it doesn’t really deal with damage per shot, that high fire rate definitely helps to make up for it, giving the gun some pretty strong kill times within those close to mid ranges. It’S designed with the aggressive player in mind having a lot of properties that are gon na benefit, running good play styles and for assaults in the enemy team head on just by having one of the lowest power outputs, often taking several more bullets to put down at The players over pretty much all ranges this is offset by it, shooting at one of the fastest speeds, in not just the class but in the whole game, and so this makes the weapons fire feel a lot more spammable, as if you miss a couple of shots.

It’S not the end of the world. You definitely are gon na miss quite a few shots along the way as well, though, the m2 s got a fairly low amount of vertical recoil, making it relatively stable and use it to control the guns not entirely very accurate. Having a pretty wacky horizontal pattern, that’s gon na cause your line of fire to kick around and drift off to the right, often forcing some shots to stray off target. It’S usually best to try and burst shots into smaller groupings. Whenever you’re taking on a player beyond close range another, it can sometimes seem quite manageable against targets further away. It’S still not really gon na perform at its best over these sorts of ranges compared to a lot of the other weapons in the game. The combination of a decent mag size and fairly snappy reload speeds will usually help to promote its use. Who’Ve been those offensive ranges up close as, although you’ll need to spend more shots to bring down your enemies and, with a few of those bullets likely to miss due to the guns, high fire rate and horizontal recoil. At least you’ll be able to get back into the action nice and quickly when that magazines been depleted.

All of these factors make the m2 carbine a pretty versatile weapon as a whole. You’Ll be able to kill quickly, seem fairly stable. Keep you engaged in the action and generally perform effectively within close to mid distances where it’s designed to be used. Its bullets might seem a bit puny when the hitting targets further away, but so long as you play to the weapons crimps and learn its limitations. The m2 carbine can be a devastating choice: wiping the floor with anyone unfortunate enough to be nearby looking down that barrel. So that’s it for another. One folks hope you enjoyed the guide, give me a like if you did and, of course subscribe and hear that notification failed to be the first to see new content coming up in a future. Thanks for watching and I’ll be seeing you in our next episode.

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