There are 5 tips you need to know about in Star Wars Battlefront 2 that will help improve your game or just improve your quality of life while playing. Some of these you may know, others you wont, stay tuned, its coming up next. Bumper Intro Welcome back, today we’re talking about 5 things that will help improve your game or at least your quality of life in the game. If your a regualr on this channel, you’ve probably already seen my do these things or at least inform you of them, but to those of you who are new, you may not have found this out before. Maybe you have though, I don’t know, but I recently found out not all of this is common knowledge so thought I would share them with you. We’ll be covering, how to counter flash grenades, mauls dash controls, phasma zoom, counter heavies using shields, and how to drop an AT-ST quick without ion shot. if you enjoy this video or series, make sure to hit the like button to let me know, then hit the subscribe and notification button so you don’t miss when new videos are out on M/W/F and streams on T/Th at 8 pm central.

Streams are open to the public so if your on the PS4, feel free to join in and play with or against me. Also be sure to check out our partners at Star Wars Gaming .Net. It’s an amazing site that will keep you up to date with all games in the star wars gaming universe and where I pick up the majority of news about Star Wars Battlefront II. theres a link in the description below Counter Flashbangs Have you ever been in a match with so many officer’s you see more flashes than mardi gras? The flash grenade lasts a long time and it can take you out of the fight, but don’t worry I have a solution for you. No longer will you need to blind fire like crazy, or try and roll away and hope you get out of range.

Instead, run a weapon that offers a night vision attachment. Sight chaning scopes and abilities are not effected by the flash, so you an aim down sights and still see semi clearly. Granted you’ll have that annoying blue haze, but you’ll still be able to stay in the fight. Picking a hero in this same match? Take Lando, his pistol has the night vision site attached already or if your on the dark side, Bossk and his preditor vision are safe as well. I haven’t tested this on phasma, but i’m pretty confident that it will still be unaffected since it works the same as the night vision scopes. Dual Zoom Phasma Speaking of phasma, do you not light the night vision scope? Do you want to zoom in just a bit further? Did you know her F-11D has a dual zoom on it? The initial zoom will operate like night vision, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

It will always give you that green haze and be super annoying to try and hit someone at a distance. Press down on your melee button or dual zoom button and you’ll change from night vision to an infrared style scope and zoom in. This will allow you to engage targets farther away and is just generally easier to see with, at least for me. While her weapon is still super inaccurate unless you lay on that trigger, it may help a little bit more for those of you who like to play further back behind the lines. Her staff is still bad though, and there’s no way to fix that. Darth Maul Dash Keeping on with heroes, we all know maul doesn’t have a block, but did you know his aim down sights button will cause him to dash forward? This will save you from having to hit your roll button that will cause you to take the thumbs off the sticks in order to preform a dash to get away or get behind cover.

It still shares the same 2 dash cool down as the roll button but is just easier to hit when you’re in a pinch. While it’s not as good as a block it might help keep you alive just a little bit longer. Heavy Shoot the feet As of patch there are heavies everywhere, and while most will run the ion turret, those who don’t have an annoying shield they can pop up to absorb your rounds. Most people when this happens either continue to shoot the shield and hope to bring it down fast, others will run away since the heavy has no mobility while its up. However there’s a third option, the shield wont cover the whole body, the legs and feet are still exposed. Instead of continuing to shoot the shield, aim lower and shoot their feet.

After enough shots that shield wielding heavy will fall and then rage at their screen that the shield didn’t work. IF your running assault, you can also run the ion grenade if you want, and that will one shot the shield and all their turrets, but you’ll lose the thermal detonator, which is a really strong grenade, but that’s an option as well for ya. At-St shoot in the back pannel.

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