Black Desert ? Updated PVX Class Guide for Beginners (2019)


Hey guys Anders here with the much awaited 2019 updated class guide. It’s been a while since I’ve made one of these, but it’s about time I get to it and with it we have to go over a couple of things since this is a guide geared towards newer players, though I know some of you veteran players like to watch as well. Black Desert has 17 classes to choose from as of the date of this video, with surely more to come in the future, this means it’s going to be hard for me to give you the in depth analysis compared to someone who has been playing a single class since the start of the game can give you. I am one of those players that likes to play everything, which leads me to be master in nothing. Kind of like real life. So with that said all of these statements are of course from my perspective and are my opinion and I urge to seek out your class discords and veteran players who have been playing your class of choice for a long long time. The pitfall many newer players fall in is trying to play every class from the beginning and then being led by what is the stronger class at that given time.

The meta will not matter to you because by the time you as a new player reach the gear level required to competitively PVP the meta will have shifted and you may be stuck with a class that wasn’t as strong as you wanted it to be. That is why I say try the classes out, after this guide see what appeals to you, check out the addendum to this video, which is the CLass Trailers video I posted a little while back and see how you enjoy the class. For newer players the class dynamic will change greatly once you hit level 56 and then at 60 so it’s a good idea to at least level a class you are interested in to level 56 Awaken it, which means do a questline to obtain that classes second weapon and then decide if you like the class or not. All classes in the game are gender locked so keep that in mind when making your decisions. I am including some brief skill demonstrations in this video to give you a flavor of what each class can do, but they are basic, so keep that in mind.

Highly skilled players make some classes look insane so seek those out if you are interested. With that long but necessary intro lets get into the rating system which I was honestly not going to go with a rating system this time around, but its a good gauge that will give you an idea of how a class performance in different situations. 1v1 situations mainly mean dueling or open world combat. PVP large scale means how the class does in guild wars, pve clear just means how quickly a class kill monsters which, I’ll say this now, will depend on the grind location you choose. Some classes are better at different locations depending on the monster density so this rating is an average, a class can be better or worse than I rate.

I just give an average rating. Keep that in mind. And finally we have skill ceiling. So the higher the rating the more room you have to improve and learn. A high rating means the class is usually quite difficult to master. Some high skill ceiling classes can be great and rewarding to play, but it is sometimes the case where a less difficult class will still beat you at equal levels simply because your class matchup is unfavored.

Okay so those are the ratings and explanations out of the way. i expect there will still be those who complain, so comment section is down there and if you are a veteran player of a class and you hopefully aren’t offended, but if you are tell us why you think a class deserves a higher rating, but keep in mind I’ve tried to compare all the classes together so I’ve attempted to be as fair as possible. First up. Warrior. Classic class. Male. Uses a Longsword and a Shield and has a Greatsword as it’s Awakening weapon, which is it’s second weapon.

Warrior is very good in 1v1 situations. It used to be a lot more tanky before it received some nerfs, but it’s received a few buffs recently that are putting warrior back on track to becoming a fairly decent class. Not as popular these days, but one of the OG classes. I like to call it the always dependable class and one of the classes with really good performance all around. It’s PVE clear used to be one of the worst, but nowadays every class clears okay and there are many different spots and different gear levels you can grind in to find one that suits your style of play. It’s not the fastest grinder, but it’s much better than it used to be. Warrior has a high skill ceiling meaning once you master this class you will be able to obtain some incredible mobility and pretty deadly burst. It’s currently outshined by some other classes that do the tanky role better these days, but it is by no means unable at least try to play that role.

Next up we have Valkyrie, Female. A Paladin-esque class that uses a Longsword and Shield and has a Lancia as it’s Awakening weapon. Valkyrie is very good in 1v1 situations, but requires mastery of the class to do well in pretty much all facets of play. PVE clear is mediocre, but she gets better the more gear you have and they’re able to use some support utility skills that can affect your team members making her always nice to have in large scale pvp. Her heals aren’t amazing, but they are still utility. Her defensive capability is quite strong, but really where she shines is in her incredible burst potential. Skill ceiling isn’t as high as Warrior, though it still takes a lot to master the class and once you do you will be feared by anyone you deem unworthy. A good Valkyrie is like a comet when you see them fight, it’s kind of scary.

