Red Wolf here and Today’s target is the IQA-11, we’ll be taking a look at the magazine size, rate of fire, damage and how it drops off, cooling power, and accuracy. I’m going to assume you already know which class these weapons belong to, but if you don’t I’ll like the trooper review for their class in the card that is now coming up on your screen. But before we get into all that, if you enjoy this kind of video hit that like button to let me know, and then subscribe and hit notifications so you know when new videos are out! Youtube is changing and subscribers play a major role, and I would love your support. New videos are on Monday Wednesday and fridays, and streams on tuesdays and thursdays starting at 8pm.

And now that that’s all out the way, let’s get into the info. Magazine Size w/ and w/o attachments The IQA has 3 attachments available, a zoom, a bolt speed, and cooling. We’ll cover these throughout the video, but the first one we’ll cover is the cooling. The IQA can fire off 5 consecutive shots before it is forced to cool down, however you can extend that to 7 if you include the cooling attachment. The cooling attachment doesn’t actually decrease the amount of time it takes for the weapon to cool off, so it’s kind of strange they named it that. This puts the IQA as second lowest amount of rounds available before needing to cool, only beating out the nt242, even with the cooling attachment equipped. This makes more sense as we look at the other stats, but it’s something to keep in mind when engaging targets. Rate of Fire w/o attachments With the IQA, you’re able to get through the standard 5 rounds in seconds and if using cooling you can get through the 7 rounds in seconds, putting it at 187 rounds per minute. Like the number of rounds you can fire off, this is second slowest rate of fire of all the rifles, still only beating out the NT242.

But since this is a sniper rifle, or DMR for those of you who don’t watch a ton of movies, lets move onto where it starts to shine. Damage w/o attachments, (min, max, DPS and drop off) The damage on specialist dmr’s is different then any other class, in that they have 0 drop off on damage. Regardless if you are giving the other play a hug, or shooting them from across the map, the IQA is going to do 66 damage to anything that’s not a headshot. If it’s a headshot, it’s going to do 127 damage. So it will take 1 headshot to kill a specialist, and 2 headshots to kill everyone else besides heroes. If you hit the body, it will take 2 for specialist, 3 for assault or officers, and 4 for heavies, well for heavies. This is the second highest damage weapon in class, beaten only by the nt242. Accuracy w/ and w/o attachments When I tested this with the bolt speed, I didn’t see a difference in the speed it took to force the cooling, and then I tested it again for recoil, there wasn’t much of a difference there either.

I’m honestly not sure what that attachment does, it says its suppose to maintain weapon stability, but I didn’t see the difference. The Green is without bolt speed and the blue is with it, again I dont see much difference. Also if your not aiming on this weapon your all over the place, but if your shooting this hip fire, you’ve obviously made some mistakes.

The grouping aim down sights is pretty tight though, but that is to be expected with a DMR. Cooling Power (reload times) For the cooling on this weapon, is very quick, IF you manual cool, it will take 1 second, if you overheat and are forced to cool, it will take to hit the blue and to hit the gold. If you let it cool all the way on it’s own, it will take seconds. Now I didn’t think of this before, but if you hit the gold, you will get up to an additional 13 shots putting the potential number of rounds fired to 20 rounds if you hit the gold on the mini game. Now the 13 shots is if you fire as quickly as possible, but that may be useful to someone out there. Call to action At this time I have all the weapons planned out and dated, and i really appreciate those of you who requested some specific weapons. If you want to know the date for a weapon let me know.

In the comment section below, let’s talk about farthest place from home you’ve been, either for work, school or pleasure. So the farthest i’ve been is Iraq, I was in the army, so thats why. I honestly couldn’t think of anything and just finished typing the aiming script and was reminiscing i guess. Outro If you liked this video, make sure to like and subscribe to the channel, I love having you here. Also if you’re on playstation, come join my community, RedWolf72ps4 where we can talk and party up for a few matches. You can also find me on twitter @RedWolf72ps4. Thank you all for watching and as always, I’ll see you in game..

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