Intro Red Wolf here and today we’re going to take a deep dive look into Blasters in Star Wars Battlefront 2. Today’s target is the Blurrg-1120, we’ll be taking a look at the magazine size, rate of fire, damage and how it drops off, cooling power, and accuracy. I’m going to assume you already know which class these weapons belong to, but if you don’t I’ll like the trooper review for their class in the card that is now coming up on your screen.

But before we get into all that, make sure to hit that like, subscribe and notification button so you don’t miss when your favorite weapon is posted, New videos will be Monday, Wednesday, Friday and streams on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8pm central time. If you know anyone who is a stats guy or gal, or person?, everyone’s welcome here, share this, i’m sure they’ll enjoy it. Magazine Size w/ and w/o attachments Lets start with the magazine size, or the number for rounds you can fire without a break before the system forces you to cool down.

The the magazine size, it’s much easier in burst weapons, since you just need to count the number of bursts and then multiply it by the number of rounds in each burst. The Blurrg has 2 different magazine sizes, the normal round allows for a 20 round magazine. So if you are on 2 burst, you get 10 bursts, if you are on the 4 burst, you get 5. If you are using the explosive rounds, you get 16 round magazine, which is kind of confusing to me, but we’ll get into why when we come to damage. You can add improved burst and explosive round, and by doing so will take the max number of bursts to 4.

I wouldn’t recommend the exploding round though, but again, we’ll cover that in the next couple sections. Rate of Fire w/o attachments The Rate of fire for the blurrg was done by recording the amount of time it took to unload an entire magazine as quickly as possible, then taking it frame by frame from when the animation started on the first shot, till the heating bar started to highlight red to get an accurate amount of time that it took.

Using this information and the amount of rounds per magazine, you are able to calculate the rate per minute. The default rate of fire on the blurrg, with it being a 2 round burst. With firing off the shots as fast as possible, you can fire off all 20 rounds in seconds. This puts the rounds per minute to 288.46. This seems to be on par with most of the weapons in Star Wars Battlefront 2. Rate of fire w/ attachments When you add in the improved burst, taking it to a 4 round burst, you start to see why this weapon is used so much. The 4 round burst goes through the 20 rounds in seconds, with a round per minute at 500. While this isn’t the highest rate of fire in the game, it is really fast for a weapon that has a higher damage per round. Damage w/o attachments, (min, max, DPS and drop off) The damage was tested in an arcade match, split screen, at different distances, starting with a hug and moving out to 30 steps, running at a normal speed, no sprint for consistency. Since this is a burst weapon, we used the 2 round burst, and took the amount of damage done, minus the base health and divided it by 2, since that’s how many rounds actually hit.

This process was completed with each attachment to see if it changed the damage at all. The damage done does not include headshots, since head shots are in consistent. From 0 to 14 steps, the range is the highest per round, at 37 damage per round. After that the damage drops down to 20 damage per round at 30 paces. The graph that is on your screen now is showing the rate of drop off compared to distance. When you are engaging at max range, 30 paces or farther, you are doing 54% damage of a close range engagement. With the 2 round burst, you have the potential of doing 1damage per second, if all rounds hit and at close range, and a max at long range of damage per second again if all rounds hit. This seems to be on par with all other weapons in the game. However when you add the improved burst modification, you have a max potential of 3at close range and a max of 1at long range.

This is well above the ability of most weapons, and is the highest DPS from any weapon in the game, unless you land a headshot with the NT242, but remember, I’m not looking at headshots since majority of rounds are going to hit the body. With the blurrg doing 37 damage per round at close range, in close range you will be able to drop a specialist in 2 bursts, an assault, officer or heavy in 3 bursts.

When you add the improved burst, a specialist will take 1 burst, and all other classes will take 2. One thing I haven’t touched on in this section is the explosive modification. The explosive modification does not do any increased damage per round on the primary target, during testing I found it actually does less damage to the primary target and insteads adds splash damage, so it will do damage to other targets in the area. Close range, the explosive shot does 34 damage to the primary target and at long range, drops down to 16 damage.

You also get less rounds before needing to cool, down from 20 rounds to 16 rounds. You cannot have 3 attachments on a weapon so if you choose explosive shot, you will either lose out on reduced recoil or improved burst. They also nerfed the amount of damage caused by splash explosions in the last patch, so the splash damage is now lower than it was before last weeks. I do not feel the explosive shot is worth what you loose if you choose it. You do less damage, have less rounds, lose out on recoil reduction or the extra damage that makes the blurrg so good, and explosives where just nerfed.

You’re better off running improved burst and recoil reduction together. Accuracy w/ and w/o attachments For the grouping, this was done in an arcade match on tatooine, using the giant BB8 head looking thing near the cantina as a marker to maintain consistency for each attachment pairing. In order to get the colored dots showing the grouping, I took a screenshot of the marks on the wall and used photoshop to single them out. The recoil on the explosive round is identical to the grouping pattern without it, so again, no benefit besides splash damage.

The pink will be the grouping for the 2 round burst, and the green is the grouping with the 4 round burst. The left is with the reduced recoil, and the right is without it. Natural the grouping on the 2 round burst is much tighter than that of the 4 round,since less rounds are coming out. However the recoil reduction gives both a very tight grouping when compared to fully automatic counter parts. With the recoil reduction mod, every round, even in the 4 burst, should hit the target if they are in your crosshairs.

The grouping is also pretty straight up and down, so the final shot in a 4 round burst, will most likely be a headshot if you are aiming center mass. Cooling Power (reload times) The cooling, or reload time was calculated by recording the gameplay, then loading it into a video editor and going frame by frame. The cooling time started when the heat bar started to highlight red, and ended when the weapon was operational (no longer behind held at 90 degree angle). When it comes to reload times, the blurrg is a little slower than the CR-2, taking a full 3 seconds to fully cool if you fire off all rounds and are forced to recool and don’t attempt the mini game of hitting the blue or gold sections.

If you hit the blue, it will take seconds, and the gold will take seconds. Like the CR-2, if you manually cool your weapon, it will take 1 second regardless of how many shots you have fired. So ideally, you would want to manually cool after 4 bursts with the improved burst modification, and the 9th burst without it. However, with the blue section being available after seconds, its not much of a difference as long as you time it right. There is no cooling attachment for the Blurrg, however for the other weapons, the cooling attachment will make these times quicker.

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