BDO How I Gained 300 Billion Net Worth in 7 Weeks By: Blade Boques


Hello! I am posting this exceptional strategy that has made more wealth in less amount of time than anything I’ve ever come across in Black Desert Online. Kakao has locked a different thread that after those replying lost sight of the method discussed on how to succeed in the game and devolved to current events, politics, and, of course, slander. I am posting this new thread in the guide section so that we can have a closer look at how and why this works best for acquiring gear in Black Desert Online. I have also not linked anything to my YouTube guide discussing this so that the overall thread could be found more forum worthy to have a discussion. The person who locked the thread from 2017 “What is Integrity Worth” did so on his own volition before parting ways with Kakao. There is no reason something like this should be censored. Amazingly enough, I did decide to take the word “Integrity” out of the title because it has seemed to offend and enrage some people and I believe lead to what caused Kakao to lock my thread from last week… yes that’s the world we live in.

You all have so many opinions on everything, why don’t you discuss this Black Desert strategy I am proposing?

Good News Everyone! I was able to, in 7 weeks, spend 112,000,000,000 Silver which allowed me to secure items worth many times that amount. How? Through careful planning, savings and patience I bought items that have an average cost to create of 450-550+ Billion. This insane windfall profit added between 200-300 billion net worth to my over all account value. The scale varies only based on where your valuation lands through Baysean statistic models. Mine rested just below 80%.

But leaving out the confusing probability for the time being, my strategies worked, and I want to share them with you all. From the get go of Black Desert Online our non-capitalistic market has impeded transactions between players. Those who have items are unable to sell for the fair value they have, and those who wish to buy it are prevented from using their own earned resources. This was due to price ceilings created by those who do not know the value of the items, because no group of people can instantly adjust to the collective demands and supplies of a society. Thus a friction is created and the market transactions slow. The opposite also becomes true when items are worth less than the minimum we are allowed to sell them, we are forced to wait in line for permission to sell our items to people who are required by game mechanics to pay more for the item than it costs to create or find. Thus we have huge surpluses of nonsellable items. Surely capitalism would have been the solution, but regardless of that axiom I am here to explain how you can grab huge swaths of net worth for yourself in the future.

If items cost vastly more to create than they can be sold for, then players infrequently sell them. This, again, is self-evident and does not need to be explained. The converse also is true however. When an item is eventually sold, to great detriment to the seller by being unable through these market restrictions to earn their fair value, the patient person who is ready becomes the recipient of that gain of net worth.

In a nut shell I was able to purchase a PEN Laytenn for 21.7 Billion, TWO PEN Crescents for 32.7 Billion each, and a PEN Basilisk Belt for 25.4 Billion. The average cost of these items vastly exceeds the price I had to pay. What that equates to in real terms, is more wealth you can spend on the next thing. These purchases represent a very tangible addition of hundreds and sometimes thousands of money making active hours that do not need to be exerted. The act of these purchases immediately tacks on months of earned effort to an account, and leverages you beyond what you could do without it.

I am taking such great time to describe this truth in net worth increase so that you can see for yourselves that patience and thinking will beat brute force. There were times when I heard no one would ever sell an ultimate +15 taritas gloves. Then that confused mob began to chant there would never come a time when a DUO Ogre would be sold. When that time came and went the mislead mob ushered in certainty to the masses that PENs would never hit the marketplace. Of course we know that wasn’t true, but as pieces of armor and weapons hit very soon the world considered PEN Accessories to never be sold.

What I am saying is this, figure out your Black Desert goals, know how much time you are willing to spend to reach whatever that level is, then plan for it, and wait for it, and leverage your efforts into more value. If your dream is becoming the world’s best geared player then plan to buy from preorders the newest orange accessories, the red armor being introduced and the myriad of items that cost far more to create than it does to purchase one. Through the limiting marketplace we have, this is your #1 strategy for long term advancement, that will propel your wealth and net worth above anything else.

Remember also this is a strategy that requires the time necessary to place 1 preorder. This does not replace all current forms of active income, passive income, interval income, opportunistic income, or long term investing. This is the cherry on top of those 5 categories of wealth building, which is why no other form can beat this. Because if you think it can, it’s already included in the forms of income that generate this no time at all preorder that one day will be filled and take your account worth beyond belief.

This will work, it has always worked because it’s practical, and because it requires that super human ability known as delayed gratification. But I assure you if you use the great equalizer available to all of us, desire, and make this your focus, you will win big as I have. Remember no place worth going has shortcuts, set your own goals and don’t settle for less than all you can be. Play your own style and play with integrity and you’ll find as I have that doing so just may be worth upwards of 300 Billion Silver.

All the damage that could be done to my channels and reputation has been done, but I am still here because not all the good I can do for others is yet complete. Kakao please do not lock this thread.

Blade Boques

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