Welcome to Battlefield V. In this video, we will check out the Support Class. I will share the best tips and tricks that will help you get started as a support class player in Battlefield V. Plant your mines in front of and behind a tank to stop it from moving all together. Once you pull this of, the driver only has two options left. He can keep firing the tank’s guns without ever moving again, which makes him easier to take down with dynamite. Alternatively, he can get off his tank to get away, so now you can simply take out the driver with your guns. Either way, the tank will no longer be a threat.

The MG34 is a special weapon that belongs to the Machine Gunner special class, but it will be tricky to use if you don’t know how. This weapon is a Medium Machine Gun, not a Light Machine Gun like the Bren. If you try to run around with the MG34, then you will notice that you don’t have a crosshair. You might think this is fine since you always have the option to aim down sights, but if you try to do that with the MG34 then you will only hold the weapon closer to you.

There’s nothing to tell you where you’re actually pointing the gun. The MG34 is not designed to be used as a run and gun weapon. If you fire the weapon from the hip, your shots will be very inaccurate. This weapon is more like a mobile turret that you can carry around and tactically set up on the battlefield. If you go prone you will automatically mount your MG34 on the ground. Now you can actually aim down the iron sights and shoot enemies down accurately. This might seem like a hassle, but the trade off is that the MG34 can cause massive amounts of damage. Lying down and mounting your MG34 on the ground every time you see an enemy will help you score kills better than just guessing where the bullets will go. However, it is still not ideal and it’s possible to die before you finish mounting your MG. If you do have to go prone, then start firing even before you can aim with your iron sights. This will increase your chance of winning because you will be able to fight back quickly. The support class has better building speeds and building options than other classes, so it’s a good idea to build a machine gun nest for your MG34.

Build a few sandbags, mount your MG34on them, and shoot down enemies to halt their advance or take down enemy defenders with relative ease. Just because you have sandbags doesn’t mean you should ignore the people who are flanking you. If you do not have backup with you, then you should get off of the turret yourself to intercept the enemy before they get a good angle on you. This will be a bit tricky if you have an MG34 but it’s definitely doable as long as you remember to go prone before firing. One of the best places to build a mounted machine gun nest is on Checkpoint B in Narvik. You can completely cut off the enemy’s path here, and force them to take the long way around, where your buddies will definitely have a good angle on them.

Make sure you have backup here so that you don’t get flanked. You can also use your surroundings to your advantage. Mount your MG34 on windows, boxes, or even thin railings on this bridge. You can set your weapon up a fair distance away from the action so you can shoot at enemies safely. If you want to fire your machine gun accurately and move at the same time, then it’s a good idea to find a tank and go prone on top of it.

Your buddies can drive it around and capture objectives while you can take down anyone that tries to destroy the tank. Once you finish the assault and capture the objective, you can leave behind ammo for your allies before the tank proceeds to the next objective. The game is still in an early alpha so there are many features that are not yet fully implemented, like wall penetration for machineguns. As of right now, the MG34 can’t shoot through walls just yet. The Bren is also a great weapon for the Support class. It is very ammo efficient because 1 magazine is more than good enough for 2 kills. If you make your first kill with the Bren, don’t reload immediately unless you’re absolutely sure you have time and cover. The reload speed for the Bren is quite long, so you could get killed by an enemy before you can cancel the reload animation. It’s a good idea to avoid reloading as long as your current mag still has 15 bullets. Unlike the MG34, you don’t need to set the Bren up before firing, so be ready to fight the moment that you spawn.

Now, I know that we’re talking about support class players here, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t revive your buddies if you get the chance. It might take longer, and you might not be able to revive them to full health, but it still really helps. It stops your buddy from going to the respawn menu and if your medic does arrive, all he needs to do now is give a bandage pouch. Ammo Crates work differently in Battlefield 5. In Battlefield 1,you regenerate ammo automatically when you were near an ammo crate. Now you actually have to run towards the ammo crate and manually pick up an ammo pouch to get the extra ammo you need. It’s a good idea to share your ammo with almost everyone you see. If you spawn together with other allies, immediately share ammo to anyone near you. Remember that all players spawn with limited ammo, so they need your help to last longer in the battlefield, so share your ammo with them if and when you can. Incendiary grenades can be used to deny your enemies access to an area. If there are two paths to a certain point that you are trying to capture or defend, then an incendiary grenade can be thrown on one of the paths to stop your enemies from flanking you.

You can force them to fight wherever you want them to, and you can deny them an advantageous position. Mark enemies by pressing Q and watch the minimap for icons. For example, the Dynamite Icon will let you know where a sticky dynamite is planted. Use this to your advantage so that you can pick the right place to set up your machine gun, or simply to know which areas of the battlefield need the most support. You also need to be aware of what kind of support your allies need in a particular part of the map. For example, if you know that an area is being suppressed by airplanes, then you can set up your MG34 there to take them down. You can cause significant damage to an aircraft especially if you get used to leading your target. If you know that there are tanks around, you can build Czech Hedgehogs to block the paths that they might take. This can help you stop a tank from staying in a capture point so that it will be easier to defend or capture for your team.

You can also build sandbags around anti-tank guns or mounted machine guns so that enemies cannot shoot you or your buddies down when you use them. Let me know if the comments what you think about the support class in Battlefield V. Do you like to use mounted machine guns? This was FOG of GAMING, remember to leave a like and subscribe if you enjoyed this video and hopefully I will see you on the battlefield. .

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