Black Desert ? Updated PVX Class Guide for Beginners (2020)


What?s up guys Anders here with the much awaited 2020 updated class guide for Black Desert. It’s been a while since I’ve made one of these, but it’s about time I get to it and with it we have to go over a couple of things since this is a guide geared towards newer players, though I know some of you veteran players like to watch as well. Black Desert has 19 classes to choose from as of the date of this video, with more to come in the future, this means it’s going to be hard for me to give you the in depth analysis compared to someone who has been playing a single class since the start of the game can give you.

I am one of those players that likes to play everything, so after 4 years I think I can give you some insights into each class and help you find the one that is right for you. So with that said all of these statements are of course from my perspective and are my opinion and I urge to seek out your class discords and veteran players who have been playing your class of choice for years. They have infinite more insight into their respective classes. The pitfall many newer players fall in is trying to play every class from the beginning and then being led by what is the strongest in the meta. The meta will not matter to you because by the time you as a new player reach the gear level required to competitively PVP the meta will have shifted and you may be stuck with a class that wasn’t as strong as you wanted it to be. That is why I say try the classes out for a while before fully investing into one class as your main moving forward.

For newer players I need to explain two things. Awakening. and Succession. These are the names of the class archetypes that you will have available to you. Almost every class has these. Awakening is unlocked at level 56 and allows you to use a second weapon. Awakening uses both your starting weapon skills as well as the Awakening weapon and skills. For some classes it becomes a dance of chaining Awakening and non-Awakening skills together. After you unlock Awakening, you are given the option to unlock Succession. Succession basically disregards your Awakening weapon and focuses on improving your starting weapon and skills. So if you enjoyed the style of a class before it achieves Awakening, you can stick with that style through Succession. Shai and Archer are the only classes to forego Awakening and Succession, but I’ll go into that when we talk about those two. All classes in the game are gender locked so keep that in mind when making your decisions. I am including some brief skill demonstrations in this video to give you a flavor of what each class can do, but they are basic, so keep that in mind. With that long intro let’s get into the rating system I will be using.

I decided to give each class two seperate ratings. Awakening rating. and Succession rating since they sometimes differ greatly. Now for PVE this encompasses how good the class is at killing monsters at low level and high end areas. This is an average rating since no one class excels at every single spot in the game. DUEL has to do with how good the class is at 1v1 PVP. THis is important if you consider yourself a duelist or need to defend yourself in PVE from another player wanting to challenge you for the grind spot. WAR shows you how good the class is in large group PVP and siege battles. Finally, SKILL will let you know how difficult the class is to master or pick up. Low ratings mean the class is fairly easy to effectively play. High rating will mean the class requires a lot of hours and dedication to get good at. Okay so those are the ratings and explanations out of the way. If you disagree with my ratings let me know in the comments. Now first up. Warrior. Classic class. Male. Uses a Longsword and a Shield and has a Greatsword as it’s Awakening weapon.

Warrior has recently received some love in terms of balance changes. It is much better than it used to be in the past when it comes to PVE and is strong when it comes to dueling. It’s group pvp utility is okay, but outshined by other classes. In terms of skill, Awakening Warrior requires a lot more dedication to do well in all aspects of the game. When Warrior achieves Succession, it becomes easier to play and achieves one of the highest PVE clear speeds in the game.

In Succession, his potential is lower in PVP, but not awful. Warrior has been a stable and dependable class that is currently experiencing a good phase in the meta. He isn’t the strongest class, but definitely one of the better ones available right now. Though he may look slow at first glance, his mobility, especially in Succession, is lightning fast and can more often than not close the gap almost instantly in 1v1 fights. Next up we have Valkyrie, Female. A Paladin-esque class that uses a Longsword and Shield and has a Lancia as it’s Awakening weapon. Valkyrie can be seen as the female Warrior, but is very different in style and utility. Her Awakening PVE clear is average, only really excelling at high end areas with high end gear. In duels she can be deadly if played correctly, but suffers more than other classes. In group fights she is a great asset with her Awakening ultimate ability being incredibly deadly, heals, buffs, and negate damage skills that help the group push on the offensive more easily.

