Hello and welcome to my worker guide. let’s get started. In the early quests you will get some contracts that allow you to hire a worker so you probably got your first worker there. Workers are used to gather resources instead of you. They can travel between linked nodes but be careful from where you send them. Sending a worker from calpheon to viela is a waste of workers speed. First thing is first you will need to get a lodging house in or connected to a mayor city. You can have only 1 worker in each city without lodging. To hire a worker you will need to visit a work superviser located in every major city marked with a pickaxe on your map. Hiering workers costs 5 energy and up to 90 thousand silver depending on worker skill.

So always have that much silver eather in your storage or your pocket. You can always view another worker but it will cost you another 5 energy. Once a worker finishes his task the materials he got will be in the city storage from which he was hired from. You will need to give workers beer to replenish stamina. Beer is made from 5 wheat or potatos 6 mineral water 2 leveling agents and 1 shugar. You make it in your residence. Here is a cook vendor in Viella. Ok now that we got the basics down lets look at workers stats, race and why they are important. The four stats are work speed, move speed, luck and stamina. Work speed determines how fast your worker will be doing a task while at the node. moving speed tells you how fast your worker will be going to and from the node. Luck tells you the odds of getting a secondary material. WE will go more in depth with this stat later.

Stamina tells you how many times a worker can do his task before he needs to replenish stamina from beer. We have 3 races Giants who excell at stamina, goblins who excell at both speeds and humans who are something in between with more luck. Giants are recommended for players who don’t play the game every day becouse of their stamina. Goblins are recommended for long tasks such as investment banks. Humans are recommened for daily players who want the most profit out of their workers. Let’s look at luck or as I like to call it crit and why is it so important. As mentioned earlier luck will determine how much secondary resourcess you will get. You have probably noticed that most of theese materials sell instantly at the market place and for a good price as well.

They are used in things like alchemy so if you want to level alchemy I suggest going on bd database and checking what materials you will need to make a desired product. All nodes can crit. They crit on a secondary material.And if there is no secondary you will get even more of the primary resource. For example wheat will crit to more wheat. So luck has an direct impact on all other stats. That why I use all human workers. Sadly I have not noticed luck having an impact on workbenches in the city. I hope you enjoyed the video. Remember to share subscribe and stay awesome..

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