BDO: Succession Sorceress ? PvE Guide


Hi guys this is MasterPain and welcome to my channel. Today I share with you my opinion on how the Succession works in PvE. Generally speaking it feels superior in higher AP spots like Hystria or Aakman but it has some flaws when it comes to grind in easier spots, like Polly Forest. For the purpose of this guide let’s asume you are minimum level of 241/245 AP TET Kutum, Kzarka or TRI Black Star, which is what I am at the time of recording these shots. Let’s divide spots into 3 categories, first being easy ones, like Pollys, Gahaz and any other where you’d clear a pack with a single Awakening Violation or maybe adding a little bit of Dead Hunt to finish. The Succession skills have a quite wide AoE, they also flow well from each other so damage wise there is no problem. The most common issues here are with Mana which depletes rather quickly. Unlike Awakening, where resource usage is split between Stamina and Mana, Succession is mainly Mana focused.

There are some ways to address this problem, starting with Black Waves which you can top with Q buff. Now and then you can fit this sequence into skill rotation replacing Violation, and avoid the Waves last hit which consume one Shard. This technique will cause you to stop moving for a moment but the mana regain is huge. Another common solutions are Energy Elixirs and the Skill Addons, but the way I prefer is simply understanding how the Shards of Darkness work in Succession.

Every amulet skill brings some portion of Fragments of Darkness but Midnight Stinger, Rushing Crow, Beak Kick and Dark Flame all consume one Shard upon casting to enhance effects. These are common parts for moving and engaging. In Succession you sparsely are left with 3 Shards hanging, so focus on Fragments whenever you finish a pack. And before you cast Rushing Crow or Midnight Stinger to jump to another, simply check the gauge and consume any 10 and above with Q. Another good time to hit it is after Violations.

This way you will slow the Mana drain significantly. The second category for spots are intermediate ones like Manshaums or Sherekhans, where you’d use more than a single skill to clear packs. The Succession here is leaning towards combos and repetitive rotations and again unlike awakening, where you’d rather adapt to the spot and your own capabilities. So basically starting from Manshaums and above, I use 2-3 combos and Black Waves to clear packs with no particular order. The first one consist of Engulfing Shadow, Violation which can be cast from it and Dark Flame that flows. You can mix-in the Midnight Stinger with Turnback Slash before Engulfing or before Violation, putting that Rabam skill as the last. I prefer to cast Engulfing first because I tend to simply forget about it. The Violation here is an important skill as it’s new Addon brings 25 Monster AP. The second combo is a simple quick damage sequence that I described in my last video, so it is Crow Flare, Beak Kick, Turnback Slash and Abyssal Flame. Besides Evasion debuff and possible Casting Speed buff, It also brings some of that health regen into rotation.

And the last but not least is Black Wave skill itself which I guess doesn’t need any more attention. So, Succession brought quite a lot power into grinding and I have not been able to be that effective on intermediate spots before. The problem with Mana is less likely to happen but still you need to watch it. The only really issue here is covering long distances between packs. This is something that Sorceress wasn’t very efficient with anyway, but now it feels like my movement combo got cut, so it lacks one entire sequence to really fill-in the rotation. If you have any ideas on moving combos, share it in the comment section cause it’s really painful for me to run between these Manshaum packs.

And this is why you could really try Hystria or Aakman which are the spots opening the third category. With 241/245 TET Kutum, I’ve been able to yield decent amount of trash with loot scrolls, so about above 3000 per hour in Hystria. I asume that with higher APs and after finetuning rotations this will be definetely more. And these spots are just better for Sorceress to grind on, since you don’t waste so much time on running between packs. Also as you see, you only need that Simple Cron Meal and Beast Draught to start grinding here. These with Succession skills protection and TET armor parts will easily make it safe for you both in Aakman and Hystria.

To conclude, as I mentioned in the beginning, Succession really empowers grinding experience, especially in the highest spots. Although, If you havent yet hit that 241 or 245 AP Kutum or you plan to stick to places like Polly Forest where you can get any between 45 to 60 mil/hour, I would stay there with Awakening. The PvP is a different story, especially with the recent damage nerfs, so I will reserve it for another video and after doing some testing. If you enjoyed watching this one, please give it a like and or leave a comment. Subscribe if you didn’t! Thank you very much for watching and I hope to see you soon, peace.

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