She may seem clunky once you first Awaken, her Lancia has a weight to it and her role requires a lot of positional awareness in group fights. She’s not easy to master, but good Valkyries, though few, are very deadly. In Succession she becomes faster in PVE, slightly better in duels depending on whether or not you take to the Lancia weighty style or the more mobile Succession style. Her Succession skills hit hard and though Succession Valkyries are less sought for in group fights she still maintains some utility in the form of healing, buffs, and negate damage skills. Succession is easier to learn and master than Awakening though Valkyries in general are less popular than other classes. Next up we have Berserker. Male.

Giant race class that uses Axes and an Ornamental Knot and an Iron Buster for it’s Awakening. Berserker’s Awakening PVE clear is very good in most areas of the game. Not the best, but not slow despite his large stature. He has the most grapples in the game, but while the multiple grabs are nice they are more of a relic of the old times where you could consistently keep a target grabbed for a comically lon8g time. With the new PVP CC limits, you don’t see that anymore. Awakened Berserkers do have what many like to call the Q window or refer to them as Q Zerkers. Their Q skill is their enhanced skill that you can use every few minutes. This makes them a deadly cannoneer able to obliterate anything in its range for a short duration.

You?ll sometimes hear players call Berserker useful only every 3 minutes when it comes to Node Wars. An exaggeration with a shred of truth. In terms of dueling, Berserker in general is difficult to master and requires hours of movement practice to be able to win duels consistently. Succession Berserker gains a slight PVE edge, but suffers in every other category. He is still being worked on so it could get better in the future, but Succession Berserker is one of the least effective Successions available right now. Next up we have Wizard and Witch. The two caster type classes in Black Desert.

They both use a Staff and Dagger and then Godr and Aadr Sphera for their Awakening. Wizards and Witches play identically before getting their awakening weapons. You can cast fire, ice, lightning. earth, heals, resurrection skills, but most importantly they can cast a skill called Protected Area which makes them the most sought after guild wars class in the game. This skill amplifies your allies defenses by an obscene amount for a short amount of time which allows for offensive pushes into enemy bases. If you have enough Witches and Wizards you can chain these effects so that you can push longer without taking heavy damage from the enemy. Protected Area is the most powerful skill in the game, no contest. In it’s Awakening the Wizard uses Fire and Water skills and has increased AOE. He gains a grab and two elemental pets, a water elemental that can damage from range and a fire elemental that can damage in melee range.

Witch is similar but gains a block instead of a grab and a lightning pet for range and a earth pet for melee range. Witch uses Earth and Lightning elemental skills and has increased AOE and range in her Awakening. In succession, the Wizard gains the advantage of instacast chaining of his skills raising his difficulty but increasing his damage potential in PVE. Witch doesn?t benefit as much from going succession.

When it comes to duels Witch and Wizard are not the best and will get countered by anything with a grab, though with practice you can try and play around that. Their main issue in duels are the long animation times that keep these classes in place for just the amount of time needed for a grab class to close in and get the grab. When versing classes that don?t have a grab the matchup gets a lot better for Witch and Wizard. When it comes to group fights, like I said Wizard and Witches are dominant. No combat guild will ever turn away a Witch or Wizard even if they have lower gearscore than what they require to join. Next up we have the Dark Knight. Female elven class. She uses a Kriegmesser and an Ornamental Knot with a Vediant for her Awakening. Dark Knights deal high damage and have decent mobility. Their PVE is okay in Awakening and exceptional in Succession. Duel wise she is average. Her damage potential is very high, but she is very weak. Glass cannon to a point.

Her main issue comes from unreliable dodges and her damage being magic causes her to have trouble with Strikers and Mystics in particular since those two classes have passive Magic Defenses. Dark Knight is flashy and has gone through a lot of nerfs in the past probably as an over correction by the developers for releasing her in such an oppressive state. Nowadays, she is a couple of tweaks from being a fairly balanced class, but those tweaks don?t seem to be coming. Her Awakening offers some range abilities, while her Succession offers more assassin esque skills being able to charge certain skills and appear behind enemies to unleash them. She is not very difficult to learn and is a decent class to start out with, but she offers no utility in group fights and remains strictly a bomber style class. She can get a lot of kills if you play for kills, but won?t make a dent in a meaningful fight. Next up we have Sorceress, Female uses an amulet and talisman with a Scythe for her Awakening. Potentially the strongest class in the game at high gear scores.

