BDO: PvP ? PvE. Sorceress Buff-Debuff Combo Guide.


Hi this is MasterPain and welcome to my channel. Today I want to share with you another combos and these ones revolve more around the idea of buffing yourself and debuffing your enemy before hitting the final blow. So, without further ado, let’s jump into it. This like the previous one I presented you here on the channel, requires enemy to be already disabled with any CC but not exceding the CC chain limit. So, you start off either with the Rushing Crow or Midnight Stinger and the first one is my own preference.

Follow it with Shadow Ignition, cut with a Beat Kick and top it off with C swap – Turnback Slash and Engulfing Shadow. Use Black Spirit whenever possible. Now, there are few things to go through here and let’s start with the debuffs. If you hit that Rushing Crow, which is not a easy task because it has a really narrow hit range, it will apply a DP debuff of 15. Then the Beat Kick reduces the target’s evasion rate by 9%. Both skills apply Bounding CC effect and in this case it is more prefferable than the Floating from Shadow Ignition. There are few ways to extend the combo and the first one is with the Q buff After Beat Kick. This will grant you 14 to 20 bonus AP, depending on the shards you already have prior the combo. And here’s a trick with Shadow Ignition and Beat Kick which will basically grant you that full portion of shards to buff from. To make it happen, time your Beat Kick just after the Shadow Ignition’s second hit.

This isn’t easy, but it will register both hits granting even more damage and filling up that fragments gauge. The second modifier comes handy when it happens that you proc the Floating effect with the Shadow Ignition skill and the Air Smash that comes right after. The target might bounce off so far that it’s out of reach f or Turnback Slash or even the Beat Kick. In that case instead TBS, immediately use Dark Flame and follow it with Engulfing Shadow after the ground hit. Now, there’s a problem of timing within this combo. It needs to be executed flawlesly before the target has any chance to recover. Ofcourse, stay put on the CC effects procs and escape if the combo fails them.

Another thing, and maybe it’s not a con itself, but I rarely use that combo myself because the Shadow Ignition is one of base skills to disable your enemy or to ease moving around so basically its on cooldown the most of the time. This comes out from the playstyle you choose and I’ll be describing mine in PvP Elements videos in the future, so stay tuned for that.

Moving along with the subject, the second part to this video is a PvE combo with the same idea of buffing and debuffing. Start off with Engulfing Shadow, which aplies stun to any monsters receptible, then immediately follow with Midnight Stinger, Crow Flare – Beat Kick, Q buff and C swap into Violation. From there you can decide to either go with a regular Dead Hunt – Violation Combo or to use extension that perfectly fits the cooldowns. And it is: Full Turnback Slash, Midnight Stinger, Kick, Shadow Eruption and Dark Flame. After that extender, you can repeat the whole combo sequence, practically over and over.

This is what you call an universal PvE combo and it’s in contradiction to the video I made some time ago about PvE combos. Even though it’s an exception, it doesn’t reject the general principle, that you have to adapt to the spot and your personal capabilities. I use this combo as an entry point for grinding in any spot where monsters are tougher to kill, like: Navarn Steppe, Sycraia, Mirumok, Kratuga etc. Before we end I would like to invite you to follow my other social media accounts. I drop shorter clips on Instagram, like skirmishes, rbf cuts or wallpapers. You can also contact me through Twitter to talk about any subject and I drop some excerpts from my streams there if my talk is worth it. As usually if you enjoyed watching this video please give it a like and/or leave a comment. It really is you who makes this channel and community growing so Subscribe if you didn’t! And I hope to see you sooon.


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