11 Upcoming Classes in Black Desert Mobile


hello guys welcome this is only a sneak peek video for new class in black desert mobile that not yet released on mobile version even in korean version and this is guardian class guardian wielding a single hand battle axe and shield she is swift and agile while using her axe with one hand but when using both hands her attacks become more powerful yet slower inflicting damage over a wide area next is kunoichi.

Kunoichi use sword as a main weapon and kunai or shuriken as sub weapon they have unique skill such as hiding after awakening they can attack their enemies before they even realize what hits them because of their speed next class is ninja. same as kunoichi ninja you sword as main weapon and kunai or shuriken as sub weapon. they can use shuriken to go completely offensive or kunai for more defense.

They combine ninjutsu and stealth to appear behind enemies to deliver a fatal blow unlike kunoichi however ninja cannot block attack next is wizard in exchange for the casting time delay they can perform high damage magical attacks they can burn and freeze their enemies with the power of natural elements such as fire ice wind lightning and earth after awakening they can even summon the water and fire guardians and guys guardian kunoichi ninja and wizard has not yet released on mobile version even in korea i play this one on pc version and from now on this is the class that has been released on mobile version in korean server but not yet released on global version i will just show you a sneak peek and maybe i will make a preview skill video next time but not on this video okay this is archer they use crossbow for his stylist range attack and skill combos just like ranger you can see the preview skill on bottom right screen next is mystic.

Mystic use martial arts from heavy punch to powerful kicks i have already made a skill preview video for mystic you can check on my playlist Maehwa fight with blade and hornbow. she is especially effective against small groups or single targets next is Musa. same as Maehwa he is using blade and hornbow extremely quick and great with skill combos musa deals the greatest single target damage rather than facing multiple opponents at a time next is Shai. I have already made a skill preview for Shai you can check on my playlist. The main weapon of Shai is the giant boomerang the sub weapon is used to heal and protect Shai and their allies. do their small size they have good basic evasion next class is tamer.

tamer can perform combination attack with Heilang the divine beast and take the enemy down while borrowing the defined force from the beast the last is Lahn. when they are fighting with the crescent pendulum it almost looks like they are dancing as they cut through their enemies they also use the ancient swords as a sub weapon okay guys that’s all for the sneak peek and if you want a preview skill video for each class i will make another video next time just tell me a comment below and if you like this video please share and subscribe bye.

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