I woke up this morning and played 4 rounds of ewok hunt, on each one i tried something different to see how well it worked. Here are the 4 stratagies i’ve tried and how they went on my first go of Ewok Hunt in Star Wars battlefront 2 Before we get into the stratagies i tried, its important to note a few things. First, you can not change your brightness in this mode. So you cant increase it to get an advantage as a storm trooper. Well played dice, well played. Second, the ewoks can see just fine in the night time, didn’t know that on my first attempt. Third, there are crates with the DC15LE in them and flame gernades, its early, i dont remember the name, you want tol find these. Last, once you die, you become an ewok, but if you manage to live long enough for the shuttle, it’s really easy to get on it. Make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss new videos, and hit that like button, I would apprciate it.

Be sure to check out our partners at star wars gaming. Net, theres a link in the description below, normally I would talk more on this but I have to get to work, so just go chek them out, its great. The Baiter You try and play super tactcial, only using the flash light when absolutely nessary. If you can’t see, they cant see. You hang a just a little farther back and wait for the enemy to make thier move on your team mates so you can save them, or not, who cares, free kill for you! Your team mates are all clumped up, they are randomly shooting and you laugh, yes, bring them to me, gooooooood. You plan to run straight to your friends if someone comes up behind you, because you have the superman hearing, and all you have to do is run faster than your partner to survive.

Then all the sudden you get knocked out from behind because your all alone in the woods and the ewoks have that night vision hack. They must also be running silent step becasue you didn’t hear them come up. Now that your an ewok, your going to just throw yourself at the enemy like a tidal wave, death after death, to enact your revenge for them not being tasty enough to attract the ewoks. Run and Gun You run around the forest like an agreesor in Galactic assault. They can’t kill what they cant catch! You’re running laps around teammates This does well at the start, you get a few kills here and there, but for the most part, you don’t see any enemies and think, man this is easy. You keep going, your teams down to 5 and you’re feeling like your going to make it. You’ve gotten a few kills, you found your crate, you can’t be stopped, your the Army of One. You see the ship coming in, and head to the defend point, not paying attention, just a straight sprint, you will not go quietly into the night! You will not vanish without a fight! your going to live on! Youre going to survive!, TODAY IS YOUR INDEPENCE DAY! And then all the sudden a bag of rocks falls on your head and you lose.

Hide and Seek You hang with the team, you never leave thier side and you know that you’re going to live this one. You’ve played a few rounds , you know how this works, stick together and live, seperate and die. You know theres a cave and you’re teams all inside trying to hold it down as best as they can. You’re smart enough at this point to not stand directly in the door ways, or even really to close to it. You go and find a nice little place thats in a tighter corner, crouch and wait. If you get seperated from your team, you find the ATAT and know theres a little cubby you can fight in underneath it. You turn off your flash light and wait. When you see an ewok run by you take a deep breath. Don’t move, shhhhh he doesnt see you, your a leaf on the wind. You survived, your team mates you stuck with survived, and you feel good as you board the ship that the last guy trying to get in didn’t make it, but you did.

Good job you! The High Ground You find a hilll on the out skirts of the map. This hill can only get up by rolling. Once up here, you just wait. Theres one way up, no one can come from behind, and you wait for the enemy to try and roll up. When you start taking damage you back up a bit, which puts you out of bounds. You see theres no timer going, so wonder how long you can stay here, but don’t risk it. You don’t move then entire game. This oddly works…..I have the high ground ewoks! This game mode was really fun and will be streaming it tonight at 8 pm. Come join us right here on youtube..

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