They’ve been outshined by other classes that don’t need as much effort let’s just say to play well, but recently she received some buffs that have put Valkyrie in the direction of being something to look at seriously when choosing a class to dedicate your time to. Next up we have Berserker. Male. Giant race class that uses Axes and an Ornamental Knot and a Iron Buster for it’s Awakening. Berserkers are the typical high health high damage hybrid tank esque class of Black Desert, but they require a lot of practice to do well in PVP situations.

They are okay on 1v1 duels and average in large scale, though because of your high health and ranged CC you can become a sort of DP Berserker that Crowd Controls enemies and then sets up your teammates to get kills. It’s not practical and it really only works in smaller pvp situations like 3v3 duels, but a good Berserker is a scary class. Just because they have high health though, doesn’t really mean they have inherently strong defenses. They’re mobility at high skill levels are insane and they’re PVE clear is incredibly good overall. Berserker has many grabs and limited range through it’s Awakening, but it’s a class I’d say is really fun to learn and play at higher levels.Warrior, Valkyrie, and Berserker kind of make up the tank role if you were to look at a trinity like MMO, but they don’t end up playing that way because Black Desert is just a different game with no roles really. Ironically the mages who are usually squishy make for some pretty good tanks in certain situations.

Wizard and Witch. Let’s start with Wizard. Male. Uses a Staff and Dagger and then Godr Sphera for it’s Awakening. Wizards and Witches play identically before getting their second awakening. You can cast fire, ice, lighting storms. Chain lightning, heals, resurrect, but most importantly they can cast a skill called Protected Area which makes them the most sought after guild wars class in the game. That skill amplifies your allies defenses by an obscene amount of a short amount of time which allows for pushes into enemy bases. In it’s Awakening the Wizard uses Fire and Water elemental abilities and can summon an elemental pet, fire for melee. And water for ranged. The Wizard also has a lot of protected skills which means it is difficult to Crowd Control a Wizard, and his large AOE abilities make grinding with wizard quite easy. He does struggle a bit at higher grind zones, but overall he’s one of the best grinders and absolutely a great class for newer players. He’s downside is his complete failure at dueling. You can be successful in smaller 1v1 fights, but the odds are greatly against you simply because Wizard and this go for Witch as well skills keep you rooted so it is very easy to grab and combo a Wizard and Witch.

Despite them probably being the worst 1v1 classes in the game, they do make up for being one of the best PVE clearers and Guild War classes. Witch. Female. Also uses a Staff and Dagger. But uses an Aad Sphera for her Awakening. She commands Earth and Lightning in her Awakening and is able to summon an Earth elemental for melee. And a Lightning elemental for ranged. I should note that both Witch and Wizard have skills that allow them to aggro over the mob limit so you can kill more monsters at a time.

The Witch has a block that increases her resistances and her skills have slightly more ranges then Wizard. Wizard I forgot to mention has a grab instead of the block. very slow grab, and not very reliable. Because Witch and Wizard have the same pre-awakening skills they can both use Protected Area which makes Witch very sought after in Guilds for Guild Wars. PVE clear is very good as well, with struggling a bit in high end zones, but again one of the best clearers in PVE and one fo the best classes in Guild Wars. Both Witch and Wizard are not terribly difficult to learn, so they make for common choices for newer players.

Witch and Wizard can become Defensive heavy with gear and Witch specifically can be an annoying Crowd Control style class in smaller PVP that can absolutely do some damage even at lower Attack values. Next up we have the Sorceress, Female. Uses an Amulet and a Talisman. And uses a Scythe for her Awakening. Sorceress is a mobile dark magic user with decent 1v1 potential thanks to having a lot of iframes, or invincibility frames.

