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BDO +20 AP Buff, Playtime Reward, EXTENDED 300% EXP BUFF (Event Recap, 08 September 2021)


Hello Guys, Welcome Back to Chris Poli Channel. This video I want to share about event recap after 08 September 2021 Maintenance Update Okay, to enjoy watch my video. Make sure you turn on this video subtitle and also you can use time stamp that I already provide to go to target topic that you want. And if you haven’t subscribed yet, don’t forget to Like, Subscribe, and turn on bell notification to get any update and guide on Black Desert world okay Let’s start this video content using any features that I provide after 08 September 2021 Maintenance update from SEA Server There are 2 new events that occur after this maintenance done.

Okay, first event Crack!

It’s the Source of Lightning!. This even period start from 08 September 2021 after maintenance until 29 September 2021 before maintenance. actually this event is special buff for your character AP during this event period you can find event source of lightning. If you saw this notification, a mysterious energy pervade the air you need to aware to your surrounding.

You will see this lightning effect will appear and this effect will stay for 6 until 7 seconds after its appearance. You just need to move forward and touch this lightning with your character body and your character will get extra AP against Monster +20 and this buff will last longer for 5 minutes after you get it so in next 5 minute duration you can kill Monster more faster than before and in any chance if you get this buff again, this buff duration will refresh once more and be notice if another player touch this lightning area all other player will get same buff this extra AP against Monster +20 for 5 minutes. So don’t worry if someone take this spot to get this buff because all of you will get this buff.

Okay, next event An Autumn breeze rolls in the September Challenges! Actually this is Login play time reward during this event period from 09 September 2021 after reset time until 14 September 2021 before reset time.

If you stay login on Black Desert Word for 30 minutes, 60 minutes and 90 minutes, you will get all this reward for this playtime milestone and actually this is great reward for seasonal character during the last month of the summer season because you will get this Tuvala ore and Time Field Blackstone to enhance your Tuvala gear. But if you already graduate or didn’t play seasonal character, you can sell this Tuvala ore and Time Field Blackstone to any NPC vendor to get some silver and you notice because this reward have seasonal exclusive item it’s meant Tuvala enhancement material.

Make sure you collect all this reward before 15 September 2021 Maintenance Update because if you didn’t collect it, all this reward will delete it from your challenge page, but all this rewards still stuck on your challenge page until before maintenance at 15 September 2021 update. Okay, that’s all 2 Event after 08 September 2021 Maintenance update and additional info if you watch my previous video about sneak pick for next Maintenance update at 08 September 2021 that I cover about ending event goodbye summer. Hello, 24 Hours EXP time.

They just extend this event ending period until 15 September 2021 update So you can see this EXP boost even in progress combat EXP +300% and Skill Experience +50% when you’re killing any monster. This will help you to level up your seasonal character before end of this summer season 2021 at 15 September 2021 Update and special thanks to all my membership for direct support via Patreon, Karyakarsa, or Youtube Membership.

And also my current member Zacrue, DubyaDude, JimmySnakes, Doki, Trancestor, AghanimScepter, RenegadesX, LickyCleanies, Agis_II from NA server, Gospel, Homie, Aeyrton, Soonuh, Tepan Gaming, KiLLSTEAL, King Denmark, Wammy, Clouty, Puuf as Gold member and also all my Silver and Bronze Member Thank you so much for all your direct support This will make Chris Poli Channel running and growing more faster. If you want to support me directly I will feel very grateful and as special thanks I will put your name on my video depend on your support level and be notice for some level there are have some limit. So make sure you didn’t get run out for this limited space and I will put your name on every subsequent video that I release for the duration of your support.

And if you want to join my membership to support me directly. You can go to any platform for Patreon, Karyakarsa, and Youtube Membership I already put link for this membership on this video description, or you can check on top right of this video. I already put card for Patreon link Okay guys, that’s all any even that occur after 08 September 2021 maintenance Update Hope you can participate on all this event and get all the rewards.

If you like this video, you can like and subscribe to my channel for another guide and update. Thank you for watching.

See you next time..

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