She is a mobile dark magic user with decent Duels and Group fights potential thanks to her almost unlimited iframes, or invincibility frames. Her potential power may be high but Awakening sorc in particular is not easy to play if you are starting out. Succession is a little easier to get into and has a bit better PVE potential than Awakening at high end areas. In group fights sorc is able to outright kill a group by herself or at high gear levels she?s able to be annoying and disrupt enemies long enough for your allies to come and help. In duels she does well though she may struggle with large AOE classes like Witch, Wizard, and Guardian but usually if a sorc dies it?s due to player error or gear disparity.

While Sorc may be the strongest in the game, she isn?t the easiest so you don?t see a lot of newer players pick her up as a starting class. Next up we have Tamer, Female. Younger looking class with a pet, Heilang. She uses a Shortsword and a Trinket for her Weapons And the Celestial Bo Staff for her Awakening. Heilang does a random Crowd Control when you order it to attack. That plus Tamer having one of the quickest grabs in the game and incredible burst make her very deadly in 1v1 situations. She is still very weak defensively and difficult to master so it takes some dedication to play her well. Her Awakening kit is very good and her damage output is high, but unlike Sorc does not have enough i-frames to help her stay alive in larger engages.

Her succession is on the weaker side, probably on par with Berserker Succession in being some of the worst successions out there right now, but her agility and decent mobility still make her deadly if played well. Her PVE in succession is quite strong compared to Awakening, but you lose iframes and q block for it so PVP suffers. She?s a good class overall with obvious shortcomings, but with some tweaks she should be getting better moving forward.

Tamer makes it the last of the Magic Damage dealers. Tamer, Dark Knight, Sorceress, Witch, and Wizard all deal Magic damage. This means the next two classes will have a passive resistance against them. Striker and Mystic being those classes. Let?s start with Striker. Uses a Gauntlet and a Vambrace as his weapons. A Gardbrace as his Awakening Weapon. He is very tanky thanks to his magical defenses and has deceptively high damage that scales poorly at high end.

Despite this he is very good in PVP as he has a lot of protection. His Awakening damage is static meaning as you gear up early on he will feel very powerful, but as you near high levels of gear he will feel lacking compared to other classes. In PVE it?s pretty much the same story. He does okay early on, but will feel very slow compared to other classes at high end areas. In war he is a brawler style class that will most likely get deleted if he jumps into the fray. His Succession is more combo oriented than his Awakening, but the style remains the same by his signature leg drop skill that deals heavy damage. In Awakening he summons multiple clones through certain attacks, basically think of stands in Jojo. Overall his relative lower difficulty and good damage early on makes him a decent pick for newer players. Now as for Mystic, the female counterpart. She uses the same weapons, Gauntlet, Vambrace and a Caestus for her Awakening.

She is more defensive in her Awakening than Striker and has a lot of utility and CC abilities. In terms of raw damage she is lacking, but like Striker has a lot of protection. Instead of clones you get a water dragon that appears when you use certain abilities. Her PVE clear is better than Striker at all stages of the game. Her dueling potential is good, not great but not bad either. Her succession lends itself to be a better duelist but it is a lot more difficult to play since you lose a lot of useful Awakening skills. In group fights the only really viable route would be to go Awakening for the toolkit. Succession won?t really add anything to help your allies in war. Mystic is fairly simple to pick up if you plan to play Awakening, but Succession will require a lot more hours of dedication. Overall she is a solid class, but middle of the road in the overall roster of Black Desert.

Moving on we have Archer. The male elf class. He uses a Crossbow and Ra?aGhon as well as a Greatbow for his secondary weapon. He is a pure ranged DPS that unlike other classes does not have the traditional Awakening or Succession. He starts out with his secondary weapon already available to him and you go through Ascension at level 56 which is basically like Awakening for the rest of the classes. His strength is his ranged dps and protection. He can be very mobile and deals heavy damage from range. His hardest hitting skills do leave him fairly stationary and vulnerable, though at high gear he can mostly kill his target before it reaches him.

