Everyone has a different play style and if you’re like me, all of these will describe you at least at some point in your gaming life cycle. Let’s get into 5 types of players in Star Wars Battlefront 2. Bumper Intro Welcome back and today we’re going to talk about 5 types of players in Star Wars Battlefront 2. There are pros and cons to all of them and you will generally find yourself being all of these at least at some point in your life, whether it’s with in a few matches, or even between different lives in a match. I’ve been all of these at least once and in the comments let me know which type of player you are most of the time and if there’s someone i forget let me know that as well. Before we begin, if you enjoy this, make sure to hit that like button to let me know and if you haven’t already hit the subscribe button so you don’t miss new videos on M/W/F and streams at 8 pm central on T/Th.

We keep it positive here, and streams are no different, so lets have some fun together. Also check out our partners at Star Wars Gaming .Net, they just put up the map information for Kashyyyk and they also are a great resource for news and information regarding Star Wars Battlefront 2. Lets have some fun and go over the 5 types of players you’ll see while you explore the Galaxy in Star Wars Battlefront 2. We first come to the aggressor. You generally play assault and sometimes specialist because you like the challenge of having less health and the wall hacks they call infiltration. Heavy’s not for you, they don’t have a speed boost, and you don’t play officer, they don’t have vanguard. You don’t let something as trivial as objectives get in your way, and if you’re an aggressor type player, you look at the out of bounds line as more of a recommendation. If they didn’t want you there, they wouldn’t have given you a timer.

You view that count down to your death as a challenge to see how many people you can take out in 10 seconds. You wear those hate messages you recieve from your victims as a badge of honor and print them out to hang on the wall. You run the weapons in each class that offer the fastest time to kill and vanguard isn’t just an ability, it’s a speed boost and a primary weapon. You get in and while others worry about getting out alive, that’s not your jam. You know that there’s no coming back from where you’re going, there’s a clump of enemy troops and you’re going to take as many of them with you as you can. It’s your turn to be a hero, now you could take a ranged hero and play a little more support. Or a lightsaber hero and play more hit and run style, but you know it doesn’t matter, a hero just means a higher health pool and you’re suicide run is going to be epic.

The second you die, you’re first though is where the heck is my team and when the final scoreboard comes up, you may be middle of the pack with your 40 kills, but you wonder how does someone only get 5 kills and it blows your mind they’re generally near the top of the boards. This brings us the objective player. You generally play officer with squad shield if attacking or heavy if defending. You view assault as a nerfed officer and specialist just isn’t for you, they have to low of health and their weapons just don’t do well when holding the point. If you’re an objective player, it’s all about that W baby! It doesn’t matter how many times you die, how many kills you get, or what those silly aggressors think, if your team Wins, you Win and that’s all that matters. You would play a match without firing a single shot if you could still win.

You see heroes running around in phase 1 of naboo and think it’s a waste, they can’t pick up launchers and lightsabers can’t do damage to the MTT! When it’s secure the area or sabotage, you see a hero sitting away from the objective and shake your head. When you take a hero, it’s to better lock down the choke points and if you’re attacking, your leading the charge to get into the objective point. You tend to yell things like PTFO! A loss to you is like being kicked in the groin, you feel it for days and can’t stand the end message of defeat! When the final scoreboard comes up, you see someone with 50 kills and near the middle of the board and think you’re why we lost.

Next we come to Overwatch, not the game..I didn’t think of that till now. For those of you who don’t know Overwatch means to support by fire another element which is moving. You play specialist and run the NT-242, although sometimes you branch out to anything with a dual zoom until you realize you can’t one shot head shot someone. You hear people say specialist are bad, and you think they’re nuts and just can’t aim. When the game launches, you see everyone run out like a crazy person, not you though, you pitch that tent, start a fire and get ready for the long game. You see your team pushing forward and provide support, your not worried about having a lower kill count, you have the best K/D in the game. You see you’re team pinned down, and you take out everyone shooting at them. When you take out an enemy who was about to kill a friend, you feel complete and while that teammate will never thank you or even know it happened, you know what happened and you’re not out here for glory.

When it’s time for a hero, you pick Leia, Bossk or Iden. The others don’t have the long range capabilities you prefer. Once you’re a hero, you’re a hero for the rest of the game. No one can take you down, you’re just outside the out of bounds line, you’re safe. Wait, what’s that assault doing out here…… When the final scoreboard comes up, you see you’re at the bottom and that trooper you saved earlier is near the top and you take a little bit of credit for helping keep them alive.

You don’t let a win or loss get you down, if you managed to help your teammates live a little longer, you did your job. Now we come to the hero simulator. You play officer with bounty hunter, presence and recharge battle command. The match starts and you automatically hit that recharge for those points. You’ve never played a match longer than 2 minutes without playing a hero. Everyone else is just there to give you more battle points. When you play, you keep an eye on that battle points gained bar and when you see the magic number of 6000, you hit that respawn button faster than luke on blue milk.

You wonder why troopers are in the game at all, and when it comes to the objective, they’re just there for the points. When it’s time to pick heroes, you’re playing the most powerful hero in the game, it’s all Palpy all the time. Even if your on the lightside, somehow you manage to get him. If he’s taken, you’re definitely bringing out Leia or Vader. Win or lose, it doesn’t matter to you, you just want that hero and you want it now! When you die as a hero, you immediately find the largest clump of troopers to buff to maximize your battle point gain, and don’t stray to far so you can still get that slight increase from officer’s presence and once you get those 6k battle points again, you’re just waiting at that selection screen for the heroes to open back up.

If you’re top 5 and die near the end, you don’t bother to respawn in as a trooper, you want that hero victory pose, even if it means there’s 2 palpatine’s on it. Finally we have the Toddler, granted this was me in my younger days and i’ve mellowed a bit since then, but i’ll admit I was like this once upon a time, so don’t get to mad if this describes you.

You tend to play whatever the most OP weapon is at the time, whether is the DC-15LE explosive shot glitch or anything else that gives a clear advantage. When everything’s working fine, it’s the most powerful weapon available. You want the game played your way and if you see someone not playing it your way, you let them know. You send private messages, you send in game chats, you will do whatever it takes to tell everyone their wrong. You refuse to accept anythings your fault. When your team loses, its your teammates, when you die, that weapons OP. If you get first place, it’s because of your skill with a blaster, but when you don’t it’s because they were hacking. Some call you toxic, some call you immature, but you know the truth, you’re the best and everyone else is playing the game wrong and they need to know.

When you finally get a hero, you run in blind and take on the whole team. Soon as you die, you run to the forums to post about how OP whatever weapon killed you is and how weak heroes are. When someone tells you you’re wrong, you yell the game is dying and that you’ll never play again, but then sign on under a different account 2 minutes later. I hope this was entertaining for you, and in the comments let me know who I forgot and which one are you? I tend to be the aggressor probably more than the rest. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you in game!.

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