BDO: Sorceress Skill Builds Guide


Hi this is Masterpain and welcome to my channel. In my opinion, the Sorc class is being crippled with some skills, which have no use in the game whatsoever. In the other hand, the variety makes it a very versatile class. It is hard to master and you’re not supposed to limit yourself to only use the awekening skills for damage. You can actually use just the amulet to deal significant damage to your oponent, treating the awakening skills as utility tools. In the end it is up to you, what will be your play-style. This may differ with other classes, which makes Sorceress one of the funniest to play and deadliest when mastered. Firstly, I will point out the skills you can completely ignore and should not invest points in after reaching your awakening. Before that, you can check every skill, because it costs nothing to do so and revert. The Absolute Dark Split has nothing to offer more than it’s base, so it’s here just only for collection purposes.

Everything except Rebounding Darkness in the Darkness Released tree has a questionable use in late game. The Sharp Nails is a sweet looking thing, but why would you level that? With the Sinister Energy you can tickle your oponent to death. Absolute Darkness tickles even more. The deal from Bloody Contract is a no go. Sinister Omen – nobody knows if it works and how it does. Claws of Darkness – the only points you invest here are for going Dark Flame. Shadow Riot should stay in shadow. From the awakenings, Flow: Rushing Crow is a skill that used to have purpose in the past but now it actually does nothing useful. Leveling up Cartian’s Nightmare, may be the mistake as it’s increase in damage is barely noticible. After having that listed I will describe the usage of few skills that you may ask the purpose of. The first are Flow of Darkness along with the Sinister Shadow. These two are utility spells and create together a flowing move to the side which you can use to position yourself better.

The Darkness gives an evasion buff and the Shadow – Citical Hit Rate buff. Rebounding Darkness is a skill some of the Sorcs use to quickly disengage, as it is a fast backward move. To do it properly, while holding Back and F, press and hold LMB aswell. The Dark Trade is another great utility to create a full portion of Shards, to use with so many important skills like Shard Explosion, Damage Buff, Violation, Grim Reapers Judgement and others.

It also has a noticeable combo with Scythe Night Crow to double the dash, just by casting it between two Night Crows. The High Kick and the Low Kick flow one from another, but If you want the Low Kick to be casted as a combo with Midnight Stinger, you need to lock the High Kick skill. In my opinion it is good to only choose one of the two for your play-style, and both have their use at the same time. Signs of Agony is a long range stun, but it moves quite slow. You level it just to make it bigger in size. The skill is good for positioning your enemies as they will want to avoid it.

It is also a good flow to Shards of Darkness. For example, if you were to cast your Shards buff from Night Crow the animation is slow. But use the Signs of Agony between and the whole combo will flow. Mark of the Shadow is a great skill to pull monsters around, but also on higher levels the speed of the attack and the damage, along with slow debuff make it a noticeable addition in PvP or when fighting bossess. Good to know is that it flows with Sinister Shadow and Rushing Crow. The Dark Armor and Manouver passives are not much. Use only excess points in here, but you will want to max them eventually as with other passives. Now I will point out what to focus on before reaching level 56 awakening.

For every skill build, firstly check out the Rabam skills and their requirements. Since their introduction they have become a very crucial source of damage. In almost every set, you will want to incorporate Shadow Ignition over Crow Nightmare, simply because of 10 seconds cooldown over 40 seconds. Honestly, I don’t know why they gave Crow Nightmare that much of cooldown, which makes the skill useless, unless it had a DP debuff instead of +15 Magic DP buff.

From the second tier Rabams, you can choose either Engulfing Shadow or Abyssal Blow. Both skills are good and effective, respectively agressive and defensive in character. At this point aim for their requirements. Shadow Ignition requires level 4 Shadow Eruption and Bloody Calamity, and Engulfing Shadow requires level 3 Crow Flare and level 2 Midnight Stinger. For Abysal Blow you will want to level up Abyssal Flame to level 3 aswell. Next, lets think about main source of damage pre-awakened, and here’s when the Black Wave comes in. It is a very good skill and should suffice until you’ll get a decent damage with awakened Violation. The secondary skills to focus on are: Shadow Erutpion and Darkflame. Lastly, it is Dream of Doom, which because of it’s long casting, is something you might not find useful in grinding, but definitely shines later on, in PVP.

After that, take and max out the utility skills mentioned before, from which, the most important are: Shield of Darkness, Rushing Crow, Shards of Darkness and Night Crow skill trees. After reaching level 56 awakened, your main goal should be focusing on leveling up awakened skills, like: Violation, Turnback Slash, Grim Reaper’s Judgement, Shadow Leap and Flow: Night Crow. The other awakened skills are very utility-like and the points will be spent better on Absolute versions of skills, like: Shadow Eruption, Dark Flame, Rushing Crow, Midnight Stinger with Eruption of Guilt, Bloody Calamity, Dream of Doom with Imminent Doom, Dark Trade and the passives if you haven’t already.

I haven’t said anything about leveling up Crow Flare skill tree and maybe you can find some use for it pre-awakened or with air-smash combos, but it is up to you to decide, because I don’t use it at all. The last thing to list are Skill Addons. They are a minor buffs to skills, which improve their overall performance, especialy in combos. This is completely up to you how you will distribute skill addons, according to combos you want to enhance. You might want to focus on stats like Casting Speed, Accuracy and AP damage.

For me these are: Midnight Stinger with +20 Monsters AP and 5% Accuracy, Shadow Kick with 10% Critical Hit rate and 4% Casting Speed, Shadow Eruption with PvP attack +10 and 10% Casting Speed; from awakenings: Violation with 5% Evasion and Mana Points regen, Turnback Slash with 4% Accuracy and 7% Casting Speed, Cartians Protection wit h All Defense +15 and 7% Casting Speed. The important thing to know is that buffs lasting for x amount of time do not stack and only apply to skills used after casting the initial one. So this is everything I have prepared for this video. As usual, if you have any questions, I will gladly answer them in the comment section. If you found this guide helpful, pleace give it a like and/or leave a comment.

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