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BiteFight Hellstones Guide


BiteFight Hellstones Guide by MikA

How do I get HellStones?

  • Purchasing in Voodoo Shops via different payment methods (varies depending on countries)
  • In Manhunts. Chances are very slim, one per 10K manhunts.

What/How do I use HellStones?

  • Change your character name ? At the Library
  • Treasure chest
  • Gargoyle
  • Book of the damned
  • Attack Blockade is 5 minutes ? With Shadow Lord
  • Improved message menu ? With Shadow Lord
  • You can buy: 100% Healing Potion (full health), Defense Potion (Defense +50%) and Strength Potion (Force +50%)
  • Double man hunt ? With Shadow Lord
  • Hunt Statistics ? With Shadow Lord
  • Change your appearance ? With Shadow Lord
  • COOL equipment ? Equipment that you can only get with HellStones.
  • Change your race ? using Metamorphosis Stone
  • You receive the gold equivalent to 12 hours of work ? With Shadow Lord


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