BDO: Here are some ?Succession? cancels, combos and tips (Sorceress guide)


Hi this is MasterPain and welcome to my channel. Today I will share with you some initial insights into succession that I’ve got so far – animation cancels, maybe some combos and tips. But before I jump into it and since this is my first video in 2020, I want to quickly thank you all for watching my videos in 2019 and for supporting my work here. Special thanks to @HereiCome75 and @kyleshneider95 for keeping in touch and following me through ups and downs. Ok so the first thing you wanna look-up here are actually the descriptions of the Succession passives: The Abyssal Contract is stating here that the skill strenghtened after Succession are also Beak Kick, Ultimate Shadow Eruption, Signs of Agony, Imminent Doom, Ultimate Dark Flame, Dark Backstep and Dark Trade.

So it is not only the Succession page where things happen. So with Beak Kick and Dark Flame here the upgrade purely is on damage. Both give, so called Additional Servant Hit Damage, whatever the servant is and they consume Shard to increase range and number of hits. This makes Beak Kick a very nice part of the damage combos and Dark Flame even more powerful. Dark Backstep gets an increased movement distance, this is something you can try to use in disengages. Although it is unprotected, you can connect it with Imminent Doom, which I will get to in a second. The Dark Trade is reworked a little to use mana points to get shards. You still trade HP if mana is below 20% but really does it change a lot? Most of the times you use it to Q buff yourself and to get that mana back, so now you trade mana points for mana points is there a point here? Maybe comment below? The other thing here is Super Armor and again I don’t see a really good reason for it.

This skill is rather quick to cast. Maybe if you do it within some intense fighting, between Nightcrows, skills hiting you all over the place and it will make you resistant. But I think that you’d be dead there anyway if you stay within these kind of situations. People get one shot easily these days. The Imminent Doom as I mentioned, can be cast from Dark Backstep with the Shift E, looks good but this leaves you unprotected. Maybe when you are dodging or disengaging this can be thrown in there to suprise enemies.

I haven’t used Dark Backstep so mayube this will make me. You can also cast it same way while you are holding your Abyssal Flame. I don’t see a real reason why would you do this, since charging the Flame like this makes it hit with Knockdown and the Imminent Doom procs Stiffness. Maybe it is to make so me kind of surprise attacks again? People seeing you in the skill charging animation open up themselves? Well, time will show. For now you can’t cast it after Flame’s aniamtion cancels, which I’ll be talking about later too. One more skill here is listed, Engulfing Crow, whatever it is I couldn’t find which one. Allright, the next skill is Signs of Agony as it gets the 15% Movement Speed debuff effect. This is quite a good change, making it more viable and strenghtening that range abilities which is a general trend for the Sorceress Succession. The last skill here is the Ultimate Shadow Erutpion but before that let’s quickly note what’s on the Agent of Abyss passive and what it does is enhancing the mana recovery from Shards of Darkness by two times and it increases the damage of the listed skills even more if you are buffed.

Again it is not written how much it affects the damage, so as I understand, it buffs them even more when you use Q buff and besides the things in their descriptions. So let’s go through that Ultimate Shadow Eruption and this change is huge, because now you can cast it from Crow Flare and Black Wave instantly and moreover, this is separate with the regular Shadow Eruption. To cast it from Crow Flare and actually Beak Kick too, you simply hit LMB. This makes it an ideal combo initiation as you can Midnight Stinger, Crow flare and the Ultimate to apply a knockdown as a second CC and follow it with a damage combo. Simple and effective. You can also use that Crow Flare into Ultimate to surprise the opponents with a quick counter. And it uses that single shard to increase size, so it looks pretty huge, you can catch the whole groups of people with it. The other way to quickly cast it is from the Black Wave.

You need to hit Forward plus LMB while casting BW. So what you can actually do here is instantly cast the power hit of the Black Wave and follow it with the Ultimate. I find it a very good initiation too. And since we are with this skill now, the way to quickly cast that power hit is not hard on papaer, but actually when you try to connect it with others you can find yourself doing Dark Flames, Kicks or Abyssal Flames.

So from standing position all you need to do is and follow exact order: Down, RMB, LMB, F and its easy here, but if you cast it from Midnight Stinger you will wanna follow Stinger with Down RMB and hold just a little bit until you see the character starting casting that Absolute Darkness and just then proceed. This way you’ll save yourself from Dark Flame Surprises. The other thing about Black Wave is, that it can be followed with Violation. So with the initiation in mind like before you can do something like this: Midnight Stinger – Crow Flare – Ultimate and then Black Wave blast into Violation to apply nice debuffs and then follow with damage.

If you inititate with Black Wave instead Crow Flare there are two ways to proc Violation from this and the first one is simply Midnight Stinger into C, which as you all surely noticed also casts itself TBS in between. The other way to cast Violation in this initiation is from Shadow Eruption, so funny thing because now you cast SE after it’s Ultimate. And a quick note here – the Ultimate also procs the Addons effects, so here SE is only for Violation flow. The regular SE will work here but even better is its new animation cancel from the Absolute Darkness.

This one is similar to the Black Wave blast, you just don’t need to add that LMB into keys order so Down, RMB, F. And again when casting from the other skills you might want to wait to see that Absolute Darkness being cast before hitting F, or you can find yourself in Rebounding Darkness instead. So you can proc Violation after this and the next is damage combo which for me looks like this : Crow Flare, or Shadow Ignition into Beak Kick, C for Turnback Slash and Abyssal Flame. You can even connect Crow Flare with Shadow Ignition through Beak Kicks and the order to do this is ot iomportant but the Abyssal Flame is the main point here and its animation cancel from TBS.

The skill itself has a big potential, the damage is good so you poke enemies effectively now (actually you steal some kills with it too), you can catch people with Stiffeness, overall a fantastic skill especially in group pvp. They made it that it’s easier now to cast it from any Nightcrow but also from any Turnback Slashes. So you can cast it almost instantly by just cuting TBS with it, like this. You can repeat it and it really does damage now. One more skill to talk about is Bloody Calamity. Simply put, you can cast it after Rushing Crow. This has a potential for a safe and aggressive engage, although mind yourself because the hitting part of the Rushing Crow is actually unprotected, so as always they leave this very small window to piss off any Sorc player.

If you have found any other interesting Succession mechanics, please share them in the comment secition below. As always, thank you very much for watching and if you enjoyed this video please give it a like. Subscribe if you didn’t! Hit the notification bell and I hope to see you soon. Peace..

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