You have less health, and a completely different playstyle, and some of the most useless cards in Star Wars Battlefront 2, but dang specialist are a ton of fun to play Bumper Intro With the new progression system, I’ve played a lot of specialist to level it up and finally hit level 70. Today we’re going to talk current version of the specialist, both good and bad, and we’re going to do a quick summary of all the weapons (if you want details they all have their own break down video), what cards are worth it, which are not, and just general thoughts on the class.

While specialist can be really rough to play, having less health than the rest, it’s really rewarding when you do well. The specialist will test your ability to pick your fights wisely and your flanking routes since every weapon can pretty much 2 shot kill you, and is also better, shockingly, in the smaller game modes like Blast and Strike than it is in Galactic Assault, at least it is for me. Before we dive in If you enjoy this video, hit that like button to let me know, then hit that subscribe and notification button so you know when new videos come out, and remember to join us T/Th for streams at 8 pm central. Also be sure to check out our partners at Star Wars Gaming. Net, they just put up a link to a video with some of the new cosmetics that may be coming out for customization and are a great resource for the Battlefront 2 Community. Topics When it comes to the weapon choices for the specialist class they differ from every other class in the game. None of the specialist weapons besides the A280cfe have drop off at range.

What all the DMR’s do at close range, they do at long range, which makes them extremely reliable. The a280cfe however suffers drop off, but also is more of your aggressive specialist weapon and has honestly become my favorite weapon in this game. When we look at the damage each weapon does, you can see the NT-242 tops the charts, not only for the specialist but for all weapons available, at 106 damage per round and can 1 shot kill any trooper class with a head shot. Next we have the NT-242 with disruption shot which does 99 damage per round.

Following the NT-242, the next highest damage is the IQA-11 at 66 damage per round. With the IQA you can still 1 shot kill specialist with a headshot but not any other class. When it comes to damage the inital weapon places fourth, with 45 damage per round and at the bottom of the pack is all versions of the A280cfe which does 33 damage per round at close range and drops to 25 damage per round at long range. When you tack on the Ion shot, it’s the worst in class for damage at 29 damage per round at close and 22 damage per round at long range. Where the a280cfe is worst in class for damage, its best in class in the next two categories, rounds per minute and rounds available. The A280cfe with burst gets to 1080 rounds per minute and without it is at 360 rounds per minute.

The DMR’s are the balanced out with thier higher damage by thier slower rates of fire, the IQA-11 can fire off 150 rounds per minute and the NT-242 while the best damage in Star Wars Battlefront 2 has the worst rate of fire at 75 rounds per minute. When it comes to weapons, it all comes down to what your playstyle is. Obviously if your more of a support, medium to long rage player the NT-242 is your best option here. It dominates at medium to longer ranges with the ability to 1 shot kill, but really lacks up close with the much slower rate of fire and only 3 rounds available. You can make it work for you at close range at times, but overall, it’s not going to be able to hold up at close range against the other classes.

If you’re like me and more of a close to medium range player, the A280cfe with burst is the best option. The a280cfe can hold it’s own at close range where the other specialist weapons can’t and can still drop the other classes effectively at medium range. When you start pushing long range, the burst makes it hard to land all the rounds on target and the damage drop off isn’t helping here. I actually like the a280cfe version over the assaults a280 due to the faster rate of fire of the cfe. Again it all comes down to preference though and each weapon has their pros and cons, but if you’re looking to level the fastest way possible I would recommend running the a280cfe with burst in blast.

Cards When it comes ot the abilities, the Specialist is lacking in comparison to the other classes. The specialist abilities are all very situational, so situational, you can go a whole match and only use infiltration and just ignore the other 2. The default abilities are a shock grenade, infiltration and thermal binoculars. The Thermal binoculars recently got a buff, which allows you to spot enemy troops that you have a line of sight on. This can give you some battle points and help your team since you can spot groups of troops, but the downside is you need a line of site, which means they can also see you. Infiltration has also got a slight buff to rate of fire since the release, it’s still not fast enough, but it’s better than it was on release.