He is very good in all stages of PVE thanks to his fairly decent AOE and range abilities. In duels he will be favored when facing less mobile classes. And in group fights he excels at picking off low HP enemies which oftentimes sees him doing very well stats wise. He is fairly easy to pick up and play, but will take some time to master. A novice Archer can be annoying to fight because of the range, but a good Archer will be deadly. Now onto Ranger, the female elf class. She is the counterpart to Archer but in role only. She uses a Longbow and Dagger for weapons and a Kamasylvian Sword as her Awakening weapon. Ranger has been a class that has been average for a long time. Succession came and made her one of the best PVE grinders in the game, but was quickly nerfed to the ground.

She is still an above average PVE grinder in both Succession and Awakening, but is outshined by other classes. In terms of Duels her Awakened kit is good, but not easy to pick up and play. You can do well if you dedicate your time to it and learn to play Awakened properly. Her awakening has a grab that is very useful in certain matchups. When it comes to Succession, she may be one of the worst duelists in the game. You can still win duels against people who don’t know what they are doing, have less gear than you or are afk. In war Awakened ranger is fine in smaller group fights, but in larger wars Succession is a little bit better.

In terms of difficulty Awakening Ranger is more difficult to learn and master, but Succession isn?t so easy to play either. Unlike Archer, Ranger lacks the range and damage potential as well as protection of the Archer. At closer ranges though she can still deal a hefty amount of damage. Overall Ranger has had her moments to shine in the past, however brief, but nowadays she is average and outclassed by newer classes. Next up we have Ninja, the male assassin class. He uses a Shortsword and Shuriken and Sura Katanas as his Awakening weapon. Ninja in Awakening is one of the slowest grinders in the game, but his Succession allows for more AOE and mobility helping him in that regard. His dueling potential is high meaning he is one of, if not the best duelist in the game. Recent nerfs to his Succession have made Ninja Succession worse off in PVP, but his PVE damage remains the same.

In war Ninjas in either Awakening or Succession will have a similar role of disruptors or assassins. Ninja is fairly difficult to pick up and play, but his Succession lends itself to being easier to learn. If you are interested in dueling Awakening now has an advantage over Succession. If you are more PVE focused, Succession is what you want. The counterpart to Ninja, Kunoichi is similar in some respects. Kuno uses a Shortsword and Kunai as her weapons and a Sah Chakram as her Awakening Weapon. Kunoichi in Awakening is a decent grinder with good sustain and fairly protected kit. She still plays the assassin role in group fights and is excellent in duels. Succession has better burst mobility compared to Awakening, but is less protected so harder to play. Recent nerfs have made her survivability less than in the past, but she is still fairly difficult to catch when played well.

Succession has an ultimate ability that deals heavy damage even after nerfs, but for the most part you will see Awakened Kunos in wars. In terms of PVE, succession is about on par with Awakened grind depending on the spot. Overall Kunos are less popular than Ninjas, but offer some alternative playstyles compared to Ninja. Next up we have Shai. A female elven like class. Named after a race in the game of the same name. Shai is the most unique class in Black Desert. They don?t Awaken, rather they gain a Talent. Shai was made to be a support class so their kit is filled with heals and party buffs. They are essential in group fights and surprisingly do very well in high end PVE grind spots. Unfortunately their mobility is terrible making them slower to grind with in lower end areas. In Duels, she stands no chance with anyone with any semblance of gear. She has heavy PVP damage reductions on all her skills making them hit like wet noodles. In terms of difficulty she is fairly easy to pick up, but in group fights you will have to adapt tactics and have some positional awareness to do well.

Most Shai players that aim to do war will gravitate towards a defensive build making them more difficult to kill. This is expensive if you also choose to grind for money. Shai starts out with Alchemy and Gathering already leveled to Professional which is decent and has some passives that lend it to be a very good Lifeskiller/Profession class if you wish to follow that route. Her passive leveling gives her added Weight capacity which is great if you are a Free to Play player looking to save some money on weight. Lastly, Shai is able to compose music through an ingame composition engine. You can upload and share your music to other players in the game and will get ratings depending on community likes and dislikes.

