BDO: ? PvE Combos (short Guide)


Hi this is MasterPain and welcome to my channel. Some of you guys asked me about PvE combos and all I would like to say here is that there’s no particular, one-universal way to grind the mobs. Well, ultimately you just want to use a single Violation on the whole pack but with higher level monsters, this is rather not going to happen. Each spot or even a monster pack has it’s own way of approaching it and it is directly related to your actual AP and Skills level. This is completely subjective. I can only give you examples: For the Manshaums I used Violation to put that DP debuff on the strongest monsters in the pack, followed by fully casted, Black Spirit Turnback Slash to pull the monsters in as many as I can, then slashing them with GRJ or Engulfing Shadow, followed by another Violation to clean up. Sometimes you see me using Engulfing after GRJ and this is just clearing easy way, with a cooldwon problem for the next pack. With the Centaurs the skills rotation is different. I aggro them with Violation, coming out of a holstered sprint.

I target here the Bowmen first, since they are mostly just standing and shooting. After that I do GRJ, giving them some time to gather before the hit. I finish with the Engulfing Shadow and you can instantly Midnight Stinger and Violation to any left Centaur or just holster and sprint to another pack. These are the general ideas for the spots I have in my mind when aproaching each pack, but as I said before – they vary widely and you need to adapt to the situation. The skills rotation come from testing. If I had less AP or Accuracy it would be different, i.e. I used to pull the Centaurs with Mark of Shadow, gathering them prior to the Violation, to make it hit them all for debuff, and then following it by the GRJ and Engulfing. With more damage output, I just found a quicker way to clear them.

Now, this video was a short one and originally it was a part of my progression update video. I decided to cut it out and put into the Guides Playlist. As always, thank you for watching, hit the thumb up if you liked this video or a thumb down if you didn’t. Subscribe, and I hope to see you soon!.

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