Red Wolf here and today we’re going to take a deep dive look into Blasters in Star Wars Battlefront 2. Today’s target is the Cr-2, this information is as of recording on January 13th, there is a nerf coming and when it does I will post an update for that, we’ll be taking a look at the magazine size, rate of fire, damage and how it drops off, cooling power, and accuracy I’m going to assume you already know which class these weapons belong to, but if you don’t I’ll like the trooper review for their class in the card that is now coming up on your screen.

But before we get into all that, make sure to hit that like, subscribe and notification button so you don’t miss when your favorite weapon is posted, and if you know anyone who is a stats guy or gal, or person?, everyone’s welcome here, share this, i’m sure they’ll enjoy this next section, the methodology. If you want to skip the headache, the time code to go straight into the weapon is in the description down below. Methodology All right you nerds, break out your calculators, notebooks and number 2 pencils, it’s time to do some math! Granted I’m not going to go into formulas, and I’m sure some of you are now mad, but I’m sure if I could figure it out, you could too, i’m not all that smart.

So as all of you who play Star Wars Battlefront 2 know, they don’t share much information on the statistics for each weapon, so I broke out my excel 2003, since that’s the last version I bought, and then quickly went over to google sheets because it’s free. For all number gathering, it was done in an arcade match, mostly on Tatooine, because I love that map, recorded, loaded in a video editing program, and click through frame by frame to get exact times for rate of fire, how long it takes to unload a magazine, and how long it takes to cool (or reload).

All this was placed inside a spreadsheet, with formulas entered, and boom, stats! For the damage amounts, I started with both troopers giving each other a hug, and then counting the number of steps out the stormtrooper went at a normal run, stopping at 0,5,10,15,20,30,35. When the damage changed, the runner moved one step closer to see where the drop off occured, for the CR2, the lowest damage point is 30 steps at a normal run. I used a normal run since that’s moving the stick all the way forward to keep with consistency. In order to get the magazine size of each weapon, i actually fired each shot and counted. Super fancy I know, but that was the only way I could get an accurate count.

If someone knows a better way, please let me know, and if there’s something I left out and you’re wondering how I came up with the numbers, please let me know that as well. Alright, lets get back to everyone who skipped this. Magazine Size w/ and w/o attachments The CR-2 was a little rough to get a round count on before needing to cool. The reason for this is sometimes when you pulled the trigger, the rate of fire is so fast 2 rounds come out instead of 1.

So in order to get an accurate count, I couldn’t go back frame by frame and watch for flashing, since it doesn’t always show the animation with each round fired, when I did it that way, I got 25, Which I thought was low and put the rest of the numbers we’ll be going over low as well, which didn’t make a whole lot of sense with the amount of damage it does. So I went back and counted each round with just tapping the trigger, I did this 10 times, and of those 10, 7 of them came out the same, the magazine count on the CR-2 came to 50 rounds before needing to reload. I’m about 70% sure on that, that’s a really bad math joke. Anyway, 50 makes sense if 2 rounds come out with each animation at full speed, since frame by frame it came to 25, which would put the round count at 50.

This is for both the normal and ion shot attachments. Rate of Fire w/o attachments When going frame by frame, we are also able to come up with the amount of time it takes for the CR-2 to unload the entire 50 rounds. The CR-2 was able to unload the entire magazine in about seconds, which comes to 8rounds per minute rate. This is insanely fast, and I have gotten the rest of the numbers of the other assault rifles, and this is by far the fastest rate of fire, and probably what’s going to get nerfed in a coming patch. Now I know some of you are doubting this information, but I checked this numerous times as well since it was so much higher the all the other rifles. So let’s move on to the craziest thing about the cr-2 the damage.

Damage w/o attachments, (min, max, DPS and drop off) All the numbers on damage are in an ideal setting with 0 misses and 0 headshots. So lets start with the maximum amount of damage the CR-2 can do, which is 17 damage per round. Now that doesn’t seem like a whole lot, and that amount of damage only goes out to 10 steps away, should of listened to the methodology now right?. Once you get about 10 steps at a normal run away, the damage starts to drop off going down to 9 damage per round at 30 steps. So at long range you do 53% of the damage done at close range and is the largest drop off among the assault class.

The graph that is up is showing the damage drop off with blue being the CR-2 without attachments and the red with ion shot equipped. The ion shot max damage is 15 damage per round, again dropping off at 10 steps, and then dropping to 8 damage per round at 30 steps. The CR 2 at close range, will take 6 rounds to kill a specialist, 9 rounds to kill assault and officers, and 12 to kill a heavy, with ion shot it will take 7,10, and 14 respectfully. All around the Ion shot isn’t that much more of a drop off as I had thought since the rate of fire is so fast, it’s almost not even noticeable.

Now this next number is not going to be obtainable, i’m going to say that again before someone gets all aggro about how OP this gun is, these numbers ARE NOT OBTAINABLE, this is because your not going to hit every shot, and we’ll cover why in the next section, but is the main reason this weapon is going to get nerfed into the ground most likely. The CR-2 has the potential if all shots land to do 2damage per second at close range and 1damage at long range. Even with Ion attachment you can do 2at close range and 1damage per second at long range. This is higher than any other weapon I have gotten the numbers for yet, but again, is not obtainable since it requires no missing. Accuracy w/ and w/o attachments Which brings us to accuracy. So the clips above are looking at the grouping when fired at fully automatic until you run out of rounds. The grouping for the cr-2 is the same with and without ion shot equipped, so there is no change there. However you can improve the grouping by using the recoil reduction attachment, which does help a lot.

This photo here is the grouping you saw earlier but stacked on top of each other to show where shots are most likely to land. Where all 3 colors overlap is the most common recoil pattern. If you look to the left hand grouping, without attachments, you’ll see the majority of shots are at the top of the recoil pattern. When you compare that the grouping on the right, with the recoil reduction, the majority are near the initial target point.

This makes the recoil reduction a must especially if you are trying to engage medium to long range. Cooling Power (reload times) Finally we come to cooling power, or reloading speed. The longest reloading time is by expending all your ammunition, and then failing at the minigame, but if you don’t try the mini game of hitting the blue or gold, it will take seconds for the CR-2 to become operational again, if you hit the blue right when it’s available, it will take seconds to cool and if you hit the gold, it will take seconds to cool. Now since this is a shooter, and in shooters, we love to reload after every kill or every group of kills, when you do that, regardless of how many rounds you have fired, it will take 1 second to cool every time. If you’ve fired 49 of 50 or 1 of 50, it will take 1 seconds to cool. Call to action So in the comment section down below, let me know which blaster you want to see next. If we have a high interest in 1 in particular, I’ll see what I can do to move it up on the list.

If you don’t care which ones next, lets see some ‘omg this gun is op’ comments, you know you want to. Outro If you liked this video, make sure to like and subscribe to the channel, I love having you here. Also if you’re on playstation, come join my community, RedWolf72ps4 where we can talk and party up for a few matches. You can also find me on twitter @RedWolf72ps4. Thank you all for watching and as always, I’ll see you in game..

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