BDO – How to get a negative karma alt to derank items


All right so to get a negative, Karma alt. What you’re going to want to do is Make a range class. I highly recommend ranger until level 9 max. I only got mine to level 8. I just needed the Down E, which is tearing arrow so once you get to level 8 you’re going to have to manually run to Velia from wherever you are’cause You’re considered to be in the tutorial. So you can’t auto path. So once you get here Get some gear, I just picked up some random items and just Upgraded them enough for me to kill a horse. I recommend at least 80 Ap if you just get other accessories, make it a 100 to make life easier. So Once you grab your gear You’re going to run over to this area between Bartali and Toscani farm, this little op en area with no trees. That’S where you’ll find a horse alright! So when you’re between Bartoli and Toscani farm You’ll find horses, You can kill them to give negative 500 karma each I’ve already done this a couple times For every time. I fucked up the video, so I’m at negative 2000. So once you have negative Karma, You’re gon na run back to Velia, but just outside it. Ok! So now that you’re, just outside of velia.

I’M going to run around all the guards and then start building hopping So once you’re up here, just because the guards locations, occasionally change, just Jump over things is: if the guards do catch you, they have to run around objects. You start jumping over random objects. So once you’re over the storage area just check where the guard is and honestly I don’t know where he is – oh he’s directly-. Oh, he found me okay, so Once you’re up here, If you see that the storekeeper is way too close, You can just jump through and quickly Grab whatever you’re getting for me. I just got these shoes. I honestly don’t recommend this because To generate fail stacks with these shoes.

You have to stay in Velia and that’s just honestly a nuisance. So once you got whatever you’re needed, you’re going to locate a guard which I see is over here, I’m going to grab his attention and run somewhere far away so that once it does derank He’ll walk away from me, and I can just use a storage keeper And get his attention I’m going to run over here and let him kill me All right. So if you do this enough, your item should derank and If you’re under level 10, you should be able to resurrect where you are So. You should have walked back to his spot by now, and I can just Drop my gear back to whoever has my black stones