This guide talks about the most efficient ways I’ve found for acquiring T9 items. Before I start, there are two threads I want to link to:


From my experience, farming is by far the best method for acquiring T9 items. You can have up to 10 farms and the ideal is 10 of the largest farm type (you rent them for 10 contribution points each) for a total of 100 crops. You’ll want to breed every chance you get as that maximizes the byproduct yields. I recommend putting one worker on each farm as the workers will automatically deal with damaged crops. You’ll end up with a ridiculous amount of seeds because you’ll be breeding every chance you get, so sell leftovers on the marketplace or just sell them to an NPC.

On average, I get 1.12 byproducts per crop. And on average, you can expect to get 1 Stonetail Fodder for every 20 byproducts you get. It’s very important you breed crops before they reach 200% growth otherwise you’ll only gain about 50% of the byproducts.

I personally breed all my crops two times daily. Early in the day, I’ll feed all my workers and click on Repeat All. I’ll wait some minutes so my workers have time to fix up my crops, and then I’ll go ahead and breed all of them. Somewhere between 6-12 hours later I’ll breed all my plants again, and I’ll feed my workers one last time and click on repeat all (I don’t it more times that same day to reduce the chances of crops hitting 200% before I wake up the next day). I find it takes me around 90 seconds to breed and replant all crops on one farm.

I have 91 crops in total, so I can expect to get an average of 10 Stonetail Fodder daily for spending around 30 minutes of farming work. That’s not bad at all.

If you want to breed crops many times a day, I suggest flax or mushrooms. While I haven’t tested them myself, I’ve heard those are the fastest growing crops in the game.

You’ll need to find a good spot where you can place a ton of large farms. I personally use this spot close to the marketplace and storage NPCs in Calpheon:

A small tip is planting all crops in the corner of each farm, that way you just have to stand in the middle of the crops and breed all the crops without having to move around the farm. At the very least, try to avoid planting crops in the middle of the farm as then you’ll occasionally highlight the hotspot for the farm itself.

Kamasylvian dailies!

There are 6 Kamasylvian dailies giving you a total of 55 Peridot Leaves (which you can exchange for 7-8 Hoof Roots). These are all fairly straightforward and none of them require amazing gear. If your AP is very low, you can try to find a party for the quests asking you to kill Manshaums and Poachers.

  • Good Old Friends (from stable keeper at Lemoria Guard Post) has zero combat and you just need to talk with 2 NPCs. There are two variations of this quest and you usually have to ride pretty far, but it’s quick with a fast horse. If I recall, you have to do amity minigames with two NPCs at Lemoria Guard Post to unlock this one, but they’re easy amity minigames.
  • Intact Research Material and Mysterious Competitor you get at Shady Tree Forest node manager. You’ll need to fight a bunch of poachers and some animals nearby. Not too difficult, but might be slow if your AP is low. These are unlocked by doing quests for the same NPCs.
  • Bold Investment you get at Old Wisdom Tree. You have to kill a few enemies which are scattered in locations far away. All of these enemies are very easy (actually, you can kill all but one with a horse charge attack). This one is unlocked by doing other quests, but unfortunately, I can’t remember which ones.
  • Unwincing Tenacity and Struggle for the Forest you get at Manshaum Forest node manager. You have to kill a lot of Manshaums, which are among the weakest enemy types in Kamasylvia. These used to be the hardest dailies, but the enemy type has since been nerfed into the ground. These are unlocked by doing a series of quests for the node manager.

The first 4 quests take only 13 minutes if you have decent gear and a fast horse. The last two quests take around 10-30 minutes (depending on your gear and if you’re doing it in a party or not). All in all, that can be as short as 23 minutes for 7-8 Hoof Roots daily, which is pretty darn good.


Not the most exciting method, but one of the most reliable ones. Go to a marketplace NPC, click on the Mount->Courser Training category, and stare. Stare all day long. And occasionally bid as items are listed. This is very tedious, but it’s a good way to get items as people are listing T9 items all day long.

Another option is pre-ordering T9 items off the marketplace but this gets really expensive fast. Pre-order prices can be as high as 10m per item. Unless you’re literally swimming in silver I do not recommend this method.

Daily Stonetail Ranch quest!

Shamhain has a quest for players who are Professional 1 or higher in Training to tame one horse and the reward is one T9 item (you choose one of 3 types). If you’re Master 1 or higher, you’ll get 2 items instead. I’m not sure how worthwhile this quest is since it’s so out of the way and taming a horse isn’t the fastest thing to do. Since it’s a family-wide quest, you can optimize this by having an alt at a spot where wild horses spawn, and then change to him to quickly finish the quest.

Afk horse training!

You need Swaying Wind Shards to do attempts and the best way to get them is by selling lvl15+ horses to the stable keeper NPCs. You could buy random cheap horses off the horse market and train them overnight. Or train horses you tame from the quest above.

It might be possible to train horses to lvl15-20, breed them, sell them, and then repeat the process with the new horses you got.

Afk fishing!

