Back to Mos Eisley for part 2 of the map guide for Galactic Assault in Star Wars Battlefront 2. If you missed part one click the card coming up on your screen now, that will include phase 1, today is phase 2 and phase 3. So if you want the whole map, go back and watch part 1 then come back for part 2. How many P’s can pat put in pat’s prolog? Bumper Intro I just want to make sure I remind you guys that the overlays are all from Star Wars Gaming .Net and they have even more information there that i’m not covering in the videos, so make sure to check them out to get a full look at the map and theorycraft some of your own ideas on how to attack an objective. There’s a link in the description down below, so put this on pause if you haven’t checked it out already, or even better, put this on pause, open a new browser and have the overlay up in a separate window while we go over this.

I have it up while writing to reference, so do that if on the computer. Like part 1 if you have some words of wisdom to add, post it in the comments below, helpful posts will be pinned so we can get the knowledge out there. Just a reminder for everyone whos a subscriber, make sure to check out the description for information how you can win $50 gift card to the system of your choice, it’s up open till midnight tonight, the 14th, to fill out the survey and enter to win! If your not a subscriber it’s not too late to hit the subscribe button. Lets get into phase 2. Phase 2 Break down Phase 2, much like phase 1 is more secure the area objectives, and again we have 2 objectives to secure. The two objectives are the auction house on the left, and the bazaar on the right, which is the cleanest bazaari have ever seen, where all my bootleg dvd’s for a buck One thing to keep in mind is that for the auction house, you are able to secure the objective from the roof of the auction house as of patch 1.2.

I’m not sure if they are going to change this in the future, so if you are watching this past patch and it no longer works, sorry. The reason I think this may change is you are not able to secure or contest the bazaar from the second floor, you have to be on the ground level for that one and that was changed in patch I believe. Again one of the objectives is much easier to take than the other, so again I recommend going for the harder location first, since the At-St’s again can’t help you nearly as much, and that location is the bazaar.

The bazaar, like the cantina is inside a building and the at-st can’t get into position to shut down all the entrances. For the auction house however the at-sts can actually get inside the objective, giving you some armor to help hold it if you start pushing into overtime. The at-st can also kill entire spawn waves as they move out of the spawns from inside the auction house secure area.

If you move that far forward though, be careful not to be left alone since if troopers can get behind you and shoot at the back of the walker, you’re going to die fast. Again you can see my ideal locations to shut down reinforcements from making it to the objectives. Rebels, if you are defending, shoot at the walkers please, and if you can get behind them, shoot them on the back panel of the cockpit area, you’ll see that health drop so fast it’ll make your head spin.

Phase 2 positions The overlay now up on your screen is the common positioning you’ll see the majority of enemies and teammates. One thing that is different here is you’ll notice most of the fighting is actually going to take place on the objective. Phase 2 is much smaller than phase 1 and it makes the fighting a little more intense and greatly decreases the number of flanks available. Again though the majority of players are going to follow the fastest path possible and the most common ones I see are now up on your screen.

The purple or pink, i think its more pink, is for the auction house and the teal is for the bazaar. While again these two routes are perfectly fine to use, you’ll find it hard to get inside the bazaar if your coming from the center of the map. If you are having a hard time moving forward, time to break out the flanks in order to get on that objective. Phase 2 Flanking Routes For phase 2, I have 2 primary flanks that I use, those are in blue and pink. The yellow are secondary flanks that can be used if the primary flanks aren’t working. I’m mainly going to focus on the 2 primary flanks though, so just keep the yellows in mind incase you need them.

We’ll start with the bazaar since that’s the first place I want to capture. This is a longer route to take you around the enemy and fighting and get straight into the objective. The reason i’m aiming to get into the objective is to try and get the enemy team to move back to the objective, allowing my team to move up more easily. So I like to come at the bazaar from the right hand side and save my vanguard till i’m about to enter the bazaar itself. Once you come in the right hand entrance of the bazaar, you’ll see some steps leading to the second floor. The first thing you want to do once you get in there is to clear out anyone at the top of the steps. Even though you can’t secure from up there, it’s near impossible to secure it if you allow someone to look down on you from there.

Once the top floor is clear, if you want to just annoy the enemy team, you can hide under either staircase and as long as you don’t shoot most people won’t check under there, allowing you to contest the objective for a long time until someone wises up to what’s going on. For the pink flank for the auction house, this is the route i use to get on the roof of the auction house and contest or secure from there. It will take you behind the auction house on the left most side of the map and you can jump up a few boxes and walk across an awning to the roof.

From there, you can clear out anyone in the open and drop grenades down slots in the roof into the building the rebels tend to hide in. You are able to fall down these slots so be careful when you’re up there. You also have very little cover, so make sure to keep an eye out for anyone spawning in if you don’t have walkers in the area to do that for you. If you are inside the building at the auction house on either corner of the building where 2 walls meet there are some boxes you are able to get behind. Again, no one checks here so you can just sit there and contest this all day as long as you don’t give your position away. Phase 3 Break down Phase 3 is where things get changed up on Mos Eisley. We go from 2 objective points to 1 and we go from secure area to plant and defend the bomb.

In this phase you need to get close to the B wing sitting in the middle of the landing pad and place a bomb and defend it till it goes off. This is one of my favorite objective styles and wish it was in more maps. You lose the ability to use vehicles in this phase but that’s ok because in the last phase you get 4 heros on the map. Attacking this location is a little easier as well since once you break the enemy lines, you pretty much win since you can easily watch all entrances, however breaking the lines is a little tougher since this is the smallest of the 3 stages and troopers are clustered very close together. Phase 3 positions In this phase i did my best to mark where the majority of the fighting will take place at the start of the phase.

Once the lines break, it gets a little crazy and hectic, so take these positions with a grain of salt. The only one you can count on there being a constant fight is in the control room that overlooks the center of the map. This is the location with the arrow coming off of it since for some reason everyone who sits up there only watches one way. If you flank this room, you will get some easy kills unless your timing is really bad and you both enter the room at the same time. Unlike the other 2 phases, all the doors on this phase are constantly being used and fought for, so there’s no easy flank on this one you can really use. The only flank i recommend is to get into the control room, other than that, it’s just guess and check until you find the door the enemies not watching or a heroes not sitting at.

special thanks to star wars gaming . net for providing these overlays and I hoped this video and part 1 help you guys and if you enjoy this kind of video hit the like and subscribe button, new videos on M/W/F and streams on T/TH at 8 pm central. Thank you all for watching and i’ll see you in game..

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