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BDO- New Class Nova and Free T4 Pet Ice Dragon


Hello, welcome back to another youtube videos. Today, we’re gon na take a look on the new cast of black deserts. This should give it to us a clip of in the new class. Hopefully pre-create is on december 16. Class update is on december 22 coming soon. Oh, my jesus christ. What i like the fact that she can bring out like extra or uh a zombie army, a soldier, a black soldier, black demon, uh, a zombie soldier, whatever that is yeah. It’S like hellfire. I hope that um she can share the shell with the uh valkyrie and warrior that was not hoping for, but look like her shell. She ain’t gon na share the same cell with the rocky warrior on the look of her.

Shell is like totally totally different. They who wanted to play this class even i wanted to play this class okay prequel – is on the december 16th. Right now is december 14, tomorrow day log in for free give december 13 to oh, my god, you seriously and i’m missing this new car lunch celebration. Well, i’ve been missing so much that i have not even played black dish that i’ve been missing so much tony at this 100 crimestone 30 day. Oh, my gosh [ __ ] i had to log in want a nutty dog for free with another crown, with the noah aaron, with the noah underwear, what the [ __ ], who doesn’t want to lock up for this event. Looking for this event, okay, this started on december 12th. I mean i’ve been missing for today i stopped a chance until 20.

So, let’s see for any new event that i’ve been missing, get a young ice dragon storm, storm brag or strike get a young ice dragon. Oh, the uh period will be available until july 20. 2021. Before maintain yeah renault dragon tier 4 is waking to hash. Are you [, __ ] kidding me sure you can get there for young ice dragon? What the [ __ ] look into black desert to get your event, adventure bree bearing i ate john, the event other pair, oh, my god, [ __ ].

You just have to log in, and you can play this event then also claim the event of bernie jedi fleeing to send it to other countries on the bill, sting awards on the december 12th and combine them to get your own young dragon runners tier four. I don’t need it, you need a winter breathing eight and you need a ice combine there together and you will get a young ronald dragon ice dragon forest logan look and now until july 20, 21 to clean. So you can log it anytime during this uh tiny event and you’ll have a chance to uh get egg and the magic thing right here, and then you combine it together and you will have a chance to earn yourself a tear for pet, which is in this Case is the young ice dragon wow? What the [ __ ]! This login challenge is available once bear family joined the entire event. Oh yeah. If anybody in your whole family can do it, you have 20 people, you have 20 young dragon.

This event burning china flame. Will become a bear bow to clean? Let me start from the west side, coupon other global cardio on the ball to stay in front. Please know that the item can be claimable from the website and end your game box until july 20. 2081. Wait to run on your code website stay inclined main go to astonishing london. For all you. I accept attack community, okay wow. This is the most perfect one errors for more videos like this remember to like share and subscribe for the new videos. Goodbye !

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