If you have the Wind Shards you need, a better afk option is fishing. At an extremely slow pace you’ll get Conch Seaweed (you can expect 1 every 2-3 nights of afk fishing), but more importantly, this is an extremely easy way to earn silver in the game, which you can then spend on buying T9 items off the marketplace. Note that you actually don’t earn most of your money on selling fish, but rather on selling the relic shards you get via fishing to the marketplace.

Horse racing!

You also need Rumbling Earth Shards to do T9 attempts. The best method for getting these are horse races. If you don’t have fast hoses, you can try to do races at nighttime while most of the player base is asleep. I actually don’t know of any other effective way to get Earth Shards besides racing, so I can’t recommend good methods for getting Earth Shards.

If you’re able to do horse races, Earth Shards are the easiest T9 materials to get. Each race is only a 1-3 minutes long, and if you keep winning (which is easy if you do it during hours other people are usually sleeping), you’ll get 5 seals per race, which means you only need to do 5 races for each T9 attempt.

Grinding! Gathering! Imperial Delivery! Blue Whale/Khalk hunts!

These methods all have one thing in common: they’re really, really bad. When fighting enemies, you can probably expect to get one Pure Forest Breath every 10 hours. When gathering, you can expect to get one Hoof Roof approximately never. The only reason you’d ever consider doing imperial delivery is if you’re leveling Trading, and then you can look at the very few Rainbow Gem Fruit you get as a small bonus. Khalk has roughly a 50% chance of dropping a Spirit Pouch. Blue Whale actually has a 100% chance of dropping 1-3 Spirit Pouches, but hunting Blue Whale is so slow that it’s not efficient at all.

Looking at the success rate!

The real success rate for awakening your T8 to a T9 is unknown. Korean players have suspected it’s 1%. The horse community in the EN version is tracking T9 attempts and currently the success rate of that data is 3%. However the data is skewed since people who are successful are making themselves very visible so it’s easy to get them to submit data, but we definitely don’t have every people failing submitting their attempts.

To get a better idea of how many attempts you have to do before you can realistically expect to see a T9, let’s do some quick probability math assuming a couple of different success rates. These are all the probability of getting at least one success in X number of attempts.

3% success rate:

  • 10 attempts = 26% chance
  • 20 attempts = 46% chance
  • 30 attempts = 60% chance
  • 50 attempts = 78% chance
  • 100 attempts = 95% chance

2.5% success rate:

  • 10 attempts = 22% chance
  • 20 attempts = 40% chance
  • 30 attempts = 53% chance
  • 50 attempts = 72% chance
  • 100 attempts = 92% chance

2% success rate:

  • 10 attempts = 18% chance
  • 20 attempts = 33% chance
  • 30 attempts = 45% chance
  • 50 attempts = 64% chance
  • 100 attempts = 87% chance

1% success rate:

  • 10 attempts = 10% chance
  • 20 attempts = 18% chance
  • 30 attempts = 26% chance
  • 50 attempts = 39% chance
  • 100 attempts = 63% chance

One important thing to remember is that there is no fail stacking mechanic in play here. When you fail, you do not have higher chance of success in your next attempt.

What to take away from this? Anyone succeeding with less than 30 attempts is very, very lucky (or absurdly super lucky if the success rate is as low as 1%). It’s easy to get angry at the game if you keep failing, but just remember you’re fighting RNG here. The only way to prevail against RNG is to persist. For your own sanity, I recommend never expecting a success any time you click on that “awakening” button, otherwise you’ll quickly get angry as you keep failing, and failing, and failing.

Looking at the bigger picture!

Okay, so we have an idea of how many attempts you need before you can expect a T9 and we also have numbers for how much time you need to spend daily if you wanna keep getting T9 items. Let’s say you do all the stuff I recommend (Kamasylvian dailies, farming, and bidding in the marketplace). Let’s say you get 10 of one category and 10 of another category on a daily basis after spending a total of 80 minutes. And for the sake simplicity, let’s assume you’ve found such efficient ways to get Earth and Wind Shards that they’re trivial. Let’s also assume you use Cron Stones so you need only 100 T9 items for repeated attempts (if you’re not using Cron Stones, just double the hour and month counts below).

That means you can do one attempt every 5 days and you spend 6.7 hours over 5 days, and in total you’re looking at this kind of time investment:

  • 3% success rate means spending 201 hours over 5 months on 30 attempts for a 60% chance to get at least one T9.
  • 2% success rate means spending 335 hours over 8 months on 50 attempts for a 64% chance to get at least one T9.
  • 1% success rate means spending 670 hours over 16 months on 100 attempts for a 63% chance to get at least one T9.

And based on that, I’m gonna finish this guide with one final tip…

One last super pro tip!

Take a deep breath and calmly say “This is not worth it.”

Seriously. The success rate is absurdly low. The methods for getting T9 items quickly get tedious. You’ll have better luck getting a Pegasus in real life. You may have heard of people getting a T9 in just 10 attempts and you may think “Hey, that doesn’t sound so bad!” But you need to remember those people are very, very, very, very, very lucky. You can not seriously expect to get a T9 unless you do 30+ attempts. Even then chances are rather high you’ll keep failing.

If you still need more convincing, just take a look at my suffering:


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