BattleForge Shadow PvE Combos and Tactics Guide

BattleForge Shadow PvE Combos and Tactics Guide by ghengismarkIt is no secret from my other posts that I feel that Nature gets overused and...

BattleForge Beginner’s FAQ and Advice

BattleForge Beginner?s Frequently Asked Questions and Advice by ghengismarkThere is already a wiki and other resources. If you read those, you know the basics....

BattleForge Root Network Guide

BattleForge Root Network Guide by RazeA lot of people really don?t understand how the root network works, and don?t get to use it at...

BattleForge New Player’s Guide

BattleForge New Player?s Guide?by rulezmaker1) Information about BattleforgeBattleForge is a video game developed by EA Phenomic and published by Electronic Arts. It was released...

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