She isn’t as useful in larger scale battles, but her ultimate black hole ability is still very useful in group fights. She’s been nerfed over time, so she’s not as good as she used to be. Couple that with the fact that this class takes a lot of time to master and play well, she becomes one of the most technical classes in the game. She has good potential and is quite good at grinding, even at high end areas. Solid class overall, but I wouldn’t say it is a new player friendly class since you need to practice a lot and then you need quite a bit of gear to compete at high levels. When played well, though she’s pretty much unstoppable. Next up we have Dark Knight, Female. Elven race. Uses a Kriegsmesser and an Ornamental Knot for her weapons and a Vediant for her Awakening. Vediant is a magical glove that summon different sword shapes. Kriegsmesser is like a very long dagger. Dark Knight used to be the best class in the game hands down, but has since been nerfed multiple times to now being in one of the weakest classes.

That is not to say it’s a terrible class. Dark Knight now requires a bit more resource management, which adds to it’s limitations and requires a certain mastery of the class to do well in PVP situations. It’s fairly squishy class with decent mid range AOE. It’s mobility has recently been nerfed so she’s lost some mobility, but is by no means slow. Her PVE clear is still very good, even at high end areas and is a fairly simple class to learn if you are starting out. Dark Knight overalls is a shadow of it’s former oppressive self when it released over a year ago now, but it’s still an okay class if you enjoy the playstyle and put the time and gear into it.

Next up we have Tamer. Female. The Loli class I guess you would call it, though you can customize a Tamer to be less childlike if you for some reason have a problem lolis. She uses a Shortsword and a Trinket for her Weapons. And the Celestial Bo Staff for her Awakening. Tamer is able to summon Heilang, a mystical wolf pet that she can ride on, unlike the Witch and Wizard pets. Heilang does a random Crowd Control when you order it to attack. That plus Tamer having one of the quickest grabs in the game and incredible burst make her very deadly in 1v1 situations.

She is still very squishy and very difficult to master. So one mistake and you are pretty much dead unless your opponent messes up or something. Her PVE clear is quite good at all areas of the game since she is quite mobile and has good resource management. Like I said she is extremely difficult to learn and master and is not great at all in larger scale fights, so you’ll find yourself unable to really help. I guess it’s worth mentioning she does have a little bit of a party utility buff, but it’s nothing really to depend on. She’s a good class overall with it’s obvious shortcomings, but we recent buffs she should be getting a little bit better moving forward. Tamer makes it the last of the Magic Damage users. Those are Witch, Wizard, Sorceress, Dark Knight, and Tamer.

THey all deal Magic Damage in their attacks, even if they use melee it will be considered Magic Damage. What this means is the next two classes will be resistant to a portion of that damage since Striker and Mystic have inherent Magical Defenses. Let’s start with Striker. Released was underpowered at the time. Male class. Uses a Gauntlet and a Vambrace as his weapons. And a Gardbrace as his Awakening weapon. Tanky thanks to it’s magical defenses, but didn’t really put out a lot of damage when it first came out. Nowadays though they have great burst and very good mobility. They’re uniqueness comes from being able to summon multiple clones or stands if you will through certain skills that deal damage alongside you. They’re PVE clear is very good, though because of their awkward mobility it can be cumbersome to grind in certain areas of the game, so he is limited in that capacity.

1v1 he is quite strong if played well. And in large scale fights he has great AOE and can withstand a bit more than usual thanks to those magic resistances. Wouldn’t say he’s hard to play, so he does make for a newer player friendly class. As for Mystic. Female. Also uses Gauntlets and Vambrace for her weapons and a Cestus for her Awakening. Her signature trait is the ability to summon a water spirit dragon that does damage alongside her with certain skills.

