I’m sure you know there are 3 different camera angles you can use, however, do you know when to change them to give you the greatest advantage? After this video, not only will you know when to change them but stay tuned till the end and I’ll show you how to do it without taking your thumbs off the sticks. Welcome to episode 2 of Beginner’s Guide, where my goal is to help new and struggling players improve in Star Wars Battlefront 2. A lot of people asked about Camera angles and when to change it. Like the last video this information is mainly aimed at newer or struggling players, however if that doesn’t describe you, you may still find some of this information useful, especially near the end when we cover button mapping. If you find any information in this video useful, hit that like button so I know if this helped you, also if you can hit that subscribe and notification buttons, I would love your support.

Camera Angles I don’t have a good segway here, since i type these at midnight, so let’s just go into camera angles. In Battlefront 2, you have 3 different camera angles you can use, at least for normal troopers, and they are first person and 3rd person angels, one angel over each shoulder. You can use whatever camera you feel most comfortable with, however if you want the most amount of information and a tactical advantage, you want to be using 3rd person view. 3rd person allows you to see more of the battlefield and around corners, where if you are in first person, you won’t be able to see around the corner until you actually turn it. Now there are times it may be best to switch to first person, like if you are trying to hold a very tight angel. These pixel peeks don’t matter as much in Battlefront 2 as it does in the other game I play, which is Rainbow Six, if you want to do them you can, but will need to be in first person to do it.

So when it comes to which shoulder you want to be looking over, left or right, you want to think about where the closest wall is to you and where it will be when you turn the corner or enter a doorway or room. You want the camera to be on the opposite shoulder of the closest wall. So i know that sounds confusing, but watch this clip and you’ll see what I mean. The wall is on my right hand side, so I want the camera to be on my left hand shoulder, giving me a larger field of view to my left, and smaller to my right. Since there’s a wall there, no one is going to be coming at me from the right side. When you come up to the doorways on the closest wall, as long as your camera is on the opposite shoulder, you’ll be able to see around the corner sooner than if the camera is on the shoulder closest to the wall. Now if I turn around, the closest wall is going to be on my left, so I want to switch the camera to the right shoulder.

Every time you go through a door, or turn a corner, you want to think before you get there, which side is the closest wall going to be on, and switch your camera before you get there. Now you may be thinking, I’m in a small hall or corridor, the walls are equal distance! When you’re in a corridor, you should never be in the middle of the hall, you want to be closer to either side, depending which direction your going to turn at the end of it. If you are in the middle of the hall, you’ll be seen sooner by someone turning a corner, if your on the far left or far right, the other player will have to turn the corner more in order to see you, cutting down the advantage they gain by being in 3rd person, but we’ll get more into that when I cover movement in the coming weeks.

Now when your under fire, you don’t need to change your camera, but in order to keep your advantage, you want to keep the closest wall rule we covered going. If your strafing back and forth, if you don’t change the angel, you may lose out on some information like if another target has entered the engagement or if the person your engaged with has fled. In the coming weeks, we’ll cover game sense as well, and if you can manage to keep the camera on the correct shoulder during a fire fight it will help there quite a bit, however this is more advanced, so don’t stress it if it starts costing engagements, since I would put game sense as a more intermediate level instead of beginner level. For now, if your struggling, just work on keeping the camera on the correct shoulder as you move around the map. Button Mapping In order to keep the camera on the correct shoulder easily, I changed my settings to make the camera button easier to hit.

By default the camera button is the down arrow on the D pad for playstation 4, i’m not sure on the other two systems, but either way, i’m sure you can do what i’m about to show you, at least on xbox. For pc it’s much easier and can be changed in game. Since in order to hit the down arrow on the D pad you have to move your right thumb off the stick, unless you use the claw method but if you can do that more power to you. It’s not ideal to be taking your thumbs off the sticks all the time to change camera angles. So at this point you need to make a choice, do you want to keep easier access to roll, or easier access to melee.

Take a second to think about it, but in this I choose to lose melee over roll. If you need more time, you can choose later and just come back if you forget how to do what i’m about to show you. So if you choose to keep roll accessable, your controller layout needs to be default, if you choose to keep melee accessible, you need to change your controller layout to alternate. Once you’ve done that, you need to go to your systems settings, and select accessibility. From there go down to button assignments, and enable them. Once enabled, go to custom button assignments and it’s going to bring up your controller mapping for the whole system. Any changes here will be system wide changes, so if you play a different game and this is still on, the buttons will still be whatever you change them to.

I’ll show you how to quickly turn it on and off here in a second, but from here, you want to change the down arrow to R3, which will change R3 to the down arrow. When you go back to the Button Assignments screen, it will show you any changes you have made to the mapping. As you can see here, i’ve changed R3 and down arrow on the d pad, and flipped my L1 and L2, and my R1 and R2, but i’ll cover why on that when we talk about settings. So now, when you hit R3, which was either melee or roll, depending on which layout you have in the game settings, the system will register that as hitting the down arrow, which was camera angel. So now instead of taking your thumbs off the stick to change camera angle, you just have to press down on the right stick, which is R3, and the angel will change to the opposite shoulder. If you hold R3, it will put you in first person, and if you press it again it will go back to 3rd person.

This may be a little tricky at the start, since you’ll find yourself holding it down when you don’t mean to at times, but the more you use it the more comfortable it will become. If you do not want these changes to be in effect outside or Battlefront 2, you just need to make some changes to your quick menu on playstation. Hold down the ps button and the side menu will come up, if you look at the bottom you should see Customize. From there, under menu items, make sure accessibility is checked. Now when you pull up the side menu again, you will see accessibility listed. Select accessibility and you can turn on and off custom button assignments there without having to go back into the menu.

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Outro If your on the playstation you can join the playstation community, redwolf72ps4, where we can talk and party up for a few matches, or you can find me at twitter @redwolf72ps4. Thank you all for watching and i’ll see you in game..

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