BDO: Sorceress secondary combo. Simple, quick and effective! (+ Bloopers!)


Hi this is MasterPain and welcome to my channel. If you follow my videos, you probably are aware of my playstyle progress since the first time I posted here on a channel and for me it is still evolving. In my opinion, the idea to have few moves prepared is always a good thing. Ofcourse. Some of you will argue that you have to adapt to the situation or there are no rules nor predefined best combos, especially for Sorceress. I completely understand you and agree to some extent. I aim these guides mostly to people who just have started the journey and seek for simple answers. These techniques are to help you develop your own way. Today I will review a secondary combo, which I use on CCd enemies. It came out of that playstyle shift where I began to embrace the idea of using Shadow Ignition and Eruption to CC enemies between iframes

The thing I didn’t like much at first time but soon realised that as a Sorc, you need to be fast and constantly moving especialy in group PvP encounters Now I assume you know my favourite combo, which I described here in the guides. If not, I suggest you check it out after this, I like to keep things simple, but the skill rotation I use in group PVP consist of these two Ignition and Eruption puting them on cooldown, which prevents using the mentioned combo, Also in large scale, there’s a greater Threat of getting interrupted while performing it, so these are the main reasons why I developed the second move:

The core sequence, for it is quick, simple and effective. When you get your opponent, grounded start with Rushing Crow, follow it by C-swap, Turnback, Slash and immediately cast Grim, Reaper’s Judgement and best if it is charged with 50 %. Black Spirit Rage Also try casting Rushing Crow from the hotbar, as this is the most flexible opening Now extenders for this combo are quite conditional. First of all, if your Shadow Eruption is available beforehand, you can follow Rushing Crow with the core Trio Midnight Stinger to Kick and Euruption and then continue to Turnback, Slash and Judgement. Other basic follow-up is Engulfing Shadow, which casts immediately after charged Reaper’s, giving you that safe path to escape with Super Armors

And lastly, if the situation is safe, enought and you have Shadow Ignition back, you can cast it. Also, following with the Beat Kick Turnback Slash, This combo doesn’t require any preparations or addons, but most likely, your Shadow Eruption has 10 % Casting Speed and 10 PvP damage, and you used that beforehand to CC your enemy, If not add it as an extender. Besides that, Rushing Crow applies 15 DP debuff, which should be fairly enought for your charged Grim Reaper’s Judgement to annihilate your targets.

To practice this combo simplify your steps, dividing it into sections trying to connect the skills one by one: Do it until you perform it fast and without thinking, And with that said, this is everything I prepared for this video. As always, I invite you to discuss the subject in the comment section and give this video a like if you found it interesting or a dislike, if you haven’t Subscribe, if you didn’t And I hope to see you soon..