Red Wolf here and today, I’m going to show you how to spawn camp the rebels on Endor. If your on the rebellion, just be ready for someone to be doing this to you, and if you can get through enemy lines, I’ll show you where to sit to camp the Empire. Remember if you like this video to hit the like, subscribe and notification button so you know when new videos are out on Tuesday and Thursday. It is Christmas eve as of recording this and just wanted to say happy holidays to everyone out there, we greatly appreciate you all and just wanted to say thank you.

Empire On Endor, the Empire has one way to get up the cliff to the rebel spawn area using a fallen tree by the fuel station. It can be a little difficult to get up sometimes, but just take it slow and you will be above the door that leads down into the control station. From there, you can either guard the fuel point objective, or push further up, like I do, and over look the shuttle area and generally get a few people as they spawn in and start to move towards their objectives.

In order to get up to the top of the cliff, you will need to go out of bounds for a few seconds, but you won’t get anywhere near the 10 second mark. This is great if you have a buddy with you, since the two (or more) of you will be able to lock down all but one of the routes used by the rebels to advance, and can easily win in phase 1. It’s a little cheap, I’ll give you that, but it is a ton of fun since a lot of people think they are safe on this map until they get to the cliff edge. I found it best to use officer, since you know, they’re the best class in the game, and drop a turret either on the fuel station path or at the top of the cliff. Granted the officer turret doesn’t get a whole lot of kills but it will beep when it sees someone allowing me to not have to watch my flank and focus on picking off people running by. Again, I recommend the SE-44C,but the blurrg is always a good choice if your hitting your shots.

Rebel Now that you know how to get the rebels mad, lets show tell you how to make the empire rage. This is a little harder to get to, and not nearly as safe, so you will need to proceed with caution and I have found it’s a lot easier if you have already captured the Fuel Point. So I recommend attacking the fuel point first, taking control of that, and then moving on the edge of the map towards phase 2 area. Once you get to the edge of phase 1,you’ll see a tower. As a rebel you can hang out at the base of this tower and kill the imperials as they run to defend the other 2 points. Once you get a few kills here, people will turn around to look for you, and the ones you’ve killed will start to jump over the gate that blocks you from the door they come out of on ground level.

The footsteps are really loud, so just turn up your volume on your head set, and you’ll know if someone is coming for you. If you manage to hold this position, once your team has captured the points on phase one, you are in prime position to rack up a ton of kills as the empire retreats to phase 2. A lot of times they will run right past you, giving you a ton of free points. Call To Action In the comments below, do you think that Dice should prevent spawn camping or remove the fallen tree allowing normal troopers to get up to the rebel spawn? Personally I’m split, while spawn camping is super annoying, it is a lot of fun to do sometimes. Outro If you liked this video, make sure to like and subscribe to the channel, I love having you here.

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