Do you want a weapon that feels like it never has to cool down and rip apart large groups of enemy troopers? You need to use the Se-44c Welcome to back to Blaster break down in Star Wars Battlefront 2. Today we’re talking about my favorite weapon and I would argue the best overall weapon in the game, the SE-44c. This weapon is for the officer class and is the last weapon unlocked. There are 3 attachments available like all other weapons, but the two you need to be running are the cooling and rapid fire. The final attachment is a night vision scope, but like all night vision or thermals in this game it will only show you enemy locations ½ the time. All numbers were gathered through ingame testing.

Stick with me till the end and I’ll tell you the loadout to use with this weapon to take down Enforcers on your own, I call the loadout the wookie killer. Before we get into the stats, if you enjoy this video, please hit that like button and let me know in the comments what you want next, I love to hear back from you guys and your input, I haven’t been doing this long and learn more and more everyday. Also be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss any future videos on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and stop by the streams on T/Th at 8 pm central, I would love your support.

Magazine Size w/ and w/o attachments Lets get into the SE-44c. The Se-44c has a standard 25 rounds it can fire off before having to be forced to cool down, which is more than any other officer weapon. With it being fully automatic, its nice to have a few extra rounds since you’re more likely to miss more shots. However after you get the cooling attachment, you basically become a heavy, with 50 rounds before needing to cool. This is way higher than any other weapon in class, and one of the things that makes this weapon so amazing in multi enemy engagements and prolonged firefights. The cooling attachment is an absolute must on this weapon, and why I prefer it over the blurrgs 20 rounds.

Rate of Fire w/o attachments When it comes to rate of fire the SE-44c without the rapid fire attachment has a rate of fire of 330 rounds per minute, which is second highest in class to the Blurrg. Without the rapid fire attachment, I would place the blurrg above the SE44c, however once you get the rapid fire mod, it increases the rate of fire to 510 rounds per minute. While still lower than the blurrg, the increase in number of rounds you can fire with the Se44c allows you to continue engagements for longer than the blurg and multiple enemies easier.

The Blurrg is also a burst where as the se44c is full auto. Burst weapons are extremely strong but also extremely unforgiving. If you miss a burst, you most likely are going to lose that gun fight, where a full auto, if you miss, you just have to make a slight adjustment to get back on target and less likely to lose if you miss a few rounds. The rapid fire mod again is a must on this one. Damage w/o attachments, (min, max, DPS and drop off) When it comes to damage the SE44c does 34 damage at close range and drops down to 17 damage at long range.

This is second highest in class, again losing out to the blurrg at 37 and 20, but it still drops enemies extremely fast due to the rate of fire and again, being fully automatic. Headshots have a multiplayer, so a head shot at close range will dish out 64 damage per hit at close range and at long. All the officer weapons have a multiplier for the most part so there’s nothing special here numbers wise, besides to give you an incentive to go for those headshots. At close range, it will take 3 shots to kill a specialist, 5 for assault or officer and 6 for a heavy. When it comes to long range, it will take 6 for specialist, 9 for officer or assault and 12 for a heavy. Accuracy w/ and w/o attachments The grouping on the SE-44c does rise pretty quickly, as you can see in the grouping patterns coming up on your screen now. The majority of shots are at the maximize rise, so if you aim center mass, you’ll be hitting the head in a few shots. The headshots will cause it to take less rounds to drop enemies overall, however if you lay on the trigger for long periods, you’re likely to miss a lot of your shots, especially at farther ranges.

I would recommend manually bursting at medium to long range, fire off 3-5 rounds, release for a brief second, and then fire again. This will keep your shots on point and allow you to down enemies quickly at a distance with a few headshots if you aim center mass. Loadout So now it’s time to tell you guys about my favorite loadout with this kit and the one I run in blast and GA if I’m not using the meta loadout for the battlepoints.

This kit is called the Wookie Killer, since you’re able to take down Enforcers by yourself without any support. For this kit, you will need to run the SE-44c that we’ve been discussing, with the rapid fire and cooling modifications. For cards, use the improved flash grenade, which increases the radius of the blast, disruption, which will replace your turret, and improved battle command, for that increased health. When you see an enforcer, try to lead with a flash, however its not necessary to blind first, it does make everything easier. Next you want to hit the disruption, which will take about 2-3 seconds to cast, and immediately roll to the side, but make sure you keep the wookie in front of you.

The reason for the roll is to make it harder for them to hit you. Once the disruption goes off, get your free fur rug trophy, and continue on with the game. I drop enforcers with this kit all the time and it works on all versions. Call to action I really appreciate all of you taking the time to watch and I want to hear from you. In the comments down below, let me know what type of video you want next, and if you like this video, please leave anything you feel could be improved upon in these videos.

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