BDO: Shai first impressions, cancels, combos and cheap gear.


Hi this is MasterPain and welcome to my channel. I decided to make this quick video about Shai. I do not to plan to reroll or main her of course, but there are 500 million reasons to level her up to 58 and do it until 24th of July. Overall, I very much like the idea of the support class in BDO and although she doesn’t feel very supportive at the moment (at least not more than a wizard), I expect her awakening will be more focused on that.

Her kit is very good to grind and move around and also I see her potential to poke people to death in PvP. So here are some things I came up with after few hours of play, which may help you get started with this class. Beginning with the gear, I had a +15 Liverto weapon box left in my storage so I use it as a main weapon. If you’re not that lucky to have any side stuff, you can use that Elsh Florang from the Red Nose and enhance it. Also, I’ve got two Rings of Monarch and Grana Oath Earing earned from questlines. Now, if you managed to follow the events to get that Shai starter box you will get a full set of Asula’s accessories, so you might wonder why I don’t use that. Here I took Root Treant’s accessories and I only use the Asula’s belt. With that accessory setup I have 34 more Accuracy with only 2 less effective AP.

And this just helps hitting the higher level mobs alot. For the rest I use anything I can scavange from the field or the market. With that gear and around level 52 I could go make some exp on Fadus, maxing out the skills aswell. So here are some initial cancels and combos to begin with. The best movement combo so far is a simple dash forward into LMB which is quite fast to be honest. You can get that next cow milked in no-time. Under RMB you’ve got skill called One-Two-Three, and casting it as it is, makes a really slow combination of three hits.

But the skill itself is a great engaging tool with Stiffness and you can cancel that first hit animation with forward dash, or the forward roll skill. All you need to do is hold forward after dash and hit that RMB. The One-Two-Three skill can be followed up nicely with Eat-This and I can just imagine how good this combo will be as an engage in PvP. The other skill that connects pretty well with it is Twirl-Three, which makes a good Super Armor follow-up. The next skill is Hop-Three and this one actually works as an ultimate animation cancel for almost all the skills. There’s not much of understanding needed here, just hit it quickly after any other skill. One thing to note, is that this skill’s animation is quite short , so be fast with the follow-ups. The skill that nicely flows here is actually the Twirl – the animation feel smoother than if you would use it in other situations. I haven’t came up with the cancels for the other skills yet, but I guess the simplicity is the key for this class.

From the things I mentioned here you can mix up a pretty combo with a constant Super Armor and Forward Guard. You will need the skills to be maxed out ofcourse for the lowest cooldowns. And this combo is a simple Twirl-Three into Hop-Three and Twirl. This can be repeated indefinetely and you can mix it up with Dash-RMB engage. The mobs around just die from it keeping you cool and safe. So, this is everything I’ve porepared for this video and if you liked it please give it thumbs up. Leave your cancels and combos ideas in the comment section so we all can go through them without the frustration.

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