Overall, Shai is a good support class, a good Lifeskilling class, and a good unique class for those wanting to play something different in Black Desert. Next up we have Musa and Maehwa. Musa is male class that uses a Blade and Horn Bow with a Crescent Blade as his Awakening. Musa Awakening has very strong clear in PVE in all grind spots. Succession is not as good but close. He has excellent mobility allowing him to move from pack to pack with ease. In duels Musa Awakening requires some skill to do well in, but is fairly protected allowing him to sometimes dictate the flow of the battle thanks to his mobility. Succession isn?t as good and requires higher mastery to do well in. For the most part Musa rewards dedication and time commitment to the class.

You can easily spot a good Musa from a bad one. In wars Musa is a great flanking class able to get around with ease. His ability to disengage with his speed is especially useful when scouting and flanking in node wars. Overall he is a great class for beginners who want mobility and decent PVP and PVE damage. Maehwa is the female counterpart. She uses a Blade and Horn Bow with a Kerispear as her Awakening weapon. She is similar to Musa in that she has great mobility. However, Maehwa lacks protection when compared to Musa so it becomes difficult to trade damage since you really can?t do so effectively on Maehwa. Awakening has decent PVE clear. Succession is a little bit better depending on the grind spots. In Duels they are fairly even in both Awakening and Succession. Average at best. In war they serve the same role as Musa as scouts or flankers. Good Maehwas are still scary in these situations and can easily rip apart less experienced players. It will require a lot of time commitment to see results on Maehwa.

Because of this you don?t see that many around these days as many veteran Maehwa players are waiting for the eventual buffs to their forgotten class. Next up we have Lahn, a female dancer style class that uses Crescent Pendulum and a Noble Sword as her weapons as well as a Kratos like Glaives as her Awakening weapon. Lahn is unique in the fact that she can glide through the air making her more vertical than other classes in the game. She has a lot of protection in both Awakening and Succession, with Awakening giving her a mid-ranged grab and a lot of HP regeneration on her skills. This allows Lahn to effectively grind in PVE without using as many potions unlike other classes. Her succession loses the grab and HP regeneration but gains a lot of AOE damage and defensive traits. In duels Lahn Awakening has the edge thanks to the grab, but Succession has incredible damage that makes up for it. Both are very good duelists. In war Lahn serves as a bomber style class. You fly in ult or deal heavy damage and fly out before you die.

She is very squishy in general so you can?t live for too long in group fights. She can be made more evasive to allow her to survive more and acts as a disruptor in node wars pretty well. In terms of skill she is easy to pick up, but hard to master. Overall she is one of the least popular classes in the game, but also one of the strongest in terms of potential. Finally we have Black Desert?s latest class, the Guardian. A female Giant demihuman. She uses a Battle Axe and Shield and a Halberd as her Awakening Weapon. She is without question the strongest PVE grinder in the game with her Awakening. Her AOE is large and damage output is absurd. She can out grind classes much higher in gear than her and she can one shot players with one skill. She has protection in almost all her skills. She has iframes. She has a protected grab and her skills have a deceptively long range. Her succession is more utility focused giving allies defensive buffs, so she trades damage in favor of those utility options.

Most players play Awakening for the sheer damage potential. She is easy to learn and very easy to play though in duels she suffers against grab classes as her animations are very slow and predictable. With that said even classes with grab have to be careful since Guardian will take a chunk of health if they approach without care. In war she currently top frags, meaning she is consistently at the top of the leaderboards when it comes to kills. You could give a new player a geared Guardian, put them in a war situation and they will still do well despite knowing very little about the class. She is currently the dev?s favored child, so we will not be seeing nerfs anytime soon. Overall, she is the answer to the question many of you will be asking. Which class is the strongest in the game? Guardian. And that’s it from me for this 2020 Black Desert Class guide.

Went through the basics and the flavor of each class. Hopefully it gave you an idea what classes you may want to check out. If you want to have fun and enjoy the game you choose a class you like and master the class regardless of future changes or the class ranking in the ever changing meta leaderboards. Let me know what you thought about this video in the comments down below, if you have any questions I’ll do my best to answer them when I get a chance. If you haven’t already make sure to subscribe and hit that bell icon to get notified as to when I upload my next video. Like or dislike this video depending on how your day is going and as always thanks for watching, thanks for listening. I?ll see you all in the next one. Take care..

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