Black desert daily boss scrolls weekly boss scrolls guild boss scrolls and boss armor guide


Hello and welcome to my scroll guide in black desert today, we will be looking at all kind of summoning scrolls. Let’S start with daily scrolls Theese scrolls get offered to you by your black spirit. Every day after you have reached level 45, They are the main way of generating blackstones and give a good amount of silver. We have 4 daily, summon scrolls. First one is red nose. Second, one bheg, third one giath and the last one is moghulis. Until you gather knowlage of these bosses, you will need to do a killing quest before the black spirit will award you. The scroll. All scrolls in the game have a 7 day. Life span so be sure to do them in the given time.

But why does it matter which scroll I pick Facemelt? I will get the same amount of blackstones and money anyway. Well, my sweet summer child in the game there exists: boss, armor, Boss, armor drops from bheg giath, rednose and 2 other scrolls that we will mention in the future All daily scrolls drop black stones, silver, some junk and exchange items.

I recommend you do 3 or more scrolls in a group, since everyone can loot the boss, but only you will get the bundles from your black spirit. Once you complete the quest From those bundles, you will get more exchange items, some blackstones and hunter seals, as well as some gems and, as mentioned earlier, the best in slot gear from certain ones. Let’S go over each summon location and their loot. Another good thing to mention here is that field bosses have the same mechanics as daily boss scrolls, so you can learn them by doing theese, scrolls solo. Let’S start with the first one: rednose Rednose is probably the most anoying and usless scroll to get. It can be summoned at the left altar, where you can find more imps But facemelt. I always spam r and get this scroll. Why is it the worst? Well, my deer boy rednose drops the worst boss armor set. It is basicaly a worse version of the hebate tree chest You might as well do bheg and giath first, since the drop chance is the same, but the stats are better. Rednose is also anoying because when he reches 50 % of his hp, he goes to an immune state, and that only increases the time you need to kill him.

Also, you have a chance of a field boss, rednose spawning in the exact same location. Moving on to bheg Bheg has some deadly abilities, but they can be all avoided by simply killing him fast, since he has no imune state. If you do so, He drops the best in slot gloves, which I suprisingly own Theese gloves are so good. They are worth braking any set bonus in the game. Unlike other pieces Moving to giath and my current daily driver, You should first aquire bhegs gloves and then the helm giath drops, because if you are using, the grunil set, 1 set effect comes from helmet and gloves and if you are going to be breaking that set With gloves you might as well put the helmet on Giath can be summoned in the goblin cave. He has no special abilities and has the lowest health pool of all the bosses. So he is a really easy target for a group of 5 and dies in a matter of seconds so be sure to hit him to get the loot

And for our last daily boss, moghulis, We got this guy with the release of mediah. He does not drop any boss gear, but he does drop a really good belt. That is an alternative to the tree spirit belt. It is called the ancient weappon core and has 4 ap, 4 dp and 50 weight limit. It also has a set effect with a necklace that can be obtained from the helms dungeon. The necklace is called the ancient guardians seal and has 6ap and 3 dp, together with the belt it get’s a set effect of 5 accuracy. Theese 2 together are arguably better than ogres ring and tre spirit belt, but they are worse. If you want to pri or duo them, That was it for the daily scrolls. Now, let’s move on to the weekly ones, Weekly scrolls are marked by the special 2 instead of special 1. You get them every week and despite popular belief, you can kind of choose which scroll you get By declining a given scroll. You will be offered a random one next day.

The three weekly scrolls are Hexe marie hebate tree and muskan. They all have a chance of dropping really nice things apart from blackstones and hunter seals. Every step of aquiering them is the same as with daily scrolls, But instead of getting only 3 bundles, you will get 5. They also have a small chance of droping a liverto. Let’S start with hexe marie. She has a chance of dropping the currently best in slot earring that gives 5 ap. She can be summoned at the whiches chapel and has a few anoying abilities, but they are all anounced, so dodging them shouldn’t be too hard. Moving to the hebate tree spirit, I have mentioned him earlier because he drops the best in slot armor. His abilities hit quite hard and can be a pain to dodge. But if you are packing some health potions that shouldn’t be a problem, He can be summoned near the marni farm ruins And for our last weekly scroll muskan. He is quite a tanky guy and hits har as well, but he is very slow in doing so.

He drops the best in slot shoes, but theese should be your last priority. Since evasion is a bit of an unknown stat, He can be summoned in the bloody monastery. Ok theese have been our black spirit scrolls. Now, let’s move to some special ones: The 2 scrolls. I am talking about are the certain spell and the ancient relic scrolls You need 5 ancient, relic shards and arrange them into a or 5 forbiden books and arange them into a v. Theee items can be obtained by farming monsters near calpheon and mediah monsters, or bought Off the market, but I won’t get into too much detail here. They function the same way as any scroll, but you don’t need anything but the items to obtain them. I highly recommend you do them with a party of 5, because if you do so, you will be earning much more net worth Like all scrolls. They drop exchange items and hunter seals, but with 1 huge exception Once you kill the final boss or open a reward. Bundle you will get 1 memory fragment which is used to repair 1 durability on an item or reawaken a skill

Thees will come in handy when you are repairing your liverto or boss, armor Now for the last 2 scrolls. If you are in a guild, you have probably done a guild scroll. A guild can pick them the same way as any mission. You will be required to kill some monsters prior to obtainig. The scroll Theese numbers are quite low, but they often require you to kill very tough monsters. A guild can choose all the way from small to extra large scrolls, The bigger the scroll th harder, the boss, but it will give more loot as well. The current 2 scrolls are ferid summoned at the omar lava cave and mudster summoned at the glish ruins Both of them have a chance of dropping livertos and mudster can even drop a mark of shadow. Another thing to note here is that beating theese bosses will not yield any reward to the guild.

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