All the following info were collected through personal experience and findings so as every aspect of BDO,
rng is still rng.

Guide goal: 

This guide aims to help players to spend less coupons (cash) as possible to obtain their desired horse skills on their horse.

What horse tier to spend coupons on?

  • Any tier if only you were looking for a good racing horse of that tier and every tier has specific few horses with good stats so make sure the horse is one of those first and has as much total skills possible ( refer to List ).
  • Any Tier T8 horse with +14 skills (total skills) if you were aiming for a courser in order to awaken into T9 or for personal use.

What can be done to ease the coupons process:

For T8s horses and only T8s, there is a special method while levelling to prepare for the end game coupons gambling at lv30, many breeders use this method to encourage a horse to learn as much as possible skills before lv30 since the gambling game will be less frustrating and less cost of course as the more skills the horse has the less probabilities you have,

Before getting into this method, take a look at this pic of skills values to have an understanding of how horse skills supposedly to function ( horse skills values ), while the horse is being levelled, horse is getting both horse xp and skill xp and that is where the horse costume other bonus (supposedly) to work increasing chances of learning skills so most breeders including myself use a method while levelling T8s that aimed to be coursers (not any T8 if you already have a courser) which is :

  • While levelling the T8 horse, every time the horse gets either Fore chop, hind kick or caution then use a coupon to swap it (be careful, if the horse has all 3 then proceed with the coupon as there is no risk of rotating between those but if the horse has 2 of those already then do not use a coupon as it is more likely giving you the 3rd (bad lets call it)

Example : horse has hind kick , fore chop, caution? Then use a coupon .

Horse has hind kick, fore chop? Do not use coupon as caution might rotate.
or use if you like gambling.

Note: make sure to fs (hope) on S : sideways or S : Insta acc if missing while using this method to earn fs (hopes) from that moment and might get lucky and get them!!

  • Using (Premium horse skin coupon) at lv29 in case of emergency (desperate) for more total skills in case horse didn’t get above 14 or 15 skills, this skin has a chance to grant an extra skill or not (personally tested 1:1 chance).

The End game gambling coupons at lv30:

Now hopefully your T8 horse is ready with good amount of skills (total) or your racing horse was smart (don’t use coupons while levelling for any tier below 8) to start the coupons gambling, also you got by now an understanding of horse skills values, few tips below might help you a fortune at this stage :

  • Fore chop and hin kick/caution are common so having them by your side is good while playing the coupon game at this stage till you have what you need or you are forced to swap them (eventually you want to get rid of fore chop/caution if you are using the horse cuz they are cancer to have).
  • The game designed to stop showing bad skills after 8-10 (still rng) fs/hopes according to patch notes from kr so having S : fore chop & S : S hind kick in your side (learned) is good cuz they are considered good skills despite they are useless so you don’t want the game to give you those as good skills.
  • Make sure to fs/hope on the skills most difficult to get and don’t swap the fs cuz it will be a waste.

May the RNG be with you and sorry for long read, won’t give you a potato cuz we don’t want to have a potato horse to gamble coupons with.

Look at my horse, my horse is amazing xd

T8s coursers

Uploaded Mar 7 2017

For T9, use this

(credit to horse community discord for the t9 guide above)


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