The shock grenade hasn’t received any buffs and really is just good to toss if you know someone’s hiding around a corner because they will run from it and allow you to take them down. Now that we’ve reviewed the basic abilities, lets take a look at which cards are worth your time. For the left ability, the shock grenade, the only card I find somewhat fun to run in it’s place is the repulsor cannon. This is primarily just to troll players since you will need to fire off both shots with it so you can change weapons fast enough to take out the enemy player before they get up and just murder you. IF you try and manual sqitch weapons it’s way to slow and the other player will get up before you an fire off a shot.

You can also use it on Kashyyyk in blast to knock people off the map, which is just evil and fun. With that said, I dont really run it unless I’m really just bored and wanna troll someone. For the right ability, the Thermal binoculars, the best card to run in this slot would be the personal shield. While the thermal binoculars can give you some intel, personal shield really helps keep you alive a lot longer, and can buy you some time to melee enemies when you eventually get surrounded. I do sometimes run the personal shield but i also tend to forget its there or more likely become to cocky and think I can win a gunfight I really have no chance in winning. For infiltration, the only version worth running is hardened infiltration. Hardened infiltration does not decrease the amount of time infiltration is active, unlike the other 2, and reduces the damage you take. Now it only reduces the damage by about 30% from my testing and that’s really not much, but if you use infiltration on cooldown, this will reduce the cooldown to 18 seconds, which really is good.

For non ability modifiers, I use 2 cards pretty much all the time and combine it with one of the other 3 we talked about. The first one I always run is the Stealth Card. This card will increase the melee damage you do up to 120 damage per strike. This is a 1 shot on specialist and 2 shot on everyone else. This is great for when you find yourself in close range because you can pretty much panic knife and get a kill or 2.

It’s also a ton of fun to troll with melee only and this is the best card to do it with. The second benefit of this card, yep there’s 2, is that it keeps you off enemy radar when you fire. This is huge since you can be behind enemies and fire at them and the red cone wont show up. This can confuse some people and give you a few more seconds to land follow up shots the other classes just don’t get. This card is good for all game modes and all play styles since its always good to remain off the radar, and even if your sniping, when someone runs up on you, if you can melee them to death, its very satisfying. The second card I generally always run with the specialist is the marksman card. This is due to the cooling on the specialist weapons being bad compared to the other classes and have the lowest number of rounds available.

If your sniping, this will prevent you from having to manual cool alot since every headshot kill will auto flush your heart. If your running the a280cfe, while its not as useful since you wont get as many headshot kills, every time you do helps keep you in the fight even longer. Since there’s not very many clear options for specialist this one is nice to have around. For the cards you should never run, its every version of infiltration except the hardened version.

The killstreak cuts active time from 24 seconds to 13 and at max rank only refreshes 55%. So you need 2 kills quickly in order to get the same benifit from not having the card at all, and scrambler tells the enemy your near them by messing up the radar and only lasts 17 seconds, so a shorter time period. The other ability cards that improve your default abilities, improved shock grenade and improved thermal binoculars are also rather useless since the shock grenade again is to situation and the improved thermal binoculars was changed with the buff to increase time the spot is active. Also, bodyguard isn’t going to do you much good as a specialist. Even with the reduction of explosives, almost every explosive over kills you at 100 health, adding body guard, your still not going to survive, so there’s no reason to have it take up a card slot.

Thoughts on class Originally I loved the specialist in the beta, they were strong, even with the low health and infiltration in the beta was definitely OP. With the release infiltration was nerfed into oblivion and the class as a whole just felt kind of weak. While it still feels that way at times, the more you play it, the more fun it becomes. There are definitely some tweaks that need to be done to some of the cards to make them more viable options, and it really could do with a minor health boost, even just to 120 would be good, that way hardened infiltration would put the health to around the 150 mark the other classes have. This would allow a specialist to at least survive 1 barrage from the officer turret instead of having it equal an automatic death if hardened infiltration is active.

Also a buff to the damage the stinger pistol does, right now its good to prevent enemy heroes from healing, and it can kill a specialist with 4 shots, but replacing it honestly with the flash pistol would be a better option. This would give the specialist an actual close range weapon that can hold its own and allow the class to be more versitle. Outro I hope you guys enjoyed this and appricaite you taking the time to watch it. I hope you have an amazing day, and i’ll see you in game.

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