BDO: Desert Navigation Hints, Hystria Entrance Guide, Kutum Knowledge


Hi this is MasterPain and welcome to my channel Recently I’ve tried to face some Aakman monsters, and this was quite painful experience for me. So for comparison, I wanted to check out Hystria too In this video I’ll go throught the Hystria Entrance Quest, which will allow you to directly enter the place anytime. Just by talking to the guy called Atosa who resides by the Aakman node in the desert, The ticket there isn’t free, as you have to pay with the Black Spirit’s Claw and you’ll, get one as a reward from doing this quest.

Just to be clear, I won’t go through any rotations here. In the end, I wasn’t able to grind there effectively because of my lacking DP and experience with the spot, But I will get there eventually and make a separate video about it. If you don’t know what gear I’m running at the time of making this video, please check out my progression, video that should pop out here in the top-right corner. Ok, so to start the quest head to Ibellab Oasis, It is located North-East from Pilgrim’s Haven and talk to the old lady Sameh about the rumors

Then she’ll direct you to the Eugene, the Stable Keeper, who will give you the shovel to dig in the desert And the location, for it is not far just head north from the Oasis. A simple trick here to get the right direction is to check out and line up with the arrows in the minimap, Just note that they appear only within oases spread around the desert, Go directly over the spot and dig within the cirlce to uncover that big-ass robot. So this ancient Laytenn doesn’t work and you’ll need to collect some parts from his fellows Just roam around until you find and destroy them After coming back to the Laytenn and some blablas Black Spirit will want you to find out that Atosa guy in the southern parts Of the desert, Again here and while you’re at the Oasis line up yourself with the arrow on the minimap and travel south to meet the Aakman

It’S quite a journey, but there’s more of running yet in this quest so be sure. You’Ve got lots of water and/or, even the basic buff from the camp tool, which will give you that 40 % resistance to heatstroke. So this is the guy who will alow you to enter Hystria Ruins without the need to use of the random portals. And after the first talk he will want you to explore the Hasrah Ancient Ruins. He also serves the same type quest chain for entering the Aakman temple, but I won’t go throught it right now. The Hasrah is located in Mediah, which is the place for many quests already

Just brace yourself, with the patience go back to Sand Grain Bazaar and head to Hasrah Inside the ruins you’ll need to activate one of the slate plates marked on the minimap. I don’t know if there’s any rng related to it, but the one I marked here worked for me, so you can try it first After that explore the same cave to turn on one of these sun-disc structures. So here’s the one that works and you’ll need to climb for it. The next quest part takes place in the Scarlet sand Chamber, which is a residence for the Kutum Boss, and I haven’t been there once in my life, so I had to see some guide for it too. Once you arrive at the Chamber, you can talk to this Archeologist and take the quest for the Kutum knowledge, which aligns pretty well with the Hystria one.

You will need to find some artifacts within the tunnels, so let’s quickly go through that Kutum ones. First, In both corridors, you can find these plates on the ground and one of them is related to the Kutum quest Going further down the same path. You will find one of these big ruined cog artifacts with a sphere in it. Taking the left corridor just after entering the caves will lead you to this pile of rubble. One point of interest is by this dig site in the left corridor and it’s quite hidden in the wall And the last one can be found in the main chamber. Just look for this pile of rubble and climb to the top of it. These ones was related to the Kutum knowledge quest and now, let’s go with the Hystria artifacts, which you probably have done already when exploring the caves …, As mentioned before, you’ll come accross, one of these pltes on the floor, this time after taking the left corridor and After this, you will enter the main chamber where the point of interest is quite obvious, investigate the sun disc. Here

And all you need to do now is getting back to where the corridors split to use the Ancient Power. Unfortunately, my recording didn’t get it, but it’s just there on the junction and you can’t miss it After dealing with the chamber and also reporting to the Archeologist we head back to the desert and only stoping by the Capotia Node to consult the Kutum findings. At this point, the Kutum knowledge quest requires completion with the Archeologist, but I can do it later, since our goal is meeting with the Laytenn again So going back to the Sand. Grain Bazaar and Ibellab Oasis. After speaking to the ancient robot you’ll recive, the boss, scroll and the quest to destroy him at the Hystria entrance from the Desert – And this place is on the other side of the map, so get ready for a long journey to the South East. Now be aware that this is quite a boss and he deals a lot of damage so take many healing potions and buffs. It actually took me 10 minutes to kill him. So it’s serious

After few minutes, you’ll come across this giant crack in the desert, and this is where the fight will take place. You can jump there to get your legs and crystals broken, but consider taking this path to the right to enter the place safely. At this point, I must admit that this is quite a view, even though this is just a game. So somewhere here is the Hystria Entrance. It is ofcourse shut down from the public, but we will get our VIP pass. Just now.

Here’S the boss, summon and my 10 minute fight with him The thing to notice right from the start is that in the beginning he has a shield that reduces damage. This will get broken eventually by our Laytenn robot friend, who will join the field just to do that He hits very hard and every attack has a CC. They were also quite unpredictible for me on the beginning, since I haven’t seen any guide beforehand. I wanted to use Beast’s Draught here but, as I realised later, my key bindings for that crashed. So I didn’t get all the buff’s wanted. The one attack to watch out for is him disappearing and jumping right on your face with a smash The nice counter to this is Nightimare.

Also avoid direct hits from his ranged attacks, since they can go through the blocks. Other thatn that he’s attacks have quite large aoe effects and he is a quite durable pain in the ass to deal with. Now I will skip this boss fight, so we can move on to the next part. But in the case you want to watch it. I’Ve uploaded it as the seperate video Just head to the link given by the card here after watching this one, After destroying the construct, you can explore the cave to find this guy, who offers some knowledge about the place. Funny thing that he’s standing just at the other side of the Hystria jump off point To complete the quest. You need to go back to the Atosa guy at the Aakman node To get there just head South-West from the crack entrance until you reach either Pilgrim’s Sanctum or Atosa’s Villa, and continue further using arrow navigation. I described before

After turning in the quest, you will be able to enter the Hystria by talking to him and paying with the Black Spirit’s Claw And ofcourse. You can do this everytime. You need just head to Atosa and exchange for the ticket, So this everything I’ve prepared for this video. This was quite an interesting quest to do and I’m looking forward to do the Aakman one too, As I mentioned before, I will rather not grind in the Hystria until I get some more protection to freely try and learn the rotations Damage-wise, my actual 235 AP Kutum Wasn’T bad here and I will get it higher with the Bartali Quests Also. I can’t wait for the Ultimate Katan weapon to be released in EU and the Sorc is one of the classes that can benefit from it. But these are the subjects yet to cover. If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and/or leave a comment Subscribe. If you didn’t And I hope to see yo – u soon,