33rd Day Fughar Daily Quest for Seasonal Character (Time Stamp Available)


Hello Guys, Welcome Back to Chris Poli Channel. This video I want to share about, Fughar Daily Quest for Day 33rd. As you see now I near Fughar at velia. I just take this Quest season quest for day 33 Earth is a Source of Life. Actually this is daily quest for farming, you need friends to do this quest after you got this Quest as you see Fughar told you to plan the pepper seed his guild bred. So you need to talk with Fughar again. Click chat and you will get this interaction. I would like to get pepper seed you need to talk with Fughar again. After that you need fence to plan this pepper seed. You need to borrow some fence from NPC by finding NPC from map menu and click this find NPC, magnifier logo and you just typed fence and you will find some NPC that available to rent fence.

You need some contribution Point, as you see this small fence need 3 cp and also this plane fence need 6 cp. Old moon fence fence and also strong fence need 10 cp. Or you can get free fence from Quest you need Gathering level minimal apprentice 1 and character minimal level 20 actually this quest is character Quest so you can repeat this Quest as many as you can as long as you have character level 20 and also that character have Gathering level minimal apprentice 1 actually this video is my very old video. You can watch my video how to get this free fence. I already put link for this video on this video description or you can check on top right of this video, I already put card for this video. Okay, for example, I will use this strong fence after you got some fence and you need to plan this fence outside safe zone as you see if your mini-map name is red so you are out of safe zone.

Okay, just right click this strong fence and you will go to this menu and you need to plan this fence in some grid as you see if my circle is blue, I can plant this fence. But if the circle is that you cannot plan this fence at this area. Okay, just plant this fence and you need five seconds to plant this fence Okay, after you finish plant this fence you just interact with this fence by pressing R and just put seed that you got from Fughar Crow Merchants Guild’s Improved Pepper Seed left click this seed and just put any place you want and after that just click this button or press spacebar to confirm and you already plant this seed you need to weed this until 100% and after this pepper already 100%, you just need to harvest this plan.

But as you see in this Quest you need to go to Martina Finto at Finto farm to learn how to farm. Okay, just go to this NPC while we wait this plan. Actually Finto Farm is this area, near Velia as you see in map And this is Martina Finto that NPC that mention about okay just chat with her. And click chat and click how do you start farming. And you just finish this partial Quest. As you see you just finish this first Quest and next we just go to harvest this Crow Merchants Guild’s Improved Pepper. Okay Let’s go back to our corp. Actually this corp is super fast. You just need to wait around five minutes to be ready to harvest.

Okay, as you see now, it’s already 100% You just need to harvest this corp. After you harvest you will got this Crow Merchants Guild’s Improved Pepper and you need to hand offer this Crow Merchants Guild’s Improved Pepper to Fughar again. And just talk with Fughar and click chat and I harvest the paper and you just finish this Quest and you just need to take the reward. If you still have this Crow Merchants Guild’s Improved Pepper like I have still 4, I don’t know what function is this, but I think I will save it until this season end. Maybe it will be useful in future. I don’t know. Okay guys, that’s it to finish Daily Quest form Fughar Day 33rd.

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