BDO Get Arachaeologist’s Map Faster Since Spawn Timer Reduction, New Rotation and Following Choice’s Rotation Guide By: StardawgGunrocks


Below are the deportee/devourer rotations I was doing which are going to decrease the expected time to get that piece ONLY if it’s the last one you need from Pila Ku/Road Sulphur before moving on to the second grind spot or finishing the map – otherwise Choice’s rotations are better to land the first piece in each spot, and you should switch to the single mob rotation for the second piece as soon as you get the first IMO since you’re losing billions in opportunity cost by being at these places for 10h+ anyways:

  1. Lava Devourer “Outside” Location –
  2. Sordid Deportee, same Rotation as Choice just skipping Iron Fist Warders and most packs –

So basically Choice’s map calculator still applies the same way, but given the new spawn timers being half what they were when he made the video you can just multiply by the ratio of your new kill rate to the old kill rate, e.g. for Sordid Deportees since you can easily do the whole rotation in 1m 15s now and kill all 11 vs. having to wait 2m 30s, it’s 2x. If you do the 29 Lava Devourer rotation I was doing in 1m 15s instead of Choice’s 38 Devourer + 22 Tukar rotation which he was clearing on old 2m 30s spawn timer, it’s a bit weirder cause I don’t know how fast you would clear his rotation now. Could be better, but you get the idea. New spawn timer changes the math, and getting the map should be significantly faster overall now if you can clear Choice’s rotations in less than 2m.Also, haven’t heard any news on what the new Afuaru treasure drop rate is, but I was seeing a few of this little shit every hour so if it is high, could be worth mathing out.

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