Intro Red Wolf here and today we’re introducing a new series onto the channel for beginner’s to Star Wars Battlefront 2 and honestly just first person shooters in general. If you’ve been playing first person shooters for awhile a lot of this is going to be common knowledge for you, but every day there’s a new player out there just getting started, and in star wars battlefront 2 especially, there are people who just don’t play or haven’t played shooters before.

In this video we’re going to talk about aiming, and how to improve it for those of you just starting out, or really struggling. Now I use to be in the Army and have taught basic marksmanship before, however real world and digital don’t go hand in hand, if I use a term that you need clarification on, please let me know, I’m going to do my best to keep it light on jargon. Also, this is a process, your not going to become amazing at this overnight, it takes some time and some thinking while you play, so don’t get frustrated, just keep at it, and it will eventually become second nature. Hit that like button if this is something your wanting to see more of, and I am planning on doing a video like this on a regular basis to help out you new players, so make sure to subscribe and hit the notification button as well.

What is aiming, or ADS Let’s start very basic, what is aiming, or ADS? When I say ADS, I mean aim down sights. This is holding the alternate fire button on consoles, or the other mouse button on PC. Well i think it was the right mouse button when I played, but it’s been a long time since Raven Shield. When you aim, it should bring you into a small zoom, making the target a little larger, and if in First Person, making it look like your looking down the sights of the weapon, now in battlefront 2 it doesn’t actually give you the iron sights, but in most games it will. benifits of it There is a benefit, in most games, to aiming down sights, and that is that it will tighten up your grouping of your shots and proved less recoil over all on the weapon.

This makes it easier to control, track and land your shots on the target. Also in most games, if you kneel while shooting it will reduce this even further, but you won’t see that a lot in the run and gun shooters like battlefront 2 and call of duty. There are some disadvantages to this as well, and that is a loss of sight lanes, since it will reduce your field of view, you don’t want to be running around constantly looking down your sights, but we’ll get in to that a little later on.

Cross Hair Placement When Moving Around Now when your moving around the map, where your looking and aiming is where your crosshairs are located and generally is going to be the middle of your screen. When your moving around, you want your crosshairs to be placed, in battlefront 2 at least, parallel to the ground. So when your running around, you want to have your cross hairs around shoulder height, not looking down at the ground, not up in the air, but right around shoulder height. A Lot of newer players will look a little more downward, since this does get the weapon out of blocking some of the view, but what happens when you do that, is you have to move your sticks farther to get back on the target. If you are at shoulder height, there really isn’t any vertical movement you’ll need to do, just left and right. So in this clip, i’m going to have my cross hairs where i see alot of new players looking, and see how far I have to move in order to get back on target? And now, if I’m parallel to the ground, its a small move for a headshot and only a horizontal move to hit the target.

This will speed up your reaction time and allow you to get a few more headshots, and as you get more comfortable, you can move it slightly above parallel to be aiming at the head for the first shot. Now with that as well, if you are going up a hill or stairs, you need to adjust and place the cross hairs were the targets body is going to be, this may not be parallel with the ground depending how steep the stairs are and as you come to the crest of the stairs or hill, you want to level out so you’re going to be able to hit anyone at the top.

Don’t walk up the stairs, staring at the next step and then come back here and say “well i was parallel to the ground I was on”. Work smarter, not harder hoah? Know Where to Aim on Body Generally, if your new to a game, I always recommend aiming center mass. Center mass is the middle of the chest. If this is where you are aiming, your first few shots are going to hit, and spraying and praying will generally net you a head shot or two. In most games, head shots are not 1 hit kills with all weapons, but in games where it is, you generally want to aim for the head, obviously, in the games where it’s not a 1 shot kill, you still want to aim towards the head in an engagement since it’ll be a critical hit and do more damage, causing the target to go down sooner.

So as you get more and more comfortable with the game, then start cheating a little bit and going a little higher than parallel to the ground to get that first shot head shot. When to Aim Now that we’ve covered where to be looking on the body, we need to cover when to aim in video games. So personally, I usually aim down sights every time I shoot, however there are going to be times when hip fire is the best method to use. You want to be aiming down sights every time your turning a corner and expect someone to be there. Now before you get ahead of yourself that is not every corner in the game. After playing for awhile, you will start to see trends in movement emerge. Where players are normally going to be coming from, where they normally are going to be spawning in and where they’re going to try and hide around a corner. If you are approaching a heavy traffic area, spawn area, or a known corner camp, you want to be aim down sights and looking at the area the person is normally going to be.

If you want to get tactical, you can pie the corner, but i’m not going to go into pieing right now since it’s a little more advanced. You also want to aim down sights if your coming up on a popular path and think someone is going to turn the corner on you. If someone turns the corner on you, and you are not Aiming down sights, you need to kind of judge how far they are away from you.

If the target is at medium range, I would recommend aiming, if they are close range, that is when you really should just try and hip fire. This is more of a judgement call, and one that you just kind of pick up as you go along. Other times when aiming is to your detriment is when there are multiple enemies and your trying to move towards cover. Since when you aim down sights, your speed is slowed, you don’t want to aim and try and retreat or strafe for cover if you need to get there in hurry. Now once you get to cover, you want to aim down sights when coming in and out of it to engage, that way you’re more on target and able to take one down quickly evening the playing field. What does Aim Assist Do and Should I use it? Let’s move on to aim assist.

So aim assist is different than auto aim, while it does have sort of an auto aim future to it, it’s not going to snap you right on target regardless of the distance. In Battlefront 2, aim assist helps you track targets and make adjustments easier by slowing down or decreasing your sensitivity when you are near or on a target. Since new players tend to over shoot when they move their sticks, this makes that large movement of the stick into a much smaller one. So as you can see in the video, I am moving my stick all the way to the right and left, not releasing any pressure, and my movement slows when I am on the target. That is the aim assist helping me stay on point with him. The other think aim assist does is if you are near the target, and then aim down sight, it will snap to the closest body part of that target. Now this is the reaon I don’t recommend using it to anyone whos played shooters before or often.

As you can see, my aim is at head level, when I aim, it snaps me down to the chest. Taking the damage that round will do from 68 to 36. However i you are close to the head, it will snap you there as well, but its a much smaller box then the rest of the body. This game will not help you track targets, as you can see here. And the snapping to target is only on the initial aim. Call to Action I hope this helps all you new players out there, and I will have more coming if there’s enough interest out there in this basic information. If you are new to the game and just want some tips, let me know, I’m here to help and have everything connected through my phone so I can generally reply qucikly, unless of course I’m sleeping, at work, or with the kids.

In the comment section down below, let me know how long you’ve been playing shooters for? My first shooter was Mechwarrior 2, which was back in 1995, and we have come a long long way. This is a screen shot from that game, look at those amazing graphics. Also you can check out the new videos Monday, Wednesday, Friday or stop by the stream and say Hi on Tuesday and Thursdays at 8pm central.

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