Red Wolf here and today we have bare bones officer game on tatooine. If you like this video, make sure to hit the like, subscribe and notification button so you know when new videos are up on Tuesday and Thursday. Intro The purpose of a bare bones game is to increase the challenge of battlefront 2. The rules of bare bones games are; no star cards, initial weapon only, and no heroes that cost credits. So now that all troopers are given 3 cards to start, I’m the only one running card free. The Goal is to get in the top 5, but ultimately to get first place. If you want to see the Assault bare bones, the link is coming up on your screen now. In this games play, we are using the officer class, the Rk-3, which is the imperial initial weapon, no star cards, so the default abilities, flash grenade, battle command fortitude, which really bugs me since it doesn’t give me any health, and the turret.

The map is Mos Eisley, where You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. I cut out the spawn screens and some of the running back to the front, I think I ended this one with 6 deaths, so the first 5 minutes will be officer, and the second 5 minutes, will be a cardless boba fett. Because Boba Fett is the OG underused villain Once I got boba, there was no dying the rest of the game. Again, I’m going to just go off script on this one, and just ramble while the game play roles. Outro If you liked this video, make sure to like and subscribe to the channel, I love having you here. Also if you’re on playstation, come join my community where we can talk and party up for a few matches. You can also find me on twitter @RedWolf72ps4. Thank you all for watching and as always, I’ll see you in game..

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