We have one more weapon to break down for the assault class in Star Wars Battlefront 2 and that’s the a280 for the assault class, so how does it stack up against the rest? We’ll find out! Bumper Intro Welcome back to Blaster break down, were we look at all blasters avaialble in Star Wars Battlefront 2 and what they bring to the table. Today’s target is the a280 for the assault class. While we covered a varient of the a280 for the specialist earlier in the series, there are some minor differences between the two. The a280 is the first weapon you’ll unlock for the assault class and has 3 attachements avialable.

They are Dual zoom, improved cooling, and improved range. If you are a specialist player, slap that dual zoom on and improved cooling and you’ll love this weapon, if your like me and not a fan of the scopes, leave dual zoom off and pick up improved range and you’ll do alright. This weapon unlike the other weapons in the assault catagory is a 3 round burst rifle and is good at mostly medium range. Before we get into the stats on this one, if you enjoy this video or series, make sure to hit the like button to let me know, then hit the subscribe and notification button so you don’t miss when new videos are out on M/W/F and streams on T/Th at 8 pm central. Streams are open to the public so if your on the PS4, feel free to join in and play with or against me.

Also be sure to check out our partners at Star Wars Gaming .Net. It’s an amazing site that will keep you up to date with all games in the star wars gaming universe and where I pick up the majority of news about Star Wars Battlefront II. theres a link in the description below Speaking of the description, make sure to check it for information on how to win $50 gift card for the 1k subscriber give away. You’ll need to be a subscriber to win, so give that button a click if you haven’t already. Stay tuned till the end and we’ll play CAN I GET UP THERE! This will be for Kashyyyk on phase 1, using the amazing spider heavy. Magazine size Lets get into the a280.

The a 280 had 24 rounds of continuous fire before being forced to cool down. With the weapon being a 3 round burst, that gives you 8 pulls of the trigger before needing to cool without the cooling modification. If you use the cooling modification, which I always recommend, more rounds down range is always good, then you’ll have 30 rounds, which is 10 bursts. Right now in patch the cooling modification is broken, like all other weapons, so you don’t have the 10 bursts available, but it will be fixed soon and everything will be ok. If we compare that to the specialist version of the weapon, the a280cfe, you only have 15 rounds available and no cooling option. I’m not sure why they chose to do it this way, since the stats are very similar on both of these weapons, and really feel they need to buff the cfe variant to at least the 24 rounds available, however right now, if your a specialist and like running the cfe, the assault version is already stronger here.

Rate of fire Burst weapons are also very unforgiving in the rate of fire department due to having a delay between each bursts and the need for you to time pulling the trigger properly to reach the maximum rate of fire. If you are a little off, you just suffered a large drop to your rounds per minute that the fully automatic weapons don’t need to worry about. When it comes to rate of fire, the A280 has a rate of fire of 240 rounds per minute, which is tied with the EL16HF.

Now you may be thinking, wait a tick, it fires off 3 rounds super fast! And to that you are correct, however if you take into account the delay between bursts, the rate of fire drops to a painfully slow 240 rounds per minute with the burst, which is tied for lowest in class. Damage Speaking of lowest in class, when we come to damage, while the raw damage per round isn’t the lowest available, the damage per second certainly is, at least until you hit long range, then it moves up to second lowest above the CR2.

The damage per round with the A280 is 33 damage per round at close range, and drops to 19 damage at long range. If you use the improved range mod, it still only does 33 at close range, but the minimum damage increases to 26 damage per round at long range. The only weapon this beats in damage per round is the cr2, however the cr-2 has such a fast rate of fire, the time to kill at close to medium range is actually higher then the a280. The damage charts on this one are the exact same as the specialists cfe variant at close range, and the cfe does 25 damage at long range. So again, the assault version with improved range is stronger then the cfe version of this weapon.

When it comes to the number of rounds to kill, at close range you will drop a specialist in 4 rounds, an assault or officer in 5 rounds and a heavy in 7 rounds. Making it able to drop all but the heavy in 2 bursts with out a headshot. If you start pushing long range, it will take 6 for a specialsit (or 2 bursts), 8 for an assault or officer (or 3 bursts), and 11 for a heavy (or 4 bursts). If you are using the improved range mod, which is what i run, long range will take 4 rounds for a specilaist, still 2 bursts, 6 for an officer or assault, down to 2 bursts instead of 3, and 8 for a heavy, down to 3 bursts instead of 4. Since the improved range modification drops the number of bursts needed by 1, i would definitely recommend using that over the dual zoom scope since it will be faster to drop enemy targets. Ideally with the damage profile, you don’t want to have to expend more than 2 bursts on any target, so it’s best to keep in medium range with this weapon, but not to close, since the other weapons in this game have a much faster rate of fire unless it’s a specialist with a true DMR.

Accuracy When it comes to accuracy though, the A280 is repreatt accurate compared to the other weapons. Being a burst weapon, the pause between each burst gives the reticule time to tighten back up, making it easier to land consecutive shots on a stationary target. When it comes to a moving target however, you need to be sure to lead a little with this one since they will out run all 3 rounds from the burst if you miss and again, cause a massive dps drop to the weapon. Summary Now this next statement is going to make someone rage, but remember, this is just my opinion and your entitled to disagree with me, we can still be friends. The a280 is the worst weapon available to the assault class. The damage is lower then any other weapon besides the CR-2 but it lacks the rate of fire to make up for it. It’s a burst rifle, which is very unforgiving already and coupled with the lowest rounds per minute in class, it’s just frustrating to use. It ranks last in almost every category available statisclly, and you would be better off just using the initial weapon for the assault class which ranks second in almost every category.

Personally i prefer the initial assault weapon, so I may be biased there, but the numbers don’t lie. Now if you enjoy this weapon, keep using it, more power to you and take pride in that you’re using the worst weapon available and hopefully still doing well. Stay strong. For the rest of you, if you want a range weapon, use the EL16hfe, and if you want a close range weapon use the cr-2. Both of those do well in medium range as well. Today in CAN I GET UP THERE, where we see what we can climb on top of. Some of it’s useful, most of its not, but its always fun. We will use spider heavy on Kashyyyk phase 1 and we’re going to spider on top of a downed MTT.

So you can climb up all the downed MTT’s but only 1 of them can you get to the very top. So you’ll find the spot closest ot the ground, activate sentry and climb away. Once at the top place a ion turret and jsut sit back and watch the assists roll in. You’re welcome for making this map more annoying than it already is. Thank you all for joining me and i’ll see you in game..

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