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BDO: Absolutely the best Sorceress combo to execute your enemies! (guide)


Hi this is MasterPain and welcome to my channel. In this video, I’d like to deeply go through what is, in my opinion, the best combo to output the highest damage to finish your enemy. I’ll mark it’s pros and cons, possible extenders and modifications. So, without furtherer do, let’s get to it. The combo roughtly looks like this: You start with a Midnight Stinger into Shadow Kick, Shadow Eruption and Shadow Ignition, and here’s a tricky part because you need to squeeze in the Beat Kick right after Ignition’s second hit. After that, Blade of Darkness (from amulet stance), immediately followed by Cry of Darkness. And here’s where you can add extenders, which I’ll talk about in a second, but first, let’s divide this combo in three simple steps, to make it easier for you to understand and learn. The first step is a boosting part of the combo, and I would really like to stress it enough – – the following skills are to disable enemy while getting buffs, not to solely kill the enemy: Midnight Stinger, Shadow Kick and Shadow Eruption.

What’s really great about this combination is, that it’s very universal – – you can use it on either grounded or standing enemy. Midnight Stinger adds 40% Critical Hit chance for the next 10 seconds and it has a Stiffness, which is a great way to catch the disrupted enemy, i.e. from Nightmare. Also Stiffness doesn’t work on grounded enemies so it’s not counted towards CC limit. So you might ask why would you use that combination on grounded foe? Simple answer is that, the whole step is flashy-quick, because all three skills cancel each other. But to ensure Midnight Stinger’s effectiveness here is the Shadow Kick and it’s role is roughtly the same. Shadow Kick adds 10% to Critical Hit chance for the next 9 seconds – with a skill addon. It also has a Stiffness.

So you might ask, why would you double that from Midnight Stinger? To ensure it’s effectiveness and also the CC system works that – – if two of Stiffness effects follow in rapid succession – – the second is not counted towards the CC limit. Shadow Kick also has a Down Smash chance in it and again here’s where you secure the grounded enemy while you’re getting buffed. The other addon to Shadow Kick is Casting Speed which, with the skill itself, makes it faster to follow with Shadow Eruption. This is why you would take Shadow Kick instead of Scattering Shadow – – it’s faster and you can addon it.

So the third skill in this step is Shadow Eruption, which animation is cancelled by Shadow Kick. It has a Floating CC, but the essence lies within the addons, where you get +10 PVP Attack and +10% Casting Speed for 5 seconds. This wraps up the boosting step, in which you get total of +50% Critical, +10 PVP Attack, +10% Casting Speed, you can engage standing or grounded enemies and most likely get them prepped with Floating. The second step consists of Shadow Ignition with it’s various follow ups. So the Shadow Ignition itself is a blasting damaging skill with a chance to Float and then Air Smash in the same skill. And after that you have options to modify it in two ways. The most popular thing is to use cancelled Turnback Slash right after, which as a whole is a very powerful bursting combination. The damage is even more impactful if you manage to make it enhanced with Black Spirit, which takes quite skill and practice to do.

Myself I was really enjoying this way, until I’ve came up with a different approach, where you incorporate more Down Smashes. So, as many of you know, you can cancel the Shadow Ignition with the Beat Kick. Yes, this is the one coming from the Crow Flare skill tree. You can do it either by pressing F or RMB during the Shadow Ignition, just like with Crow Flare. So what’s the benefit of using it? The addon to Beat Kick gives 10% chance of Down Smash, then the skill itself has an Evasion debuff.

Then you add the Blade of Darkness shot (with Cry of Darkness), which again, has Down Smash and quite more multiplied damage than the TBS’s last hit. If your enemy get’s Down Smashed at this point, it’s gonna be easier with the third step which are extenders. Within extenders, you can really use what’s left in your kit, and the best skill to start here is Engulfing Shadow, which can be followed up with one of the three example ways: My favourite is Midnight Stinger into Violation, which as a whole is a very quick combination.

Besides this you can cast Turnback Slash for more damage or Dark Flame for protection against enemy who might be standing up if it somehow happens she’s still alive. But, by far the best extender in here is the Black Spirit Grim Raper’s Judgement, which can be further followed up by any of mentioned Engulfing Shadow combinations. I would use the Judgement only with Black Spirit, because of it’s casting time. And this should leave your enemy speechless. To wrap this up let’s talk about pros and cons of this whole finishing combo, starting with a major con which is the necessity to have all the skills in the rotaion ready to cast. This mostly means: Shadow Eruption and Shadow Ignition. And I know how useful these are against flashy opponents.

This forces you to use other skills to disable enemy. The other big con is, that it can be hard to pull of in large scale combat. This combo can be interupted, so it requires a clear 1 on 1 situation. Other than that, you really need to practice the sets here to get deeply in muscle memory, to perform them quick and without the thinking. Then, be aware of cooldowns for the skills and here’s, where UI Cooldown Slots may come helpful. The pros for this finishing combo are simple: – its the highest burst damage output; – you can use it either on grounded or standing enemies; – if they’re not CC’d yet, you can catch them with Midnight Stinger, leading to a deadly finishing; and the last one: – the are chances to get them grounded for longer, if they survive the major hits.

Since I’m aware of the fact this combo is more 1v1 oriented, in the near future I will make a video about different one, that i’m curently practicing, more suitable for large scale combat like RBF or the popular flashy playstyle – – incorporating Shadow Eruption and Ignition disables. So, this is everything I’ve prepared for this video, as usual, if you like it, I encourage you to give it a thumb up.

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