With the new progression system everyone is trying to level their characters, either troopers, hereoes or ships. Today we’ll talk about the fastest way to level your troopers and the cards to use to do it. Since the progression update launched, i’ve levelved all my troops to 70 and i’ve maxed out the enforcer and the areild trooper. I have slowly been working on my heroes, i just don’t play Hero modes a lot so it takes some time for those. I get asked the fastest way to level the infantry classes and today we’ll answer that questions. We’ll talk about the fastest way to level each class and what weapons and cards to use to do it. The cards you’ll want to use to level aren’t always going to be the best cards to run, since we’re mainly focusing on what cards are going to bring in the highest number of points. As we go through the classes, let me know what cards you ran to level your classes, and which one did you find the easiest to level? Before we get into that remember that community is the most important thing, and here we try and foster a positive and fun community.

You can join us! Head over to Star Wars Gaming .Net and sign up for their forums. On the General forums you’ll find the greenie weenie master list, there’s a link in the description. There you’ll find a list of awesome people to play with for every system. Then check out the rest of the site. They have info on everything you could imagine and post up to date news and information. They’re truly a great resource for the Battlefront and Battlefront 2 community. The best game mode to level all the troopers and infantry reinforcements is in the smaller game modes, strike and blast. This is due to the combat occuring much faster, there’s farless running back to the front after a death, and there’s no heroes to slow down you’re point gain. If you’re working on leveling the enforcer or ariel, you also are able to get them sooner since they cost less points in blast for the most part and are the heroes of the game mode, making you the strongest thing on the battlefield.

Personally I use blast, since the games are all about 10 minutes and I tend to top the leaderboards if i’m not trying to keep up with stream chat. Each match of blast is around 11 thousand points, and with the later levels being 14 thousand points for each level, I would level usually every other match. There were some matches where would get 1 level per match with the heavy and officer, but not so much for the specialist and assault. Strike is also great since there is an objective, and the objective gives you points when you interact with it, these points will count toward the class you’re playing at the time. This is probably going to be the best bet for you if you have trouble going on those kills streaks in blast, since you can just focus objective play and not have to worry about slaying.

The problem with strike matches, is if your team isn’t going for the objective, and just kind of hanging back, you will miss out on alot of points, so it’s kind of hit and miss. Now that we’ve loaded up blast, we need to decide which class we want to level or which reinforcement and that’s all we’re going to play the entire match. We’ll go over the easiest to hardest to level so let’s start with my least favorite class heavy. The heavy class is actually the easiest one i’ve found to level. Since we’re not in Galactic assault and everything is going to medium to close range, I would recommend running the TL-50, since it has the fastest TTK in class at close range and that’s where the majority of you’re engagements are going to be, this will make is so you should win the majority of your close range fights.

When we get to the cards to run, the first one to run is the defender card. This card will give you points each time you take damage, and is the reason the class is so east to level. Every time you die, you get more points than any other class by doing so, and if you run the second card, Improved Shield, it’ll gain more points when you block a shot with it. You’ll get points for using the ability and then the additional points granted by defender. While personally i use this 2 in general, i know a lot of you probably run the ion turret exclusively in that right hand slot which is great for Galactic Assault. For the third card, you may be thinking bounty hunter, since it increases the number of battle points gained, however bounty hunter doesn’t effect the score points gained, which is really what we’re after. So for the final card, I run the improved impact grenade. The reason to use the improved grenades is since it increases the blast radius, it’s easier to land them close enough to hit someone, which grants points when damage is dealt.

The second easiest to level in my opinion was the officer. They’re not much harder than heavy, since all their abilities grant points. For the weapon, I use the blurrg, since in close range can 1 pull of the trigger kill everyone but a heavy if you land at least 1 headshot out of the 4 rounds, you could also use the Se-44c, they’re both great and an argument can be made for 1 to be better than the other. When it comes to cards, you could simply keep your hero farm build, recharge battle command, officers presence and bounty hunter if you want to, and this is the best build to run in order to level your enforcers since you’ll get the most number of battle points and can get the enforcer or ariel quicker in the match.

However the best build i found is the cooling battle command, since each time a friendly player gets a kill you get points while it’s active, and if you stick with a group and charge them when they’re engaging your getting points for their kills as well as your own. Officer’s presence, since your running near friends anyway, you’ll get points from them since they’ll be healing earlier due to you just being there and for the last card I ran was resourcefulness. Resourcefulness will allow you to cast the blaster battle command and toss the flash grenade more frequently. The reason I don’t use the improved grenade on this one is because the flash grenade can be detonated on command, making it already the easiest grenade to get a perfect throw on.

Third, we have the assault class. Assault and specialist are probably my favorite classes, but they don’t bring in the points like the officer or heavy class. For the assault class, I run the Cr-2, again since we’re in blast and it has a very fast TTK at close range. The a280 is also popular, since it’s a burst and can drop players quick and if on longer range maps, like endor it’s nice to have. In this game play I didn’t do well but still managed to get first and near 10 thousand points due to the scan dart alone.

Each time a teammate kills an enemy that was marked by scan dart, you get points, so I recommend the improved scan dart if you are trying to grind out the levels. This will give you extra points without you having to really do anything besides fire it off and it lasts longer, even through death. The next card i run is always Assault Training, this is just for improved survivability. The longer you live the more kills you’ll get and hopefully more points, this is general always ran on assault for me. For the third card, I run the improved thermal detonator. Again for the increase blast radius. It was between this one and resourcefulness, but i already feel lethal with assault, so i dont relay as much on my abilities.

Honestly this isn’t much different than what i normally run, assault training, and usually improved detonator or bounty hunter depending if i really want a hero faster or not, and toughen up. Finally we come to my favorite and probably the hardest to level for most people, the specialist. You can use the IQA and be very effective in blast, but it’s best with the a280-cfe and burst. This has the same damage profile as assaults a280 but the 3 rounds come out so much faster. For the specialist, at least in blast, you need to know that you have traded health for intel. With this, infiltration is your friend and should be used almost as soon as possible. I recommend the hardened infiltration. It gives a 30% damage reduction while active and decreases the cool down of the infiltration ability. Once it’s active, you can see where the enemy is and find the best route to flank, since you don’t want to take them on straight on, it’s much easier if you can just loop around.

If you’re in a good spot and just want to camp it, you can use it just to make sure you’re looking the right way and adjust as needed . The second card i run, and have started to really like is the trip mine. I tend to drop it in the door ways behind me and i’m shocked how many people walk into it in blast. It’s a free kill, so free points and it protects your six if you’re engaged in a fight. Third i run is the stealth card. This is a must in my opinion for specialist at all times. Since it’ll keeps shots off the mini map, it can keep you from getting surrounded.

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