Tanky thanks to her magical resistances. Really good defensive skills. Quite mobile. Really resource recovery. Her damage isn’t as high as a Striker, but her superior Crowd Control abilities make up for that. She’s able to built like a Crowd Control bot with super high defenses low attack, but able to attempt to Crowd COntrol enemies while your teammates take them out. Her PVE clear is one of the best, if not the best currently in most areas of the game.

She’s a bit harder to play than Striker, but I wouldn’t say she was extremely difficult to master. Does take time, don’t get me wrong but more often than not you should be favored in most matchups. If you want an answer to what is the strongest class in the game overall. It would be Mystic. Some classes do better in some areas, but Mystic does everything fairly well without requiring you to play for a long long time to master. Next up we have Musa. Male. Uses a Blade and a Horn Bow for his weapons. And a Crescent Blade for his Awakening. Musa is extremely mobile with large AOE abilities making him quite deadly at high gear levels.

His PVE clear one of the best in the game. He’s just fast and with large AOE abilities is able to dash from one pack to another killing them with one skill quite easily. He even does quite well at high end grinding areas with enough attack value. This makes him pretty decent in large scale battles as a strong Musa can mow the lawn so to speak, mow down weaker players with one skill essentially. Pretty cool to see to be honest. 1v1 is a bit tougher and requires quite a bit of practice and a level of mastery before you can start doing well. His Horn Bow is mostly a PVP tool, so don’t expect too much range just because he has a secondary weapon that is a bow. And overall, I’d say he’s quite good, quite fun, certainly a good class to pick if you’re new.

Next up we have Maehwa, Female counterpart to Musa. Uses a Blade and Horn Bow for her weapons. And a Kerispear for her Awakening. Maehwa is also extremely mobile with conal AOE abilities. Her PVE clear isn’t as great as Musa’s, but still quite good. Her mobility helps a lot with that. It will just depend on where you are grinding since larger packs are slightly harder to hit with her conal aoe abilities. She has quite a bit of Crowd Control and is decent at 1v1 situations, though as of late she’s in need of some buffs to put her 4 stars. I believe those buffs are coming quite soon which is why I’m keeping her 4 stars for 1v1 situations, though keep in mind she takes a lot of mastery to do well in pvp so it is certainly a skill reliant class if you have the gear.

In larger fights she struggles a bit since she’s a bit squishy. She’s a good class overall and is fun like the Musa, but you’ll struggle if you come in with little knowledge about the game, so I wouldn’t call her new player friendly. Next up we have the Ninja and Kunoichi. These are the assassin style classes you may be familiar with from other MMOs. Ninja and Kunoichi both use Short Swords and Kunai and Shuriken for their secondary weapon. Both classes can use either Kunai or SHuriken, though abilities for Ninja are tied to the SHuriken and abilities for the Kunoichi are tied to the Kunai which is why you should use the appropriate ones for you class. We’ll start with Ninja. Ninja uses a Sura Katana for his Awakening.

Multiple katanas that he is able to use in his Awakening skills. He is mobile in short distances and has some pretty good combo damage. He is very difficult to learn and master, but one of, if not, the most flashy looking classes in the game. They were recently nerfed a bit since they were unable to be countered in some instances, so Ninjas are still one of the best 1v1 classes in the game. Their grind speed will be dependant on where you grind, butis overall middle of the road. Ninjas aren’t extremely useful in larger guild war fights, but they’re forte is 1v1 fighting and open world pvp. Kunoichi is very similar they share the same abilities pre-awakening. but Kunoichi, being the female counterpart to Ninja, uses a Sah Chakram instead as her Awakening weapon. This gives her slightly better PVE clear, but overall is in a similar state to Ninja. Both Ninja and Kunoichi are able to go invisible and can get the jump on you in an open world scenario, making them favored as a classic assassin style evil karma character.

Kunoichi has superior Crowd Control abilities to the Ninja. is difficult to learn and master and is one of the better 1v1 classes in the game. Guild Wars wise she struggles a bit, but can be somewhat useful as a Crowd Control bot if you are practiced enough. These two classes are not very beginner friendly, and Ninja is the more popular choice over Kunoichi, who is one of the least popular classes in the game right now. Next up we have Lahn, Female. Uses a Crescent Pendulum, and a Noble Sword as her weapons with her Awakening being Crimson Glaives. God of War-esque. Lahn is probably the most underrated class in the game right now. They have the unique ability to fly for a short duration. More like a glide really, but still pretty cool. They’re AOE is decent and their PVE clear is quite good. Excellent resource management. Some good iframes. Ranged grab makes her potentially deadly in 1v1 situations. Because she is so unpopular not many people know how to fight a Lahn, so that more often than not becomes and advantage, but she is extremely squishy so one mistake or a bad damage trade will mean certain death.

This also makes her not as potent in Guild Wars since she can’t really survive for long. Overall good class, though. I’d say she’s not incredibly easy to learn, but there is room for mastery there that can make you pretty strong in most aspects of the game outside of Guild Wars. Next up we have Ranger. Female. Elven Race. Uses a Longbow and Dagger. And a Kamasylven Sword as her Awakening, which is just a longer dagger essentially.

Ranger is strictly ranged pre-awakened before you hit level 56. Then you become mostly melee with the use of the Kamasylven Sword. She’s quite mobile presents a quick style of play. Her PVE clear is quite good, though her biggest drawback is high resource consumption. Mana, though in my opinion not as bad as it used to be. But Stamina consumption was nerfed a while back and that is the more annoying aspect for most Ranger players. She has very good damage. 1v1 she can be deadly with enough gear. Past a certain attack value she will easily one shot you if you let her CC you. I’d say she’s not the easiest class to learn or master.

It takes a lot of time and gear, but she offers a different style of play that I personally find enjoyable. In terms of Guild Wars she’s not very useful especially at lower gearscores you won’t be very effective. And it’s important to note that her range skills are there, but she is not a pure ranged character, so keep that in mind. For pure Range you want to be looking at the final class we’ll be talking about. Archer. Male. Elven Race. Uses a Crossbow and a Ra’Ghon, a Magic Glove as his weapons. And he uses a Greatbow for his Awakening. The only class to start with his Awakening so you don’t need to level to 56 to get your second weapon. You start with it. His Range on some of his abilities is extreme. This class is still fairly new so not many people have cracked the code so to speak to fulfill the full potential of this class, but he is constantly getting buffs so he is without a doubt a strong class, we just don’t know how strong yet.

Range is always powerful and he has a lot of it and his mobility is quite good as well as his resource management where he doesn’t really suffer too much like the Ranger does for example. PVE clear is very good in certain grind spots, but it is reliant on grind areas and density so he can be a bit awkward to grind with till you find a good rotation to use. 1v1 duels I’d say he is mediocre to good, with these buffs recently he might be a bit better, but he’ll really shine in guild wars where he can CC and deal damage from afar with the support of his teammates. Really interesting abilities as well, he has one ability that is more novel than useful, but it uncovers any enemies in stealth and then prevents them from using stealth for a brief window of time.

Not very practical, but cool that he has something like that. Not much else to say, but this class is the newest class added to the game, so he will by sheer will of the devs be at least a decent class moving forward till we get a new class as newer classes get more love and are usually, not always, overtuned. And that’s it from me for this 2019 guide. Went through the basics and the flavor of each class. Hopefully it gave you an idea what classes you may want to check out. When in doubt play Witch or Wizard. Or Mystic or Striker.

Simple as that. If you want to have fun and enjoy the game for along time, try the classes out, see what you like and master the class regardless of future changes or the class ranking in the ever changing meta leaderboards. Let me know what you thought about this video in the comments down below, if you have any questions I’ll do my best t answer them when I get a chance. If you haven’t already make sure to subscribe and hit that bell icon to get notified as to when I upload my next videos and as always guys thanks for watching, thanks for listening, and ill see you all in the next one.

Take care..